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Recommended Support Buff Set 4 (BaBS)

Oct 4, 2018
Recommended Support Buff Set 4 (BaBS)
  • Recommended Support Buff Set 4 (BaBS V2.2.4)

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    This Buff Set is situated towards helping out survivors that are at a lower level than you. These players are often left behind with little to no help and will die without any assistance from the other survivors should they get pinned down.

    Survivor Helper COOP

    1. (SURV) Knife
    2. (SURV) Goggles / Finale Dominator*
    3. (SURV) Tenacity
    4. (SURV) |V| Enraging Waves
    5. (SURV) |E| Courage
    6. (SURV) Motivator
    7. (SURV) Health Dispenser
    8. (SURV) |C| Discharger
    9. (SURV) Protector
    10. (SURV) Boxing Bag
    11. (SURV) Field Medic
    12. (SURV) Trailing Haste
    13. (SURV) Survival Payment
    14. (SURV) Peanut Blessing
    15. (SURV) Hunting Reward
    16. (SURV) |E| Pet

    Buff Enhancements Used
    1. General Dominator: Removes map limits. Max stacks 10 on normal maps. (Finale Dominator)

    Notes <top>
    • If you have binded the Goggles Buff with the Binder item, you can swap it out for the Finale Dominator Buff.

    Weapons used for this buff set
    • Any Primary Weapon (Whichever your good with)
    • Any Secondary Weapon (Whichever your good with)

    Benefits of this buff set <top>
    • Knife: Gives you 1 knife that can be used to release yourself from an SI attack once. Your knife can be used after 1 second of being pinned, by pressing ZOOM button.
    • Goggles: Obtain goggles that protect you from bile. Buff includes "Cheap Goggles" buff effect.
    • Finale Dominator: On finale/survival maps, On each special infected kill, +1 stack of finale dominator (+2 stacks on each uber special infected kill), up to 15. +2% increased damage, +1% increased defense, +1% increased movement speed, +0.5% increased fire rate, +2% increased reload speed and +2% chance to save ammo. You lose a stack in (25-stacks) seconds or if pinned by special infected or if incapacitated. You lose all stacks on death.
    • Tenacity: +200 additional maximum HP per level above 200. You instantly die if HP reaches 0.<Health from medkits is reduced for each medkit used (100% -> 66% -> 33%)> <increases aggro from Tanks by 50%> <Max defense while equipped: 50%> <Max gain from this buff: 7,500HP><Increases damage taken from all hits by 3> <✖ VS>
    • Enraging Waves: Allows you to use a device. When activated all tanks around will immediately reset aggro and focus you for 10 seconds or until device is deactivated. <Cooldown: 3 minutes>
    • Courage: After reviving a teammate (hanging revives don't count), they take -50% less damage (including true damage), and gain +25% movement speed. The bonuses decay over 25 seconds.<✖ VS>
    • Motivator: You can shove a fellow survivor 50 levels below your level to give them +20% movement speed for 20 seconds. <30 second cooldown> <Cannot motivate whilst inside a saferoom>
    • Health Dispenser: Allows you to place a special device on the floor using medikit. Nearby survivors receive +15 + 0.5% Max HP per second, cured of all bad status effects and given moustachio bless for 5 seconds. <Hold medikit and shove floor while crouching to activate><Duration: 14 seconds> <Versus: 8HP per second, 1 second of moustachio bless, does not clear bad statuses> <Once per round>
    • Discharger: Allows you to deploy a device in the ground using your defibrillator. It damages, ignites and stuns infected around. On the last tick, it defibrillates back all nearby survivors and deals more damage. <Hold defib to shove the floor while crouching to activate> <Duration: 8 seconds> <Damage: 400 every 0.5 seconds (3000 on the last tick)> <Once per round> <✖ VS>
    • Protector: Players with 50 or more levels lower than you, +2% increased defense (except falls) for each % of missing HP (Max: 30%). On reviving incapacitated player 50 or more levels lower than you, +90% increased defense and CC immunity for 10 seconds. <Radius: 500> <✖ VS>
    • Boxing Bag: If any nearby survivors are 50 or more levels lower than you, special infected (including those pinning victims) will prefer to attack you within 400 units. <Doesn't override minigun aggro> <✖ VS>
    • Field Medic: Each 50 seconds, randomly generate 1 adrenaline shot / pain pills. Can only be passed to other survivors. Cannot be consumed. Picking up adrenaline / pain pills will not drop generated item and will delete it instead. You cannot manually drop adrenaline or pain pills. <✖ VS>
    • Trailing Haste: If behind average survivor map progression, +10% movement speed. If alone within 400 units, +10% movement speed. <No effect if only survivor alive> <✖ VS, Survival>
    • Survival Payment: After the round begins, +1 bounty earned every 2 minutes. <Bounty not awarded if inside saferoom>
    • Peanut Blessing: While under Moustachio Bless. +1 stack of peanut blessing for each bounty earning action. Additional bounty = x stacks, up to max of 3 stacks. Effect resets when Moustachio Bless ends.
    • Hunting Reward: On each special infected kill, +2% chance to get +1 additional bounty on bounty earning action. <Max: 30%>
    • Pet: Allows you to spawn a charger pet. Charger pet deals 250HP damage to infected. Can only be spawned once per round. <Spawnable in the !buy menu> <If the pet is lost within 3 seconds, it can be respawned> <✖ VS>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set well <top>
    • If there are survivors behind most of the survivors that are ahead of them, consider going back and helping them out. Not only will you be able to help them should they be in need of assistance but they can also help you to survive when you're in need of assistance as well.