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Ability Buff Questions (BaBS)

Jan 13, 2020
Ability Buff Questions (BaBS)
  • Ability Buff Questions (BaBS V2.11.13)

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    If you have any questions related to the usage of Ability Buffs or cooldowns in general, it should be covered here.

    There are 12 questions related to this section.

    Question 1: Can you use both the Hyperactive and Adrenaline Area Booster Buffs at the same time?
    Yes, it is possible to activate these buffs 1 right after another.

    Question 2: With the Avenger Buff, can true damage taken from the assassin still kill you?
    In some cases, yes.

    Question 3: With the Beyond the Grave Buff, would any tanks having true damage reduction reduce the overall damage dealt?
    The overall damage dealt to the infected would not change. However, on the tank it would be reduced as normal.

    Question 4: If you die, will the Bird Whistle Buff end its effect if it's still active?
    No. The |V| Bird Whistle Buff if it is still active will continue on as usual, affecting infected within range of your dead body.

    Question 5: Are there any other buffs other than the Courage Buff which reduces true damage?
    No. The |E| Courage Buff is the only buff at the moment that can reduce true damage taken. The |E| Hidden Strength Buff can also reduce true damage, but only if you have the buff enhancement for the buff activated.


    Question 6: During Scenario, should the final tank die while Dying Berserk is active, what happens after?
    If the final tank is to die while |E| Dying Berserk Buff is active, you will regain all of your health back but will be on last strike.

    Question 7: With the Hidden Strength Buff, is the reduced maximum HP effect multiplicative?
    Yes. The reduced maximum HP effect from the |E| Hidden Strength Buff is multiplicative. For example, say the Awakened Brutal Tank kills you, reducing your maximum HP by 30%, reviving yourself afterwards with the Buff would then reduce your maximum HP by a further 75% of the current value.

    Question 8: Are there any buffs which can temporarily stop you from being eaten?
    Yes, the following buffs can stop you from being eaten while the buff effects are active:
    1. |V| Protective Bag
    2. |E| Cupid's Arrow

    Question 9: What does it mean with the Battle Cry Buff when its cooldown is shared between all survivors?
    It means that for all survivors with the buff equipped, no matter which survivor uses it, the buff will go on cooldown for everyone for 3 minutes + 3 seconds for every survivor affected. However, should you not affect anyone within range when activating the Battle Cry buff, then it won't go on cooldown.

    Question 10: With the |E| Sacrifice Buff, can you resurrect any survivors inside/outside prison cells?
    Yes, if there are any survivors that are dead inside prison cells while you are outside and vice versa, they will be affected as normal with the |E| Sacrifice Buff.


    Question 11: With some buffs, does the cooldown start after the duration of the buff having passed by?
    Yes, the following buffs have this property:
    1. Hyperactive
    2. Immolation
    3. |E| Berserk
    4. Adrenaline Area Booster
    5. |C| Battle Cry
    6. |E| Cleansing Pills

    The rest of the buffs have their cooldowns start immediately upon using the buff.

    Question 12: With the |E| Displacement Buff, can you affect any tank with it?
    Yes, you can displace using any tank as long as the target is within 1250 units.