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Recommended Miscellaneous Buff Set 8 (BaBS)

Mar 19, 2020
Recommended Miscellaneous Buff Set 8 (BaBS)
  • Recommended Miscellaneous Buff Set 8 (BaBS V2.12.22)

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    This Buff Set is situated towards the use of all 24 event buff enhancements.

    * Indicates that the Buff is a secondary option to the primary buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set. For some buffs, they will need to be equipped if certain buffs get used in place of others, which will be marked in blue.
    ** Indicates that the buff is a third option to the first buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set.
    + Indicates that the Buff has a Buff Enhancement that can be applied to it.
    - Indicates that the Buff is required in order to level up any class from class level 4 to class level 5.

    Event Enhanced Survivor COOP <top>

    1. (SURV) Knife+
    2. (SURV) Ninja+ / |V| Gory Killer+*
    3. (SURV) |Q| Piercing Bullets+ / Ranged Expert+*
    4. (SURV) General Tank Handler+
    5. (SURV) Tenacity+
    6. (SURV) |E| Fatal Guard+ / Steadfast Aim+*
    7. (SURV) |E| Free Spirit+ / Adrenaline Area Booster+*
    8. (SURV) |E| Pain Moderation+ / |Q| Prowess-*
    9. (SURV) |V| Enraging Waves+
    10. (SURV) |E| Dying Berserk+
    11. (SURV) Chainsaw Dumbass+ / |E| Knife Recycle+*
    12. (SURV) |E| Healing Pipe Bombs+ / |E| Bodyguard+*
    13. (SURV) |C| Rocket Launcher+ / |C| Spin-up M60+* / Deadeye+**
    14. (SURV) Pain Stimulant+
    15. (SURV) |E| Reactive Inoculation+ / |E| Slow Resistance+*
    16. (SURV) Hunting Reward+

    1. 1st: 72t-gtk6f8-jf2v3k-lvvtgj-lss5b9-m5eh4x-nj80 (Primary) (Rocket Defender) (Second Choice: 11.)
    2. |Q| Prowess: 72v-gtk6f8-jf2v3k-lvv383-lss5b9-m5eh4x-nj80 (Primary) (Rocket Defender) (Second Choice: 11.)
    3. 2nd: 73a-gto7lq-jf2v3k-lvvtgj-lsrcrh-m4t1d6-nj80 (Chainsaw Crowd Controller) (Second Choices: 2., 3., 13. and 15.)
    4. |Q| Prowess: 73c-gto7lq-jf2v3k-lvv383-lsrcrh-m4t1d6-nj80 (Chainsaw Crowd Controller) (Second Choices: 2., 3., 13. and 15.)
    5. 3rd: 72w-gtk6f8-jf2v74-m2fl43-lss5es-l8279d-nj80 (Deadeye Survivalist) (Second Choices: 6., 7., 11. and 12.) (Third Choice: 13.)
    6. |Q| Prowess: 72y-gtk6f8-jf2v74-m2euvn-lss5es-l8279d-nj80 (Deadeye Survivalist) (Second Choices: 6., 7., 11. and 12.) (Third Choice: 13.)

