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Equipment Buff Questions (BaBS)

Jan 13, 2020
Equipment Buff Questions (BaBS)
  • Equipment Buff Questions (BaBS V2.11.13)

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    If you have any questions related to the usage of Equipment Buffs or anything to do with the usage of buff weapons, it should be covered here.

    There are 13 questions related to this section.

    Question 1: Will any throwable buffs with the Double Projectile Buff work as normal?
    Yes, any molotov, pipe bomb or vomit jar buffs used with the Double Projectile Buff will work as normal.

    Question 2: Why is the Heat Missile Buff not recommended for versus?
    Because the Special Infected in VS have the Ice Shield Clan Benefit, disabling the buff effect altogether. This does not apply for the Floral Grenade Launch Buff though.

    Question 3: With the Infirmary Buff, do you need to have the defib held as the main item with Healing Shocks Buff equipped?
    Yes, the Healing Shocks Buff will only work if the Defibrillator is your main item in your 4th slot.

    Question 4: Can you equip any buffs that give benefits to knifes?
    Yes, but only if you also have the Knife Buff equipped as well.

    Question 5: With the Flaming Sword Buff (With Buff Enhancement), would attacking a tank that is melee immune also require Deep Cuts Buff?
    Yes, you would also need the |E| Deep Cuts Buff on top of the |E| Flaming Sword Buff being equipped in order to bypass the fire and melee immunity on tanks.


    Question 6: Will Underbarrel Launcher Buff work with the Advanced Grenade Launcher Buff?
    No, the Underbarrel Launcher projectiles won't benefit from the buff effects of the Advanced Grenade Launcher Buff.

    Question 7: Will any stun source cause the |V| Electric Frag Grenade Buff to inflict electrocution on the infected affected?
    Yes, any stuns inflicted from buffs or class abilities can make any infected become electrocuted if the infected is still stunned at the time.

    Question 8: What does the Flamethrower Buff do?
    The |V| Flamethrower Buff will replace your M60 weapon with a powerful flamethrower that can affect fire-immune tanks. You hold the FIRE button to shoot your weapon, letting out a continuous flamethrower that can also ignite infected.

    Question 9: With the Flamethrower Buff equipped, can you still equip the M60 Dumbass Buff?
    Yes, the M60 Dumbass Buff will work as normal when equipped, letting you give the flamethrower ammo in return for any CI and SI kills you get with it.

    Question 10: What does the Double Barrel Shotgun Buff do?
    The |V| Double Barrel Shotgun Buff will convert your tier 1 shotguns into Double Barrel Shotguns. You only have 2 shells in your clip, but deal double damage, gain bonuses with the Piercing Bullets Buff equipped, ignore half of the target's defense, have instant fire rate and reloading fills both shells at once. They also have a single shell and double shell fire modes which can be alternated between by double tapping USE while looking up.


    Question 11: When the |E| Sticky Bomb Buff explodes, will it also deal 10,000 true damage to all infected that were affected as well as the target?
    No, all infected that were affected around the target when the |E| Sticky Bomb Buff goes off takes true damage depending on how close they were to the explosion within a short distance. This damage can be reduced as well.

    Question 12: Will the Auto Pistol Modulator Buff also work with the Magnum Pistol?
    Yes, the Magnum Pistol will work with the buff.

    Question 13: What does the Rocket Launcher do?
    The |C| Rocket Launcher Buff will transform your Grenade Launcher into a Rocket Launcher. The projectiles launched travel with no gravity, deal double damage, have better damage drop off from the center of the explosion and you have 30% slower reload speed with the weapon. You cannot use any other grenade launcher buffs while this buff is equipped.