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List of Passive Abilities - ST (TI)

Oct 4, 2021
List of Passive Abilities - ST (TI)
  • List of Passive Abilities - Special Tier Tanks (TI V2.13)

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    Currently, there are 128 Passive Abilities for Special Tier Tanks.

    List of Passive Abilities - Special Tier Tanks: 128
    1. (Passive) Ability overload: After the tank's health is reduced to 300,000 HP, it won't be able to use the snap ability anymore due to limitations on its body. | Ultimate Summer Tank
    2. (Passive) Accelerated decomposition: The body of survivors that die inside cages will deal up to 25 HP true damage each half second to other survivors around. If a body is defibbed, the effect expires but the person who used the defibrillator will receive 300 HP + 3 HP times their level as damage. | Imprisoner Tank
    3. (Passive) Acid Spill: Every 3% health lost causes the tank to drop acid. | Ironclad Tank
    4. (Passive) Affection: The tank's punch are its way to say I love you. Survivors in love with the tank will receive x5 damage. | Cupid Tank
    5. (Passive) Aquatic Frenzy: If underwater or in a pool of water, the tank increases its move speed and greatly reduces its ability cooldowns. | Shark Tank
    6. (Passive) Berserk: After 10 minutes or if the tank enters desperation mode, it will gain major attack and movement speed. The tank also doubles death sentence mark gains. In this state however, the tank loses it's base defense. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    7. (Passive) Blind Fury: The tank has a chance to blind on each punch. The chance is higher the higher the tank's fury. | Shadow Tank
    8. (Passive) Bludgeon: The tank's rock deals severe damage, explodes and throws the victim away. | Hybrid Tank
    9. (Passive) Boiling Blood: The tank causes the blood of nearby victims to quickly increase its temperature, dealing 3% of the victim's maximum health. | Dormant Boiling Tank
    10. (Passive) Boiling Fury: The tank deals 0.2% of a target's max health as bonus damage per fury per stack and gains 1% damage reduction multiplied by the amount of fury stacks. | Heartbroken Tank
    11. (Passive) Bottled Anger: The tank gains more move speed the longer it hasn't performed an Earthquake. It's move speed resets once it does. | Craggy Tank
    12. (Passive) Brutal Death: When the tank kills a survivor, it will brutally damage the survivor's corpse lowering their maximum health by 30% for the round. Should the survivor be hosting a parasite, all nearby survivors will also be feared. | Awakened Brutal Tank
    13. (Passive) Burial: Survivors who die to the tank will be buried after 1 second. Bodies that are buried cannot be moved or revived by any means until the rock burying them is destroyed. The rock can be destroyed by being shot or hit with melee weapons. | Craggy Tank
    14. (Passive) Cage Match: If a prison is active, only those inside the prison can damage the tank. Tank punches to those inside will not stun them. | Imprisoner Tank
    15. (Passive) Camouflage: While a sandstorm is active, the tank is harder to see, gains a 33% chance to ignore damage, and moves 20% faster. | Craggy Tank
    16. (Passive) Claustrophobic: The tank gains bonus move speed, attack speed and earthquake strength the longer it is indoors. This effect is disabled while Sandstorm is active and resets when outdoors or after a teleport. | Craggy Tank
    17. (Passive) Cleave: Tank punches deal damage in an area around. | Cherry Tank
    18. (Passive) Close range: When a survivor is too close, the tank uses its claws covered in poisoned knives to attack dealing damage equal to x1.5 of the target level. Survivors hit are also poisoned for 10 seconds, and suffer a random bleed effect for 20 seconds. | Soldier Tank
    19. (Passive) Collateral Execution: When a survivor is executed, nearby survivors gain a death sentence mark and will be feared for 5 seconds. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    20. (Passive) Confusion: The tank's punch will leave survivors confused and unable to see their teammates for 10 seconds. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    21. (Passive) Contamination: All survivors take 2 HP damage every half second regardless of location for every minute that passes. | Sickening Tank
    22. (Passive) Contraption: The tank periodically drops a fake item. If picked up, the item blows up and leaves behind fire. | Ironclad Tank
    23. (Passive) Combustion: The tank's blood is highly flammable and will generate fire each time the tank loses 2% of its health. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    24. (Passive) Corrosive Gases: Any damage inflicted from the tank will reduce the victim's maximum HP by 1. Max HP reduction is split between normal and incap HP without Tenacity. | Sickening Tank
