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Offensive Buff Questions (BaBS)

Jan 13, 2020
Offensive Buff Questions (BaBS)
  • Offensive Buff Questions (BaBS V2.11.13)

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    If you have any questions related to the usage of Offensive Buffs or damage increases in general, it should be covered here.

    There are 10 questions related to this section.

    Question 1: What buffs can I use to increase my damage done to tanks? <top>
    There are a good number of buffs that you can use to increase your damage dealt to tanks. The buffs that give damage increases to the weapons or towards the infected are:
    1. Extra Powder
    2. |Q| Piercing Bullets
    3. Butcher
    4. Tank Slayer
    5. |E| Tank Party Crasher
    6. |E| Zapping Gun
    7. |V| Corrosive Vomit Jar
    8. |V| Gory Killer
    9. |V| Nihilism
    10. |E| Blunt Force Trauma
    11. |E| Smasher Pan
    12. Avenger
    13. Seeking Grenade
    14. |V| Double Barrel Shotgun
    15. |C| Rocket Launcher
    16. Heavy Gunner
    17. Finale Dominator

    NOTE: There are other buffs that do increase your damage dealt to the infected, but it is more in the way of ignoring infected defenses and immunities. They are:
    • |E| Weak Point Spotter
    • Ranged Expert
    • |E| Deep Cuts
    • |E| Shrapnel Shot
    • |E| Berserk
    • |E| Dying Berserk

    Question 2: How can I get the Piercing Bullets Quest Buff?
    In order to get the Piercing Bullets Quest Buff, you need to have completed all of Theodora's Quests in her quest line. Theodora's quest line requires that you first have completed all of Bryan's Quests in his quest line first. Theodora's quest line involves the following quests:
    • Inseparable I
    • Inseparable II
    • Inseparable III

    When the third one is completed, you will be awarded with the Piercing Bullets Quest Buff as one of the quest rewards.

    Question 3: How can I make using the Piercing Bullets Buff more effective?
    If you want to make using the Piercing Bullets Buff more effective, then equip the Dummy Rounds Buff. The Dummy Rounds Buff will give ranged weapons a 20% chance not to consume ammunition with only the Grenade Launcher not able to work with this buff. When saving ammo with your primary weapons, you will be able to get in more hits against your current infected target and will be able to increase your damage dealt against them even more.

    Question 4: Does the Butcher Buff affect prison cells spawned by the Imprisoner Tank?
    The short answer is no since prison cells have durability instead of health. In this case, they won't be able to take additional damage from melee weapons with this buff equipped.

    Question 5: Does Focused Buff kills count in stats? <top>
    According to Mute, yes they should.

    Question 6: How does the Tank Party Crasher Buff work?
    For every tank that is alive above 1 tank, you add on +20% additional damage. This is reflected in calculations as a buff %.
    • 2 tanks alive: +20% additional damage
    • 3 tanks alive: +40% additional damage
    • 4 tanks alive: +60% additional damage

    and so on.

    Question 7: What weapons are affected by the Ranged Expert Buff?
    The following weapons are affected by the Ranged Expert Buff:

    • M16
    • AK47
    • Desert Rifle
    • M60
    • SG552

    • SMG
    • MP5
    • Silenced SMG

    All the other weapons are not affected when using the Ranged Expert Buff in your buff sets.

    Question 8: What tanks are immune to being stunned? This is for any buffs/abilities that can inflict stuns.
    The following tanks are immune to being stunned:
    • Electric Tank
    • Juggernaut Tank
    • Thunder Tank
    • Manipulator Tank (Only when he is using the cloak global manipulation ability)

    Question 9: Does the Corrosive Vomit Jar Buff neutralize vulnerabilities on tanks?
    The Corrosive Vomit Jar Buff only neutralizes the defenses on tanks for 5 seconds. It won't affect their vulnerabilities.

    Question 10: What weapons can be used on tanks with the Deep Cuts Buff?
    The following melee weapons can be used on tanks with the Deep Cuts Buff equipped: <top>
    • Fireaxe
    • Katana
    • Machete
    • Knife

    All the other weapons will not work on tanks that are melee immune.