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Apr 3, 2021
  • Marvelous Gaming Rules

    Remember when you get banned on one server you get automatically banned on all servers so if you like playing at MG think twice before you break the rules, it's not worth messing around. If you accumulate multiple bans your next ban will be permanent. This is at the Admin Team's discretion, we use a case-by-case basis method. We are fair but firm about our rules. Heed any 'final warnings' and your next ban will be permanent.

    Being an old player or donor does NOT exempt you from the rules!

    Category 1: Major offenses
    I would read these carefully if I were you. These offenses will get you banned, and many times without warning!

    This topic is so important that it is first on our list. Any racist comments and/or names will result in an instant permaban!

    You are farming when you stop the campaign from continuing normally, and you stay in one spot killing infected to gain experience and cash faster. For example, not entering the helicopter on No Mercy finale, just because you want more EXP, or 'want to wait for the tank' falls into this category. Do NOT hinder campaign progress.

    Admin Impersonation.
    The use of the MG logo is reserved for Marvelous Gaming Admins only. The logo is often seen as ''|MG|'', however it may differ slightly. Any player found with an MG tag will face temporary bans; persistent offenders WILL be banned. This is not flexible; toying with Admin Impersonation counts, not just manipulating the logo to your desire.

    Cheating will result in an immediate '''permanent''' ban with '''no''' option to protest against it. ''This includes ANY means that circumvents our process, including 3rd-party software. We will catch you.''

    Bug Usage / Exploits
    Exploiting known or unknown bugs within the game or its modifications will result in a kick and temporary ban without warning. This includes "saferoom" door glitching or "passing" a dying tank (PR-VS) to avoid death and get another tank. Surviving a death fall (Dead Center 1) then deliberately staying alive to hinder progress is an example of glitching.

    Team Killing (TK)
    Excessive, on-purpose, deliberate damaging other players on your team (including yourself) will result in a kick and temporary ban without warning. Watch where you shoot; this is especially applicable to PR servers. Not everyone is immune to FF. Not everyone can survive explosions. Be courteous. Note: Deliberately suiciding out of boredom (or any reason) on full servers is considered Team Killing (TK.) This can result in an immediate kick from an Admin. Our server slots are valuable; yours is too. Procure it by not doing these things.

    Mic / Chat / Vote Spamming
    Excessive mic, chat and/or vote spamming with the only purpose of trying to ruin the game for other players will result in an immediate kick and temporary ban. Vote policy: Ask / Warn / Vote. Dialogue with the gamers in-game. Consult or summon Admin if necessary. This also can be classified as a Minor Offense, depending on the specifics.

    Team-Switching in Versus Servers.
    Stay on your team. Simple as that. We will usually attempt to ask / warn, then kick or ban. If you're in-game, you're responsible for the same policy. Ask / Warn / (votekick.) You never know if someone simply has to go !afk, then back to their team for whatever reason. Use good judgement and don't jump to conclusions.

    Offensive Language and/or Nicknames~Screennames.
    Language or nicknames containing expressions of racism, discrimination or anything else that may hurt other people, countries or belifs will result in a kick and temporary ban, possibly permanent based on the severity. Do not pay homage to hate crimes or historical/controversial criminals. You know what we mean here. Do not mess around with religion/politics; causes endless debates and always offends someone. You know what we mean here.

    Repeated Minor Offenses
    If you keep repeating minor offenses we will count them up until it becomes a major offense which may result in additional ban time. Re-banning is possible.

    Implied Rules
    This covers rules that we should not have to remind gamers of, but expect of our community. (respecting other gamers, etc.) This also covers general abuse: Votekick Abuse is a primary example. Votekicking another gamer based on level or playing style is prohibited. Voting (votekick) is a last resort; censor your usage of votekicks, especially. That can ruin someone's day. Ask, warn, then cast the votekick if absolutely necessary. Again; ask/warn/kick. '''No reason? No asking? No kick.'''

    As always, consult or summon an Admin if necessary or desired.