    25. (Passive) Cost of Love: If a survivor is in love, they will not be able to earn any bounty, and items from the bounty menu will cost double. | Cupid Tank
    26. (Passive) Crippling Fear: If the tank punches a feared target, they will not be knocked away. | Awakened Brutal Tank
    1. (Passive) Crippling Pain: All tank damage cripples, severely slowing for a short period of time. | Ironclad Tank
    2. (Passive) Dampen: Tank damage on a target lowers base damage to the tank by 1, including true damage. Resets on death. While alive, effects that block slows, staggers, punches or flings fail, slow duration doubled. | Ironclad Tank
    3. (Passive) Death Sentence: Each claw hit to a survivor adds a 'Death Sentence' mark. The most recent mark takes 45 seconds to decay, with ones after decaying in 15 seconds. Each mark reduces defense by 5%, increases claw damage by 100 and gives the tank 2 flat defense. Incapacitated survivors acquire 3 marks per hit. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    4. (Passive) Decay: The tank has an immense amount of health, but most of it will decay overtime. While decaying, the tank deals major damage in an area around it, but this damage is split between each survivor in range. | Decaying Tank
    5. (Passive) Defense Corrosion: Each tank hit reduces the defenses of the survivors by 5%. | Heartbroken Tank
    6. (Passive) Desperation: When the tank receives lethal damage it will become desperated and gain additional movement speed and insane damage. It will also generate fury twice as fast and only make damage lethal abilities. | Heartbroken Tank
    7. (Passive) Desperation: If the tank is about to take lethal damage, it will enter a desperation state, moving and attacking twice as fast, as well as dealing triple damage while being damage immune. The tank will die some time after, but only if all active Flesh Prisons have been destroyed. | Imprisoner Tank
    8. (Passive) Desperation: When the tank reaches 5,000 HP, it will become immune to damage and will activate the Berserk passive. The tank will then die after some time. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    9. (Passive) Detoxicated: When the tank's health falls to 5% it's decay ends, gaining move speed and lowering its hit interval to 3s. | Decaying Tank
    10. (Passive) Dripping: The tank generates pools of water that give it bonuses. The pools contain mutated material that slows and damage survivors by 30 HP/s. These pools do not provide survivor effects that trigger in water. | Shark Tank
    11. (Passive) Earthquake: The tank's punch on incapacitated survivors will generate earthquakes that will launch the survivors far away. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    12. (Passive) Execution: Survivors alone or that have 15 death sentence marks are instantly killed on the tank's next punch, destroying their body. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    13. (Passive) Execution Mine: The tank periodically leaves explosive mines on the floor that detonate when survivors step on them. Mines deal 400 HP damage and stun for 3 seconds. If the survivor has less than 10% of their maximum health (20% if incapacitated), the mine will detonate way more violently and will make the body of the victim explode. | Soldier Tank
    14. (Passive) Fear Death: Every Tank punch has a chance to inflict fear. The chance is the number of death sentence marks times 2 with the duration equal to the number of death sentence marks. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    15. (Passive) Fear of death: The tank punches cause fear status for 10 seconds. | Dormant Brutal Tank
    16. (Passive) Fear of death: The tank punches cause fear status for 3 seconds. | Awakened Brutal Tank
    17. (Passive) Festival Vibe: Survivors receive passive damage when they are not moving or moving too slow. The longer this happens, the more damage they get. | Festival Tank
    18. (Passive) Fireworks: The tank plants fireworks on survivors, special infected and tanks that detonate when they die, dealing 10% current health to nearby survivors, and slowing them by 20%. The radius of the damage depends on the target's health. | Festival Tank
    19. (Passive) Fire Trails: The tank leaves slightly weaker fire behind when moving. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    20. (Passive) Firm Ground: The tank is completely immune to stagger effects. | Shadow Tank
    21. (Passive) Fragmentation: Tank rocks thrown on contact will split up into several smaller rocks. Each rock flies off in a different direction. | Craggy Tank
    22. (Passive) Friendly Fire: The tank's toxicity is so high, it deals 300 HP damage per second to nearby SI and CI. | Decaying Tank
    23. (Passive) Frontal Wall: The tank only receives damage from the back. The fortified skin can still be peeled off with melee weapons. | Dormant Solidified Tank
