Offensive Buff Questions (BaBS)

Dec 9, 2018
Offensive Buff Questions (BaBS)
  • Offensive Buff Questions (BaBS V2.4.10)

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    If you have any questions related to the usage of Offensive Buffs or damage increases in general, it should be covered here.

    There are 6 questions related to this section.

    Question 1: What buffs can I use to increase my damage done to tanks?
    There are a good number of buffs that you can use to increase your damage dealt to tanks. The buffs that give any damage increases to the weapons or towards infected, they are: Extra Powder, |Q| Piercing Bullets, |E| Halloween Spirit, Butcher, Tank Slayer, |E| Tank Party Crasher, |E| Zapping Gun, |V| Corrosive Vomit Jar, |V| Gory Killer, |V| Nihilism, |E| Blunt Force Trauma, Avenger, Seeking Grenade, |V| Double Barrel Shotgun, |C| Rocket Launcher, Heavy Gunner and Finale Dominator.

    Other buffs such as |E| Weak Point Spotter, Ranged Expert, |E| Deep Cuts, |E| Shrapnel Shot, |E| Berserk and|E| Dying Berserk do increase your damage dealt to tanks, but necessarily in the way of ignoring defenses and immunities.

    Question 2: How can I get the |Q| Piercing Bullets Quest Buff?
    In order to get the Piercing Bullets Quest Buff, you need to have completed all of Theodora's Questline. Theodora's Questline involves Inseparable I, II and III Quests and completing the final one in the set will award you the Piercing Bullets Quest Buff as one of the quest rewards. In order to unlock Theodora's Questline though, you must have completed Bryan's Questline first.

    Question 3: How can I make using the |Q| Piercing Bullets Buff more effective in my currently equipped buff list?
    If you want to make using the Piercing Bullets Buff more effective in your currently equipped buff list, then equip the Dummy Rounds Buff. The Dummy Rounds Buff will give ranged weapons a 20% chance not to consume ammunition with only the Grenade Launcher not able to work with this buff. When saving ammo with your primary weapons, you will be able to get in more hits against your current infected target and will be able to increase your damage dealt against them even more.

    Question 4: How does the |E| Tank Party Crasher Buff work?
    The Tank Party Crasher Buff works like this: You currently have 1 tank alive and are fighting against it. Then another tank decides to spawn in, now you have 2 tanks alive. With 2 tanks alive, you will get +20% additional damage until one of those two tanks die. Once either 1 of the two tanks die, you will lose the additional damage bonus. Now if you have more than 2 tanks alive, then counting on from after the 1st tank onwards, add +20% additional damage for each additional tank alive.

    Question 5: What weapons are affected by the Ranged Expert Buff?
    The following weapons are affected by the Ranged Expert Buff: M16 Rifle, AK47 Rifle, Desert Rifle, M60 Rifle, SG552 Rifle, SMG, MP5 SMG and Silenced SMG. All the other weapons are not affected when using the Ranged Expert Buff in your buff lists.


    Question 6: What weapons can be used on tanks with the |E| Deep Cuts Buff?
    The following melee weapons can be used on the tank while you have the Deep Cuts Buff Equipped: Fireaxe, Katana, Machete and Knife. All the other melee weapons will not work on tanks that are melee immune.