    Buff Enhancements Used:
    1. Throwing Knives: Hold USE and shove to throw a knife, dealing 750 damage/stagger to SI or 500 damage/5s bleed (100 dmg/s) to Tanks. Won't use normal knives. Max count equals Knife count + 1. <✖ VS, Knives reclaimable on miss/from target's dead body or return after 20s> (Knife)
    2. |E| Samurai Training: While using the Katana, -50% reduced melee fatigue gain rate. With Katana, killing specials only gives 33% melee fatigue reduction. (Ninja)
    3. |E| Gory Munitions: Every 45 seconds, your chainsaw instantly kills the next special for more fuel but gives +10% missing ammo for your primary weapon. (|V| Gory Killer)
    4. |E| Armor Piercing Bullets: Shots may reduce more Tank armor/Flesh armor/Barrier health with bonus reduction equal to weapon's bonus damage per shot. 100% chance VS Flesh armor or with AWP/Scout, otherwise 33% chance. (|Q| Piercing Bullets)
    5. |E| Ranged Perfectionist: Assault Rifles and SMGS no longer suffer range damage dropoff. (Ranged Expert)
    6. |E| General Tank Mastery: +0.12% increased recovery speed from Tank punch/rock stuns, multiplied by your current level. <✖ VS, 30% max bonus> (General Tank Handler)
    7. |E| Vigor: Increases heal effects from buffs/regen boosters by 3HP. (Tenacity)
    8. |E| Witch Guard: Witches will no longer ignore incapacitation in Expert difficulty. (|E| Fatal Guard)
    9. |E| Steadfast Sprint: Common Infected attacking you no longer cripple your move speed or ability to jump. (Steadfast Aim)
    10. |E| Wild Spirit: After being pinned for 5 seconds, deal 1% + 0.5% Max HP per second damage to pinner, Max: 7.5% or 200 damage. Damage/Damage Cap increased by 30% with melee weapon. (|E| Free Spirit)
    11. |E| Adrenaline Accelerator: -25% reduced slow effects of affected survivors and causes slow effects to instantly start decaying when the buff is activated. (Adrenaline Area Booster)
    12. |E| Pain Transfer: Upon gaining temporary health from taking damage, for 5 seconds 2% of damage dealt to Specials or Tanks will exchange temporary health into permanent health. (|E| Pain Moderation)
    13. |E| Focused Enrage: Choose one tank to aggro instantly for 8 seconds, putting Enraging Waves on cooldown when used. (|V| Enraging Waves)


    1. |E| Out With A Bang: Upon death, deal 1,500 explosive damage to nearby infected. -250 reduced damage for each activation, 500 minimum. Medkit use resets damage. (|E| Dying Berserk)
    2. |E| Chainsaw Maniac: While using your chainsaw, gain +10% move speed and cannot be slowed by common infected hitting you. (Chainsaw Dumbass)
    3. |E| Eco Knife: Your first knife usage against Hunters, Chargers and Jockeys each will not consume the knife. <✖ VS, Knifes used this way do not trigger Electric knife> (|E| Knife Recycle)
    4. |E| Adren-Infused Pipe Bombs: Survivors in the explosion will gain 5 seconds of Adrenaline. (|E| Healing Pipe Bombs)
    5. |E| Safekeeper: If bodyguard target is affected with a status effect over 1 second, shoving them transfers the status to you, giving 1 bounty (2 for mutation) each time. <30 second cooldown, some statuses cannot be transferred, transferred statuses cannot be blocked> (|E| Bodyguard)
    6. |E| Lock-On Module: Aiming with a laser sight at a Tank or Special will slowly lock onto them. When locked on, firing a rocket seeks out the target. <Press ZOOM to toggle laser, shoving resets lock> (|C| Rocket Launcher)
    7. |E| Steam Burst: Shots fired at max rate generate +0.5% steam. Double tap WALK with at least 10% to release all steam. Deals 5 x steam % damage to infected in 300 units and ignites them at 100% steam. Afterwards, cannot generate steam for 5 seconds. (|C| Spin-up M60)
    8. |E| Deadshot: After 5 Deadeye shots, you can fire a Deadshot (hold USE and fire) at a Special/Tank, killing the SI or ignoring tank defenses and staggering it. It also blasts inside 300 units for the same damage, igniting them. Infected hit/killed don't trigger Deadeye. (Deadeye)
    9. |E| Pain Analeptic: While having temporary health, gain 10% defense from any infected damage. Bonus is doubled if you have below 25% permanent health. (Pain Stimulant)
    10. |E| Selective Inoculation: Once per round with no tanks alive, you can select one status effect from the !buy menu, blocking 10 seconds of it and reducing duration by 50% for the round. (|E| Reactive Inoculation)
    11. |E| Slow Repellent: Once a stun/freeze/paralyze effect ends, become immune to slow effects for 10 seconds (5 seconds for tanks). (|E| Slow Resistance)
    12. |E| Trusted Consumer: When at maximum chance, you can buy any item if you have at least 50% of the required bounty cost, putting you into negative bounty. <Cannot be used on items in the Miscellaneous category> (Hunting Reward)