    24. (Passive) Fury: The tank gains 4 stacks of fury each 2 seconds and each time it hits a survivor. It gains more fury the more survivors are near. At 100 stacks the tank makes a lethal ability. | Heartbroken Tank
    25. (Passive) Fury: When the tank does not hit anyone with it's weapons it will gain fury. Guns have a probability equal to fury to do critical damage, that will double the original damage. The tank loses fury when its bullets deal damage to survivors. | Soldier Tank
    1. (Passive) Fury: The tank accumulates 1 stack of fury each 2 seconds. At 100 stacks the tank does the only lethal ability it knows yet. | Dormant Anguished Tank
    2. (Passive) Fury Guard: The tank gains % damage resist equal to its fury level. While performing a Lethal Ability, the tank gains 99% damage resist. | Shadow Tank
    3. (Passive) Gel spillage: Every 10% of health the Tank has lost will generate a gel puddle. | Jelly Tank
    4. (Passive) Gel transfer: The tank punches are too slimmy to deal significant damage but will cover survivors in gel. The gel will deal 0.5% of the survivor's maximum health per second, per stack. Gel stacks can be lost by moving around to get rid of the deadly gel. | Jelly Tank
    5. (Passive) Gifts: The tank places gifts on the floor that it can pick up again after some time. The gifts may contain random assets that will allow the Tank to do an ability, depending on what it picks up. The tank can only pick up a gift that matches its current psychological state (AFFECTION or REVENGE). | Santa Tank
    6. (Passive) Haemorrhage: A hemorrhaged survivor can't regen, loses major health if they move and has all incapacitation health/defense upgrades, skills and buffs disabled. They also cannot resist staggers from Shark Bite. | Shark Tank
    7. (Passive) Happy World: While in combat, the tank will cause survivors to be very euphoric and happy, making them unable to detect their own or their ally's health. Survivors will also experience hallucinations and damage to the tank has a chance to be ignored. | Cherry Tank
    8. (Passive) Hard bass: The tank periodically sends waves into the ground that causes corpses to randomly move interrupting any defibrillator actions and dealing 350 HP damage to incapacitated survivors. | Festival Tank
    9. (Passive) Hard concussion: Cars thrown by the tank will instantly kill survivors. | Heartbroken Tank
    10. (Passive) Hard skin: Bullets that reach the tank will be reflected to random directions after damaging it. Bullets that reach survivors will do 1% (Min: 5 HP) max health as damage. | Heartbroken Tank
    11. (Passive) Hardened Steel: All damage dealt to the tank, including true damage is reduced by 25%. | Ironclad Tank
    12. (Passive) Harsh Conditions: Status effects applied by the tank cannot be blocked, shortened, or removed before expiring. | Manipulator Tank
    13. (Passive) Honored Combat: Both the tank and the survivors have all attack or defense modifiers nullified. | Supreme Duelist Tank
    14. (Passive) Humid: The tank has specialized cells that extract water from the air forming a dense layer around it, reducing incoming damage by 10%, including True damage. Each survivor nearby gives an additional 5% resistance. | Shark Tank
    15. (Passive) Hydrophobic: The tank moves faster when in water. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    16. (Passive) In the shadows: The tank becomes invisible and takes no damage. Additionally, the tank does not collide with survivors and makes no noise. | Shadow Tank
    17. (Passive) Incremental Power: The tank gains 200 claw damage every 60 seconds that passes. | Awakened Brutal Tank
    18. (Passive) Intense Heat: With the Fire Shield active, the tank deals heavy damage to survivors nearby. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    19. (Passive) Intimidate: Every punch has a low chance of inflicting Fear which increases as the tank's health lowers. If the tank punches a feared survivor they will enter the panicked state. | Manipulator Tank
    20. (Passive) Immense Power Punch: When receiving a punch, the survivor is briefly stunned, feared, crippled and heavily slowed. All survivors in front also receive 25% damage and are pushed away. | Decaying Tank
    21. (Passive) Isolate: Tank punches have a chance to inflict confuse and daze. | Cherry Tank
    22. (Passive) Lethal disease: If a survivor is affected by a toxic cloud longer than 8 seconds they will be affected by a lethal disease. These survivors will lose 5% of their missing health and prevent health regen. The disease lasts until the tank or the survivor dies. | Sickening Tank, Dormant Repugnant Tank
    23. (Passive) Lockdown: Dead bodies inside a prison cannot be resurrected until the prison they are in is destroyed. Those alive inside a prison cannot use defibs and cannot be revived by anyone outside a prison. | Imprisoner Tank
