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Defensive Buff Questions (BaBS)

Aug 7, 2018
Defensive Buff Questions (BaBS)
  • Defensive Buff Questions (BaBS V2.1.4)

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    If you have any questions related to the usage of Defensive Buffs or defense increases in general, it should be covered here.

    There are 10 questions related to this section.

    Question 1: With the Mutation and Poison Shield Buffs, what does it mean when they expire?
    The Mutation and Poison Shield Buffs are buffs that will expire after a limited amount of time of having used them from your inventory.

    Question 2: With the Guardian Moustachio Buff, what happens when the Executioner Tank bypasses it?
    When the Guardian Mostuachio Buff is bypassed by the Executioner Tank, it will protect you from 1 hit only (which happens as soon as he hits you) and then the tank will kill you on the next hit.

    Question 3: In terms of buff activations, what would activate when you take lethal damage to stop you from dying?
    In terms of buff activations, the following buffs that would activate should you take lethal damage to stop you from dying are: Guardian Moustachio > Guardian Dispenser > Dying Berserk > Avenger. These buffs are activated in that order should you have them equipped within your buff sets.

    Question 4: What is CC?
    CC means Crowd Control. Crowd Control is knock back received from anything that can inflict it, whether that be through infected buffs, skills or tank abilities. You can prevent knock back (or give others knock back prevention) when certain conditions are met through the following buffs: Against the Odds, Super Moustachio Bless, Ex-Infected Mourn, Unstoppable, Protective Bag, Dying Berserk, Hidden Strength, Protector and Duelist.

    Question 5: What buffs give defense against Common Infected?
    The following buffs give defense against Common Infected: Infected Swarm Protection and Love is in the air. The defense boosters that give defense as a % also work against Common Infected.


    Question 6: What does it mean when the max buff defense percent is 90%?
    It means that the survivors can equip defensive buffs that add defense as a % up to a maximum of 90% defense. This only applies against the Common and Special Infected since defense is capped at a lower % against Tanks.

    Question 7: What is increased aggro from tanks?
    Increased aggro from tanks means that when you normally deal damage to tanks and or are near them, there is a higher chance that they are far more likely to choose you as the current aggro target compared to other survivors. The buffs that increase tank aggro over to you are: Tenacity and Tank Duelist.

    Question 8: What is missing HP?
    Missing HP is when your survivor has missing HP out of the total maximum HP that he/she has. For example, if the survivor currently has 900 HP, but his/her maximum HP value is 1000, then they have 100 missing HP.

    Question 9: If you use the Protective Bag Buff while the Enraging Waves Buff is active, would it have any effect on tank aggro?
    Through testing, if you were to activate the Protective Bag Buff while the Enraging Waves Buff is active then no it would not have any effect on tank aggro.

    Question 10: Under what circumstances does the Bodyguard Buff not work?
    There are a few circumstances where the Bodyguard Buff won't work. These cases are when the Tank permanently kills your chosen survivor through a few bad status effects and tank abilities.