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List of Offensive Buffs (BaBS)

Oct 3, 2018
List of Offensive Buffs (BaBS)
  • List of Offensive Buffs (BaBS V2.2.3)

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    Currently, there are 22 Offensive Buffs.


    1. On Fire
    • 1% chance of setting any infected on fire on each gun shot.
    • Level Requirement: 29

    2. Extra Powder
    • +1000% increased pipe bomb damage done (Affects Traps).
      <Doesn't affect Seeking Grenade damage>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    3. Ninja
    • On special infected kill, -50% reduced current melee fatigue. On being released from special infected, instantly resets melee fatigue and prevents gaining more for 3 seconds.
    • Level Requirement: 75

    4. |Q| Piercing Bullets
    • Upon shooting the same infected, +1% increased damage per bullet (+2% with Hunting Rifle/Single Pistol and +3% with Magnum pistol, AWP or Scout sniper rifles). Effect resets when changing target, changing weapon, or reloading. With shotguns, chance to gain 1% per pellet, chance = 75% - (weapon tier * pellet count).
      <Max bonus: +150%>

    5. |E| Halloween Spirit*
    • +20% Increased damage dealt and -20% reduced damage taken against tanks.
      <✖ VS>
      <Works until November 24th>

    6. Excitement
    • On killing common infected, +1THP. On killing special infected, +10THP (Uber Infected give +20THP).
      <Buff doesn't work if your poisoned>
      <Temporary health can't exceed maximum health or 200THP total>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    7. Butcher
    • On melee hit, deal +1% of target's current HP as bonus damage.
      <Only works with targets that take melee damage>
      <Max bonus: +500 damage>
    • Level Requirement: 180

    8. Tank Slayer <top>
    • You deal +300HP bonus damage to tanks every 4 seconds with ranged guns.
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 60

    9. Intense Fire
    • Infected ignited by you take +1% of current HP as bonus damage per fire tick.
      <No effect on tanks>
    • Level Requirement: 180

    10. |E| Focused
    • On Special Infected Headshot kill, +25% bonus headshot damage for the current round. Uber Infected take half bonus damage. Assault Rifles and SMGs take 2 bullets to headshot kill SI.
      <Max bonus damage: 400%>
      <No bonus damage to Tanks>
      <✖ VS>

    11. |E| Tank Party Crasher
    • +20% additional damage for each additional tank after the 1st tank.
      <✖ VS>

    12. |E| Weak Point Spotter
    • Allows you to randomly ignore defenses and immunities on infected.
      <Chance: 3%>
      <Piercing immunities sets all attack bonuses for that shot to zero>
      <✖ VS>

    13. Ranged Expert
    • Assault Rifles and SMGs ignore the defenses of target, they're not affected by attack bonuses from buffs, shoot -25% slower and reload -10% slower.
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 115

    14. |E| Zapping Gun
    • Moving around charges the pistol. For each 1% charge, +10 bonus damage dealt. When fully charged, +2 second stun on target affected. Each shot resets charge to 0.
      <Charged shot activates on special infected and tanks only>
      <Tanks can't be stunned in 15 seconds of another stun>
      <Gun recharge rate: 3% per second running, 1% crouching/walking>
      <✖ VS>

    15. Deadeye <top>
    • On killing special infected from =/+75% health or with a headshot using AWP / Scout sniper rifles, +1 bullet into current magazine from your reserves.
      <✖ VS>
      <Incompatible with Dummy Rounds>
    • Level Requirement: 201

    16. |V| Corrosive Vomit Jar
    • Throwing a vomit jar on infected will disable defenses for the duration of the vomit. Lasts 5 seconds on tanks. +50% increased Acid Jar skill damage.
      <✖ VS>

    17. |V| Over Excitement
    • On killing common infected, 1HP regenerated. On killing special infected, 10HP regenerated (20 HP against Uber Infected).
      <Buff doesn't work if you are poisoned>
      <Health can't exceed maximum health>
      <Incompatible with Excitement>
      <✖ VS>

    18. |V| Gory Killer
    • Chainsaws deal +10% (Max: 500HP on tanks) of the target's maximum HP as additional damage.
      <✖ VS>

    19. |V| Nihilism
    • +1HP extra damage for each 5% of missing HP. having less than 10% health doubles bonus damage.
      <Shotguns gain 1/4 benefit per pellet>
      <No effect whilst incapacitated>
      <✖ VS>

    20. |E| Deep Cuts
    • Allows sharp melee weapons to ignore tank melee resistance and never break.
      <✖ VS>

    21. |E| Blunt Force Trauma
    • After 3 melee strikes on the same Special Infected with Bats or the Golf Club, x2 damage dealt and 1 second stun.
      <Target can't be stunned if it has been stunned less than 15 seconds ago>
      <✖ VS>

    22. Deflection Suit <top>
    • Reflect 50% of melee damage taken against infected. Against tanks and witches, reflect 25% of melee damage taken.
      <Damage returned won't generate Tank aggro>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 130

    * Indicates that the buff is temporary and isn't permanent.