    24. (Passive) Long range: When survivors are too far, the tank switches to an AWP sniper. The tank then deals 12.5% of the survivor's maximum health each 4 seconds. The tank will also randomly hit targets in the feet paralyzing them or in the head dealing 30% of the survivor's current health as bonus damage, as well as confusing and dazing them. | Soldier Tank
    25. (Passive) Medium range: The tank uses an M60 to attack dealing 10 HP + 1 for each 5% of the tank's missing health each 0.1 seconds to whoever the bullets impact. | Soldier Tank
    26. (Passive) Moustachio Bypass: If the tank or the victim is inside a prison the tank will ignore Moustachio Bless effects. | Imprisoner Tank
    1. (Passive) Natural Guard: The tank lacks defense, but instead gains 50% damage resistance. | Craggy Tank
    2. (Passive) Neurotoxin Emission: The tank lets out a vicious neurotoxin, hurting nearby survivors for 2% of their max health and has a low chance to inflict a random status effect. | Hybrid Tank
    3. (Passive) No escape: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't damaged the survivor. It's move speed resets once it does. | Dormant Solidified Tank, Dormant Brutal Tank, Dormant Pulverizer Tank, Dormant Boiling Tank, Dormant Anguished Tank, Dormant Repugnant Tank, Decaying Tank
    4. (Passive) No Guard: Damage from the tank cannot be blocked by any means. | Supreme Duelist Tank
    5. (Passive) No survival: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't killed a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does. | Hybrid Tank, Awakened Brutal Tank
    6. (Passive) Overexertion: Each Super Hug performed lowers the amount the Tank passively heals by 50, down to 50% minimum. | Cupid Tank
    7. (Passive) Overwhelming Pain: If damage from the tank would incapacitate, the overflow damage will be taken away from the survivor's incap health. | Heartbroken Tank
    8. (Passive) Paranoia: The tank is able to pass a strong disease that causes severe paranoia on survivors. The disease takes days to show up and is really easy to cure, but other survivors may not have noticed and will come to attack the group. | Sickening Tank
    9. (Passive) Paranoid Prowess: Each hostile survivor gives the tank 50% damage resistance, 10% cooldown reduction and 10% true damage reduction. | Sickening Tank
    10. (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense. | Dormant Solidified Tank, Dormant Brutal Tank, Dormant Pulverizer Tank, Dormant Boiling Tank, Hybrid Tank, Awakened Brutal Tank, Dormant Anguished Tank, Dormant Repugnant Tank
    11. (Passive) Prison Lust: If the tank cannot raise a flesh prison it gains 100 claw damage, 10% damage resistance per half second and ignores defense until it can. | Imprisoner Tank
    12. (Passive) Puddle absortion: After destroying a puddle, it will remain in place for 5 seconds. If the tank passes through the puddle, it will regain 5% of its missing health by absorbing the puddle. | Jelly Tank
    13. (Passive) Pulverize: Every 5th punch on a target deals double damage, stuns and dazes them. | Hybrid Tank
    14. (Passive) Pulverized: Each 10th hit deals additional damage equal to 10 times the level of the victim. | Dormant Pulverizer Tank
    15. (Passive) Pursuit: The tank deals 200 bonus claw damage to the survivor with the highest health and gains 20% speed if they are aggroed. | Imprisoner Tank
    16. (Passive) Quake Fists: Tank punches will cause an earthquake throwing away nearby survivors. | Craggy Tank
    17. (Passive) Quick Dash: The tank will randomly drop machetes to the floor. If a survivor steps near one, it will explode, dealing 300 HP damage and flinging nearby survivors away. The tank then leaves a decoy made of pure skin and teleports to the survivor, focusing them for 6 seconds. The machetes can be shot to be destroyed. | Supreme Duelist Tank
    18. (Passive) Reinforced skin: The tank reduces incoming damage by 30% and by 3 times the number of alive survivors, down to 5 damage minimum. This damage reduction cannot be bypassed. | Supreme Executioner Tank
    19. (Passive) Regeneration: The tank heals for 1% of its total health every 4 seconds. | Cupid Tank
    20. (Passive) Revenge and affection: The tank is in a constant state of confusion and will swap between the REVENGE and AFFECTION modes. | Santa Tank
    21. (Passive) Riot Shields: Shooting the tank's arms does no damage. | Imprisoner Tank
    22. (Passive) Sadist: Upon killing a survivor, the tank gains 60% damage resistance and 30% True damage reduction which decays over 10 seconds. | Awakened Brutal Tank
    23. (Passive) Scorched: The tank deals 50 HP extra damage to survivors affected by fire in the past 10 seconds. Claw hit on scorched survivors creates more fire. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    24. (Passive) Seeking Rock: Tank rocks will seek towards the nearest survivor. | Craggy Tank
    25. (Passive) Shadow Corrupt: While in the shadows, all survivors above 5% HP take damage each second equal to the tank's missing health percent. | Shadow Tank
