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Recommended Offensive Buff Set 1 (BaBS)

Sep 11, 2020
Recommended Offensive Buff Set 1 (BaBS)
  • Recommended Offensive Buff Set 1 (BaBS V2.14.9)

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    This Buff Set is situated towards burst damage against tanks.

    * Indicates that the Buff is a secondary option to the primary buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set.
    ** Indicates that the buff is a third option to the first buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set.
    + Indicates that the Buff has a Buff Enhancement that can be applied to it.
    - Indicates that the Buff is required in order to level up any class from class level 4 to class level 5.

    Offensive Assault COOP <top>

    1. (SURV) Knife+
    2. (SURV) Goggles+ / |E| Dying Berserk+*
    3. (SURV) |Q| Piercing Bullets+
    4. (SURV) Tank Slayer+
    5. (SURV) |E| Weak Point Spotter+ / |E| Beyond the Grave+* / |E| Hidden Strength+**
    6. (SURV) |E| Zapping Gun+ / |E| Pressurized Water Gun* / |E| Slaying Automata+**
    7. (SURV) Tenacity+ / |V| War Wounds*
    8. (SURV) Avenger+
    9. (SURV) |E| Berserk+
    10. (SURV) |V| Bird Whistle / |E| Radiant Blast*
    11. (SURV) |E| Non-Aggression Pact+
    12. (SURV) |E| Sacrifice
    13. (SURV) Dummy Rounds+ / |C| Discharger+* / Tactical Reload+**
    14. (SURV) |E| Sticky Bomb+
    15. (SURV) Finale Dominator+ / |E| Cupid's Arrow* / |Q| Prowess-**
    16. (SURV) |V| Assassin Drone+ / |E| Charger Pet*

    No codes atm.

    Buff Enhancements Used: 20
    1. Throwing Knives: Hold USE and shove to throw a knife, dealing 750 damage/stagger to SI or 500 damage/5s bleed (100 dmg/s) to Tanks. Won't use normal knives. Max count equals Knife count + 1. <✖ VS, Knives reclaimable on miss/from target's dead body or return after 20s> (Knife)
    2. Gas Mask: Take only 1 gas based damage while the Gas Mask absorbs the rest. The mask absorbs 1000 damage (500 in VS) before breaking. Recharges in 3 minutes after breaking. Smoker smoke won't shroud vision while the gas mask is active. (Goggles)
    3. |E| Out With A Bang: Upon death, deal 1,500 explosive damage to nearby infected. Each activation after gives -250 reduced damage, 500 minimum. Medkit use resets damage. (|E| Dying Berserk)
    4. |E| Armor Piercing Bullets: Shots may reduce more Tank armor/Flesh armor/Barrier health with bonus reduction equal to weapon's bonus damage per shot. 100% chance VS Flesh armor or with AWP/Scout, otherwise 33% chance. (|Q| Piercing Bullets)
    5. |E| Tank Annihilator: Each subsequent activation on the same Tank deals +1 damage. Max: +150 damage. Lose 5 stacks above 50 if you die to the Tank. (Tank Slayer)
    6. Responsive Spotter: Every shot that doesn't activate Weak Point Spotter increases the chance by 0.05%. The chance resets once it does. (|E| Weak Point Spotter)
    7. |E| Grave Suspension: Activating BTG prevents infected spawns for 0.075 seconds multiplied by bounty lost. Surviving specials are blinded for the same duration. <Minimum: 3 seconds, maximum 7.5 seconds> (|E| Beyond the Grave)
    8. Inner Might: When used, you gain full CC immunity, status immunity and 60% damage resistance (including true damage) for 20 seconds. Damage resistance decays over time. (|E| Hidden Strength)
    9. Loaded Zap: Zapping Gun will only activate when at 100% charge. (|E| Zapping Gun)
    10. Explosive Automata: Turret gains 5% chance to also shoot a Grenade Launcher projectile.
      (|E| Slaying Automata)