    • If you prefer to use chainsaws over katanas as a melee weapon against the infected, you can swap out the Ninja Buff for the |V| Gory Killer Buff.
    • If you prefer to use Rifles/SMGs over other types of weapons, you can swap out the |Q| Piercing Bullets Buff for the Ranged Expert Buff.
    • If you want to stop cripples from common infected with a buff enhancement over preventing fatal damage on you in specific circumstances, you can swap out the |E| Fatal Guard Buff for the Steadfast Aim Buff.
    • If you prefer to give survivors movement speed buffs over having a chance to free yourself from the SI pinning you, you can swap out the |E| Free Spirit Buff for the Adrenaline Area Booster Buff.
    • If you're levelling up any class from class level 4 to class level 5, the |E| Pain Moderation Buff would be the best to replace since removing it from your buff set gives the least amount of impact on your buff usage with buff enhancements, you can swap it out for the |Q| Prowess Buff.
    • if you prefer to give yourself extra uses with a knife against specific special infected over using a powerful chainsaw, you can swap out the |V| Gory Killer Buff for the |E| Knife Recycle Buff.
    • if you want to be able to help out your fellow survivor by transferring bad statuses to yourself with a buff enhancement over being able to give AOE heals with pipe bombs, you can swap out the |E| Healing Pipe Bombs Buff for the |E| Bodyguard Buff.
    • If you prefer to use M60 Rifles for their fast firing speed over a grenade launcher that can shoot rocket projectiles, you can swap out the |C| Rocket Launcher Buff for the |C| Spin-up M60 Buff. If you instead prefer to be a powerful shooter with an AWP/Scout, you can swap out either buff for the Deadeye Buff.
    • If you prefer to have resistances to slows over preventing bad statuses, you can swap out the |E| Reactive Inoculation Buff for the |E| Slow Resistance Buff.

    Weapons/Configs used in this buff set: <top>
    • M60 Rifle, AWP/Scout Sniper Rifles or Grenade Launcher
      Recommended Weapon Config (M60 Rifle): +25%/-25% || -25%/+25%
      Recommended Weapon Config (AWP): +0%/-0% || -20%/+20%
      Recommended Weapon Config (Scout): +25%/-25% || -20%/+20%
    • Katana or Chainsaw melee weapon

    Benefits of this buff set:
    • Knife: Gives you a knife that you can use to release yourself from SI. This can be done after 1 second of being trapped using the ZOOM button.
    • Ninja: On special infected kill, -50% reduced current melee fatigue. On being released from special infected, instantly resets melee fatigue and prevents gaining more for 5 seconds.
    • |V| Gory Killer: Chainsaws deal +10% (Max: 250HP on tanks) of the target's maximum HP as additional damage. Also enables them to bypass tank resistances, at the cost of halving flat attack bonuses. <✖ VS>
    • |Q| Piercing Bullets: Shooting the same Special Infected/Tank increases damage dealt by +1%/bullet, +2% with Single Pistol/Hunting Rifle or +3% with Magnum Pistol/AWP and Scout sniper rifles. With shotguns, chance to increase by 1%/pellet equal to 75% - (weapon tier * pellet count). Bonus resets upon changing target, weapon, or reloading. <Max bonus: Weapon clip size * per-bullet increment * pellet count>
    • Ranged Expert: Assault Rifles and SMGs ignore the defenses of your target but aren't affected by attack bonuses from buffs. They shoot and reload -25% slower. <Ammo save chance halved for Rifles/SMGs> <✖ VS>
    • General Tank Handler: -0.12% reduced damage taken from tanks multiplied by your current level. <Max buff defense percent: 90%>
    • Tenacity: Grants +150 max HP per level above 200, max 5,000, but you die when HP reaches 0. Medkits heal 33% max HP, but can heal for 66% and 100% max HP once each per round if missing HP % is greater than the heal. <Increases aggro from Tanks by 50%> <Reduces your maximum defense by 20%> <✖ VS>
    • |E| Fatal Guard: Prevents instant death while frozen. Take -50% less damage from Assassin class tanks and won't ignore incapacitation. Gain a 20% chance to not decay while inside a Tank Belly. <Does not prevent shattering on frozen death> <✖ VS>
    • Steadfast Aim: On CI attacking you, they no longer jostle your aim and gain +10% defense against them. <✖ VS>