    26. (Passive) Shadow Frustration: Each second the Tank hasn't punched a Shadow Marked survivor, it gains 1% bonus attack damage until it does. | Shadow Tank
    1. (Passive) Shadow Murder: If a Shadow Marked survivor is killed by any means, the tank will return to the shadows. | Shadow Tank
    2. (Passive) Shadow Recuperate: When the tank enters the shadows, it heals for a portion of its Max Health. | Shadow Tank
    3. (Passive) Shadow Resilience: Status effects on the tank only last half as long. | Shadow Tank
    4. (Passive) Shadow Taunt: If a Shadow Marked survivor hasn't damaged the Tank in 3 seconds, they will begin taking damage until they do. | Shadow Tank
    5. (Passive) Shadow Timeout: If the tank is hidden for 2 minutes it will forcibly reveal itself blinding every survivor for 10 seconds and dealing 25% current HP damage. | Shadow Tank
    6. (Passive) Shy: The tank will never attack or show itself if survivors are too close to each other. Survivors must be in groups of maximum 3 to allow the tank to appear. | Shadow Tank
    7. (Passive) Sidekick Guard: If the tank is about to take lethal damage with at least 1 sidekick alive, the tank becomes damage immune, moving and attacking 50% faster, as well as dealing double damage. During this state, the tank cannot summon any more sidekicks. Once the sidekicks are defeated, the tank loses all benefits from this state. | Imprisoner Tank
    8. (Passive) Slayer: The tank uses melee weapons to attack dealing 10% of the survivor's current health as additional damage. | Supreme Duelist Tank
    9. (Passive) Soldier backgrounds: The tank still remembers how to use guns and will use them to attack the survivors. It will change weapons depending on the situation. | Soldier Tank
    10. (Passive) Stationary Acceleration: If still, the tank's ability cooldown timers are twice as fast. Doesn't apply if stunned, frozen, etc. | Decaying Tank
    11. (Passive) Stay with me: The tank's punches will slow down and not knock the victim away causing them to suffer further exposure to the toxins. | Hybrid Tank
    12. (Passive) Sticky Hold: Tank punches won't knock the victim away. | Sickening Tank
    13. (Passive) Sturdy: The tank gains 50% damage reduction if stationary. This cannot be mitigated. | Hybrid Tank
    14. (Passive) Supreme Demons: If common infected are hit by the tank's fire, they will mutate into demons. Demons are immune to damage for 3 seconds after conversion, have 2500 HP and deal 50% bonus damage, with a 10% chance to inflict burning on hit. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    15. (Passive) Supreme Fire: Fire deals 2% of the targets current health per tick. Additionally, the fire will quickly deteriorate the legs of the survivors slowing them by 1% per tick. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    16. (Passive) Supreme Fire Shield: With the Fire Shield active, the tank gains 99% damage reduction. The shield disappears if the tank submerges in water, but returns after 40 seconds. | Supreme Infernal Tank
    17. (Passive) Taunt Resist: The tank ignores any aggro overriding effects. | Awakened Brutal Tank, Shark Tank, Santa Tank
    18. (Passive) Toughened Skin: The tank has 30% damage reduction including True Damage. | Manipulator Tank
    19. (Passive) Toxic desperation: When the tank is about to die, it gets desperate. The tank does not take damage while desperate and its abilities deal triple damage. The tank itself attacks and moves at double speed. After 45 seconds, the tank will explode by the instability of its inner gases. | Sickening Tank
    20. (Passive) Toxic Material: The tank periodically drops toxic material that deals 1% current health as damage per second. This material also nullifies upgrades, skills and buffs of survivors near. | Decaying Tank
    21. (Passive) Toxicity: Adds one stack of Toxicity on each punch. The first stack causes the survivor to receive 1 HP every half second. Each new stack doubles damage dealt (Max DPS: 128). Survivors lose a stack every 10 seconds. Each stack lowers damage dealt to Tank by 10%, up to 50%. | Sickening Tank
    22. (Passive) Toxicity: Adds once stack of Toxicity on each punch. The first stack causes the survivor to receive 1% HP damage per second. Each new stack multiplies the damage by 2 (1% -> 2% -> 4% -> 8% -> ...). Survivors lose 1 stack every 8 seconds. (Max DPS: 128%). | Dormant Repugnant Tank
    23. (Passive) True Guard: True Damage dealt to the tank is halved. | Supreme Duelist Tank
    24. (Passive) War Veteran: Will has a history dealing with stress in the trenches. The tank gains massive health regen and increased grenade throwing rate in closed areas. | Soldier Tank
    25. (Passive) Volatile Prison: If a prison despawns or is replaced, all survivors take damage equal to 10 times the prison health. | Imprisoner Tank