    1. |E| Vigor: Increases heal effects from buffs/regen boosters by 3HP. (Tenacity)
    2. Respite: Reduces claw damage from revenge targets by target's kill count times 5. Blocks Tank punch/rock stuns and SI Pin/Flings for 4s/8s from revenge targets. <Damage cannot be reduced below 1, decays over 4 seconds> (Avenger)
    3. Juggernaut: Duration reduced to 20 seconds. While Berserk is active, resist stuns, paralysis, slows, freezing, staggers, fling, aim punch, knockdowns, fear and Special Infected Pins. 4 minute cooldown. (|E| Berserk)
    4. Posthumous Pact: You can activate the pact while dead. If activated, it has -5 seconds reduced duration. (|E| Non-Aggression Pact)
    5. Phantom Rounds: When any ammo save chance activates, you have a second chance to gain another bullet. The second chance is equal to half of your total ammo save chance. (Dummy Rounds)
    6. Frostcharger: Each tick also slows infected hit by 3% (doubled on non-Tanks). On the final tick, all infected in range become frozen for 1 second, bypassing debilitate cooldowns. (|C| Discharger)
    7. Lightning Hands: Once every 30 seconds, gain double bonus reload speed. (Tactical Reload)
    8. Safety Bomb: Bomb detonation no longer affects survivors but radius reduced to 200. (|E| Sticky Bomb)
    9. General Dominator: Removes map limits. On non-finale/survival maps, max stacks reduced to 10 and stacks decay 5 seconds faster. (Finale Dominator)
    10. Medic Assassin: Assassin Drone shot has a chance to heal for 80HP. Chance is equal to 3% of damage dealt. (|V| Assassin Drone)

    Notes: 8
    1. If you have binded the Goggles Buff with the Binder item, you can swap it out for the |E| Dying Berserk Buff.
    2. If you want to be able to deal true damage while dead as long as you have bounty, you can swap out the |E| Weak Point Spotter Buff for the |E| Beyond The Grave Buff. If you instead prefer to be able to save the survivors from a game over by resuscitating yourself and sacrificing, you can swap out either buff for the |E| Hidden Strength Buff.
    3. If you prefer to use a more powerful water pistol over a zapping gun when up against tanks, you can swap out the |E| Zapping Gun Buff for the |E| Pressurized Water Gun Buff. If you instead find that using a turret would do you a better job of taking care of the infected, you can swap out either buff for the |E| Slaying Automata Buff.
    4. If you prefer to be able to be incapacitated and/or find that having full first aid kit heals helps you better in your survivability, you can swap out the Tenacity Buff for the |V| War Wounds Buff.
    5. If you find that you cannot use the |V| Bird Whistle Buff at all indoors and/or want a different way to be able to deal true damage to tanks, you can swap it out for the |E| Radiant Blast Buff.
    6. If you know that there's a scenario where the use of the |C| Discharger Buff is highly appreciated, you can swap out the Dummy Rounds Buff for it. If you instead prefer to want to reload weapons faster in certain situations, you can swap out either buff for the Tactical Reload Buff.
    7. If you want to be able to have a pet infected helping you out with killing the infected and/or find that you're getting pinned often on certain maps, you can swap out the Finale Dominator Buff for the |E| Cupid's Arrow Buff, If you're instead are leveling up any class from class level 4 to class level 5, you can swap out either buff for the |Q| Prowess Buff.
    8. If you want to spawn out a pet charger to help you take care of the infected or want to have an additional pet that gives you the additional fire power, you can swap out the |V| Assassin Drone Buff for the |E| Charger Pet Buff.

    Weapons/Configs used in this buff set: <top>
    • Rifles / Sniper Rifles
      Recommended Weapon Config: (Rifles): +25%/-25% || -25%/+25%
      Recommended Weapon Config (Snipers): +25%/-25% || -25%/+25%
      Recommended Weapon Config (AWP): +0%/-0% (or +25%/-25%) || -25%/+25%
    • Pistols
      Recommended Weapon Config (All Pistols): +25%/-25% || -25%/+25%