    • |E| Free Spirit: After being trapped by special infected for 10 seconds, you'llattempt to break free every 3 seconds with a 50% chance, decaying by 20% with every failed attempt. When freed from pins, you ignore statuses and the chance resets. <✖ VS>
    • Adrenaline Area Booster: You can shove the ground to consume your Adrenaline, giving all survivors in 300 units +10% movement speed bonus, +3 HP/s regen for 15 seconds and 5 seconds of Adrenaline. <Effect cannot be renewed until it wears off> <15 second cooldown> <Press RELOAD with adrenaline in hand to get cooldown time>
    • |E| Pain Moderation: If you have no THP when taking damage, 33% of the damage (max: 200 HP) is returned as THP. THP decays slightly faster with this buff equipped. <Does not activate with lethal or fall damage> <✖ VS>
    • |Q| Prowess: Allows you to level any class at class level 4 to class level 5. Gives +50% increased class experience from class actions. <Cannot be binded> <✖ VS>
    • |V| Enraging Waves: Allows you to use a frequency device. When activated all tanks not already taunted will immediately reset their aggro and focus you for 8 seconds or until the device is deactivated. <Cooldown: 3 minutes> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_enrage)
    • |E| Dying Berserk: On taking lethal damage, become live for 6 seconds where you ignore defenses/immunities, status/CC effects. won't use ammo or gain fatigue. Taunt all tanks but halve buff attack bonuses. -0.5s reduced time for each activation, min 3s. Medkit use resets time. Performing use actions won't end Dying Berserk. <Immunity pierce negates attack bonuses> <No ammo save with custom weapons> <✖ VS>
    • Chainsaw Dumbass: On common infected kill, +4% chainsaw fuel refill. On special infected kill, +10% chainsaw fuel refill.
    • |E| Knife Recycle: You can keep knifes used against smokers. <Requires Knife Buff> <Works only once in versus>
    • |E| Healing Pipe Bombs: Your pipe bombs heal survivors in the explosion for 15% missing HP and deal no friendly damage. Pipe bombs cost 50% more from the Bounty Market. <Incompatible with other buffs that change grenade contents> <✖ VS>

    • |E| Bodyguard: You can choose a survivor to protect. If they die within 500 units, you die instead. The chosen survivor heals equal to your current HP, loses tank aggro and clears all bad statuses. While dead, you gain +1 bounty every time they earn bounty. A survivor can only have 1 bodyguard but bodyguards can't have one. <Target can't be changed until they are not valid> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_bodyguard)
    • |C| Rocket Launcher: Transforms the Grenade Launcher into a Rocket Launcher. Projectiles launched have no gravity, x2 damage dealt and better damage dropoff from the center of the explosion with -30% reduced reload speed. <Rocket must travel for 0.3 seconds to gain full damage> <Incompatible with any other Grenade Launcher buffs> <✖ VS>
    • |C| Spin-up M60: Your M60 rifles start with -20% fire rate. +2% fire rate increase on each shot, max: +30% additional. Fire rate bonus reduces over time not shooting. Your M60 rifle has a 10% chance not to consume ammo. <✖ VS>
    • Deadeye: On killing special infected from at least 50% health or with a headshot using AWP / Scout sniper rifles, gain +1 bullet into current magazine from your reserves. <Ammo save chance with AWP/Scout is halved while equipped> <✖ VS>
    • Pain Stimulant: Upon using Pain Pills, Adrenaline, or being revived, temporary HP no longer decays for 60 seconds. Gain +25% increased HP received on revive.
    • |E| Reactive Inoculation: After being afflicted with a bad status effect, block that same bad status effect the next time it's inflicted. Stackable with several bad status effects but it won't work against some. For each bad status effect blocked, it's duration is reduced by 5%, up to -25% maximum for the round. <✖ VS>
    • |E| Slow Resistance: -25% reduced maximum slow from Spitters, -33% decreased time before slows decay, -50% faster slow decay time.
    • Hunting Reward: On each special infected kill, +2% chance to get +1 additional bounty on bounty earning action. <Max: 30%>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set: <top>
    • Since most of the buffs are considered to be defensive in nature, be sure to use good combination of them to get the most out of aggroing the infected. This can be in the form of a chainsaw or just blasting the infected with your rocket launcher for crowd controlling.
    • If you need to give the survivors some help against the infected from the back end, be sure to stay behind to help those survivors who need to catch up, some of the buffs here are useful for dealing with special infected who try to pin you down.