    Category 2: Minor offenses

    Inappropriate Sprays
    Let's keep this one simple: keep your sprays and avatars ''appropriate''.

    High Ping
    Ping above 600~700 will get you warned first, kicked next. Ping above 1000 will result in an immediate short-term ban (usually 10 minutes). We are not an ISP, nor do we provide support for this. You are responsible for sorting out your ping on your own!

    ''NOTE: To verify your ping, make sure (in Options,) Developer Console is* enabled. Hit the tilde ( ~ ) key in-game to open console. Simply type ping then hit ENTER. You will see your ping here and this can be done anytime.''

    Rushing consists of running off ahead of your team alone. Bannable without warning, or at Admin discretion.

    Mic-Spamming, Chat-Spamming
    This is minor spamming. Examples: Playing music over the mic or leaving your channel open so everybody can hear your background sounds. Flooding the chat-box with non-interesting stuff or excessive non-game related talking over the mic will result in a warning first and a kick / short-term ban second.

    Foreign Language Policy
    We can debate long if we should allow typing or talking foreign languages, but there always seem to be a certain gray zone where some people find it annoying and others don't so English is the only language allowed on our servers, forum and steam-group.

    We understand that not everybody speaks English so you usually won't get kicked for it when you keep low profile but admins decide when it gets to a point where people could be bothered with it which will usually lead to a kick and a short term ban.

    Bottom-line: RESPECT OTHER GAMERS; especially if they don't speak English. Be a good steward to gamers; "don't hate."

    This is a minor spam but severe enough to be classed as major. Vocalizing enough so that players or admins get annoyed or bothered by it will grant you a kick and a temp ban with or without warning. Vocalizations (player vocalizations like "laugh") are fun. They're funny. Use them, but do not impede on other gamers' ability to vocalize. That is spamming. Do not do it in a repetitious way that disturbs other gamers. That also constitutes spamming.

    Inappropriate Language
    Swearing, shouting, being disrespectful to other players, etc., will get you some time to cool-down outside of our servers. Typically, if you're banned for this, Admin Team specifically selects an appropriate amount of time to review our rules and re-think your approach, based on intensity or severity. Please self-censor any usage pertaining to race**, creed, origin or any colloquial terminology.

    Inappropriate Nicknames & Screen names
    Nicknames like ;; .. || -- are not allowed. We like to know who we're playing with so try to be more original when it comes to picking a decent nick. Please also remember that extra-ordinarily long names and annoying names are not allowed. If an admin (or any players) deems your name unreasonable, please change it. Do not troll or replicate/duplicate other gamers' names. You never know if they would enjoy it. This is forbidden.

    Rage-Switching / Rage Team-Switching
    Excessive team-switching, which means you keep trying to switch teams even though the server is full and a switch is not possible. We've seen people even trying to reconnect to join the other team (usually the infected team). This will get you banned for a short period of time.

    So I got banned, now what?

    If you got banned, or think someone should be, first thing you need to do is visit: https://bans.mgftw.com
    There you can see the reason why you were banned and for how long. If you want to protest against your ban that's the place to do that as well. If it's a really short term ban it's useless to protest against it most of the times and you just have to sit it out until it expires.

    GENERAL ADVICE IF YOU ARE BANNED OR HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOUR OWN BAN: If you choose to go through alternative contact means (using our Forums,) make sure you do it professionally or contact an Admin in private. Censor mud-slinging around nasty accusations, "hear-say," or name-calling. Hate-mongering or flaming will produce no results. Just about anything that occurs here can be resolved in a professional manner in private. If you're not sure who our Admin Team is, when in the Forum area, click Members, then Staff Members. We're all approachable and gamers ourselves.

    I see bannable activity I want to report!

    Note the links to Protest/Submit.

    Do you think someone should be banned? Submit a form and an Admin will review it for consideration. We consider ban submissions in accordance to our posted rules. We will not consider submissions without proper credentials/info. Please provide a .dem (demo) file or at the very least a screenshot. Rule of thumb: DOCUMENT YOUR REQUEST! Too much is better than not enough.