    Benefits of this buff set:
    • Knife: Gives you a knife that you can use to release yourself from SI. This can be done after 1 second of being trapped using the ZOOM button.
    • Goggles: Obtain goggles that protect you from bile. It also includes the "Cheap Goggles" buff effect.
    • |E| Dying Berserk: On taking lethal damage, become live for 6 seconds where you ignore defenses/immunities, status/CC effects/won't use ammo or gain fatigue. Taunt all tanks but halve buff attack bonuses. Each activation lowers time by 0.5s, min 3s. Medkit use resets time. Performing use actions won't end Dying Berserk. <Immunity pierce negates attack bonuses> <No ammo save with custom weapons> <✖ VS>
    • |Q| Piercing Bullets: Shooting the same Special Infected/Tank increases damage dealt by +1%/bullet or +3% with Magnum Pistol, AWP and Scout sniper rifles. Shotguns have a chance to increase by 1%/pellet equal to 75% - (weapon tier * pellet count). Bonus resets upon changing target, weapon, or at max bonus. <Max bonus: Weapon clip size * per-bullet increment * pellet count>
    • Tank Slayer: Every 4 seconds, next shot from a ranged weapon deals +300 bonus damage to Tanks. <✖ VS>
    • |E| Weak Point Spotter: Allows you to randomly ignore defenses and immunities on infected. <Chance: 3%> <Immunity pierce negates attack bonuses> <✖ VS>
    • |E| Beyond the Grave: If dead with at least 20 bounty, a tank is alive or half the team is dead, you can use !buy menu to spend all bounty, dealing 75 damage multiplied by your bounty lost to all infected. <Damage maximum: 7,500> <Doesn't hurt tanks with less than 10,000 health> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_beyondgrave)
    • |E| Hidden Strength: If 6 or fewer survivors are alive, you can use the !buy menu to resuscitate yourself if your body wasn't destroyed or if not dead for over 3 minutes. You'll be revived with -75% reduced max HP, move -30% slower and gain 20s SI pin immunity. Both effects decay over 2 minutes. <Once per round> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_hiddenstr)
    • |E| Zapping Gun: Moving around charges the pistol. For each 1% charge, next shot deals +10 bonus damage. When fully charged, it also stuns the target for 2 seconds. Each shot resets charge to 0. <Charged shot activates on special infected and tanks only> <Tanks can't be stunned in 15 seconds of another stun/freeze> <Gun recharge rate: 3% per second running, 1% crouching/walking> <✖ VS>
    • |E| Pressurized Water Gun: Replaces your Magnum with a strong pressurized water gun. Gives +150% increased damage and -50% reduced fire rate. Can't tactical reload/headshot infected and only gains 1%/shot with Piercing Bullets. Slows infected hit by 20% (Tanks by 1%, max 10%) with a 33% Stagger chance. <Incompatible with Zapping Gun/Auto Pistol Modulator> <Ignores 10% defense against fire-based tanks> <✖ VS>


    • |E| Slaying Automata: Allows you to deploy a turret once per round which shoots at nearby infected each second in 600 units, 180* arc, dealing 150 damage. It goes idle if it hasn't shot in 15 seconds and if the owner is over 300 units away. Anyone can press USE on it to wake it. <Turret can be rotated by pressing USE> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_turret)
    • Tenacity: Grants +150 max HP per level above 200, max +5,000, but you die when your HP reaches 0. Medkits heal 33% max HP, but also can heal for 66% and 100% max HP if missing HP % is greater than the heal. 100% heal usable once per round. 66% heal has 7 minute cooldown. <Reduces your maximum defense by 20%> <✖ VS>
    • |V| War Wounds: After being revived from an incapacitation only caused by the infected, gain +7 HP per level above 201 additional maximum HP for the rest of the round. You also gain HP equal to this when revived. <Hanging revives don't count> <Max gain per revive: 200 HP, Overall: 2,000HP> <✖ VS>
    • Avenger: On any infected kill on a survivor, deal +200% increased damage and resist death from the revenge target for 8 seconds. The bonus damage scales down overtime. Current revenge target cannot become it again for 8 seconds. <You can have more than one revenge target> <✖ VS>
    • |E| Berserk: When active, ignore defenses and immunities for 30 seconds. <Activate in !buy menu> <Cooldown: 5 minutes> <Immunity pierce negates attack bonuses> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_berserk)
    • |V| Bird Whistle: Use a bird whistle to call crows to attack. Infected within 600 units take damage every second for 5 seconds equal to: - Common and Special: 1,000 HP - Tanks 1: 1% max health, Tier 2+: 0.4% max health (max 1,250) <Only one whistle can be active at the same time> <Activate in !buy menu, 5 minute cooldown, requires 500 unit headroom> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_bwhistle)
    • |E| Radiant Blast: When activated, you cannot move for 10 seconds, but you emit blasts that deals 1000/s (500/s to tanks) true damage to infected around. It slows and makes them deal -15% less damage for 15 seconds. Afterwards you become unconscious for 10 seconds and greatly slow any near non-Tank infected. <Block stagger/pin/most lethal damage when active> <✖ VS, Once per round, 1 minute global cooldown> (Command: sm_radblast)
    • |E| Non-Aggression Pact: If 50%+ of survivors are dead, You can use the Non-Aggression Pact. For 20 seconds Survivors/Tanks become damage immune with tanks below 50% HP regaining 0.1% max HP/s. All infected cannot move, act or attack and specials release their victims. <No effect if a Tank is Desperate/Guarded or to actions that directly kill> <Once per round between all survivors> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_pact)
    • |E| Sacrifice: When activated, sacrifice yourself and become undefibbable. You revive all dead survivors within 500 units with 33% max HP as bonus HP and 5 seconds of Moustachio Bless. <Activate from !buy menu, press attack to confirm, or shove to cancel> <Cannot use if pinned by infected or incapacitated> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_sacrifice)


