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Economy and Exp Buff Questions (BaBS)

Sep 4, 2019
Economy and Exp Buff Questions (BaBS)
  • Economy and Exp Buff Questions (BaBS V2.7.27)

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    If you have any questions related to the usage of Economy and Exp Buffs or anything to do with exp/cash earning, it should be covered here.

    There are 3 questions related to this section.

    Question 1: What is the maximum amount of additional exp and cash that you can earn from the Moribund Farming Buff?
    With a maximum amount of 50% missing HP (or when HP is equal to 1), you can earn a maximum of +100% additional exp and cash without being incapacitated.

    Question 2: Should you equip the Big Check Buff before completing quests?
    Yes, completing the quests with the Big Check Buff equipped will give +20% more experience, cash and FR-Pills in quest rewards.

    Question 3: What is the actual current maximum bonus that you can earn from the Observer Buff?
    If you have a maximum level of 250, the current maximum bonus of the Observer Buff is +1250% for experienced earned from killed Common and Special Infected. This bonus applies to other aspects affected by the buff enhancement of the buff if it is activated.