    • Dummy Rounds: Gives ranged weapons a 20% chance not to consume ammo. Doesn't work with Grenade Launchers.
    • |C| Discharger: While crouching, shove the floor with a defib to deploy a device that deals a mix of fire and shock damage, burning and stunning nearby infected. On the last tick, it resuscitates back all nearby survivors and deals more damage. <Tank can't be stunned in 15 seconds of another stun/freeze> <Damage: 300 every 0.8 seconds for 8 seconds (3000 on last tick)> <Once per round> <✖ VS>
    • Tactical Reload: If manually reloading with 1 or more bullets left, gain +10% increased reload speed. For AWP and Scout snipers, bonus is +15%. <Doesn't affect Shotguns or the Grenade Launcher>
    • |E| Sticky Bomb: Holding USE and shoving a 100K+ HP tank will deploy a bomb for 30 seconds, damaging all infected in 350 units for up to 10K true damage. Survivors near take up to 15% max HP damage and be stunned for up to 5 seconds, with the stun being avoidable by crouching. Only 1 bomb attachable at once. <Max 5 uses on same target> <Once per round> <✖ VS>
    • Finale Dominator: On finale/survival maps, Special Infected kills give a stack of Finale Dominator (+2 stacks on Uber Infected kills), max 15. Each stack gives +2% attack, +1% defense, +1% move speed, +0.5% fire rate, +1% reload speed, +2% ammo save chance and +1% deploy speed. You lose a stack in (25-stacks) seconds, if pinned, slapped or incapacitated. You lose all stacks on death.
    • |E| Cupid's Arrow: Shooting a Special Infected with the AWP / Scout snipers while holding the WALK key makes it fall in love with you. The special infected attacks other infected and protects you. - On special infected: lasts 90 seconds, only killable by you. - On tanks: lasts 7 seconds, anyone can damage it. <Cooldown: 3 minutes> <A single infected can only be affected by one arrow in its lifetime> <Maximum 2 non-Tank pets alive at once> <✖ VS>
    • |Q| Prowess: Allows you to level any class at class level 4 to class level 5. Gives +50% increased class experience from class actions. <Cannot be binded> <✖ VS>
    • |V| Assassin Drone: Summons an assassin drone that fires at SI and Tanks only, dealing 300 damage every 4 seconds. Each consecutive shot on the same target deals +300 additional damage (Max: 900 HP). Upon reaching max damage, damage resets to 300 HP. <Incompatible with other drones> <✖ VS>
    • |E| Charger Pet: Allows you to spawn a Charger Pet from the !buy menu that attacks and kills SI. It has 1,000HP, deals 250 HP claw damage with a chance to stun but only has 1 life. If not dead, it can be recalled and respawned at will. While recalled it heals 2 HP/s until it reaches 75% max HP. <If the pet is lost within 3 seconds, it can be respawned> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_pet)

    Tips for effectively using this buff set: <top>
    • If you want to rack up burst damage on the tanks, use weapons that deal a higher amount of base damage, such as any of the sniper rifles or the Magnum.
    • If you want to get a high amount of overall damage on 1 tank, plant your sticky bomb on it. Then activate the bird whistle buff while within range of it to deal a decent amount of true damage to the tank. Then you can activate your berserk buff to burst it down with high amounts of damage using your chosen weapon.
    • Be sure to save your buffs for situations where they're needed to save the survivors and/or if they're needed to help make the infected easier to deal with. It'll really help out your team.