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List of Utility Buffs (BaBS)

May 17, 2018
List of Utility Buffs (BaBS)
  • List of Utility Buffs (BaBS V2.0.3)

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    Currently, there are 26 Utility Buffs.


    1. Adrenaline Run
    • While at least 1 tank is alive, infinite adrenaline effect.
      <Buff has no effect in Survival gamemode>

    2. Death Bait
    • On death, force all nearby common infected to stay eating your body.
      <Body is not consumed>

    3. Speedy Water
    • Increased speed while in water instead of reduced.

    4. Witch Peacemaker
    • You will not startle witches unless you shoot at them. The witch can still hunt you down.

    5. Special First Aid
    • On first aid kit use, cure all bad status effects off you and any nearby survivors. You also become immune to the next inflicted bad status effect.

    6. High Reputation
    • +/-30% increased/reduced reputation gain/loss rate. First major rep gain/loss per round is doubled/nullified respectively.
      <Major reputation gain/loss being larger than +/- 3>
      <Does NOT nullify actions that directly kill a teammate>

    7. Witch Hunter
    • +20% more damage dealt and -25% less damage taken against witches.

    8. Heavy Gunner <top>
    • Miniguns/mounted machine guns in use by you never overheat, deal x2 damage, give -15% less damage taken.

    9. |E| General Shield (Expires)*
    • Complete protection from all bad status effects.

    10. |Q| Artisan
    • Your amount of pills successfully crafted is multiplied by 3.

    11. |E| Knife Recycle
    • You can keep knifes used against smokers.
      <Works only once in versus>

    12. |E| Bullet Scavenger
    • +1% missing ammo given to primary weapon per second while running.
      <Does not work if incapacitated>

    13. Healing Shocks
    • With a defib equipped (doesn't have to be held), regen HP every second equal to number of other survivors within 400 units, up to +10HP. Other survivors heal for 33% of your regeneration.
      <Can't heal while poisoned or incapacitated>
      <Incapacitated survivors don't count>
      <First equipping or taking 15+ damage from a single hit delays healing by 3 secs>
      <Heals up to 90% Max HP>

    14. Prescription Medication
    • Can buy pills/adrenaline shot for free once per round in the !buy menu.

    15. |V| Self preservation <top>
    • If incapacitated and or hanging from a ledge for 20 (40 if hanging from a ledge) seconds. You will automatically get up. Taking damage resets the countdown.
      <Coop Only>

    16. Protector
    • Players with 50 or more levels lower than you, +2% increased defense (except falls) for each % of missing HP (Max: 30%). On reviving incapacitated player 50 or more levels lower than you, +90% increased defense and CC immunity for 10 seconds.
      <Coop Only>
      <Radius: 500>

    17. Boxing Bag
    • If any nearby survivors are 50 or more levels lower than you, special infected (including those pinning victims) will prefer to attack you within 400 units.
      <Coop Only>
      <Doesn't override minigun aggro>

    18. Field Medic
    • Each 50 seconds, randomly generate 1 adrenaline shot / pain pills. Can only be passed to other survivors. Cannot be consumed. Picking up adrenaline / pain pills will not drop generated item and will delete it instead. You cannot manually drop adrenaline or pain pills.
      <Coop Only>

    19. |V| War wounds
    • After reviving or being revived from incapacitation only caused by infected, +7 per level above 201 additional maximum HP for the rest of the round.
      <Hanging revives don't count>
      <Coop Only>
      <Max gain per revive: 300 HP, Overall: 2,500HP>

    20. |E| Cleansing Pills
    • Consuming Pain Pills removes most bad status effects and gives status effect immunity for 15 seconds.
      <45 second cooldown for immunity>
      <Press RELOAD with pills in hand to get cooldown time>
      <Coop Only>

    21. |E| Dopamine-Infused Meds
    • If below 50% of max HP, when using pain pills/adrenaline shot, heal for +10% additional missing HP as HP.
      <60 second cooldown>
      <Press RELOAD with meds in hand to get cooldown time>
      <Coop Only>

    22. |E| Duelist <top>
    • While facing special infected with melee weapon in hand, they cannot trap you.
      <Must be in 750 range against smokers>
      <Coop Only>

    23. Sideloader
    • On kill with secondary weapon, passive load one bullet/shell into primary weapon based on chance.
      - CI: 20%
      - SI: 100%
      - Uber SI or Witch: 250%
      <Doesn't apply for Grenade Launcher>
      <Killing blow must be damage directly from the weapon>

    24. Steadfast Aim
    • Common Infected no longer jostle your aim when attacking you but you take 15% extra damage from them if not incapacitated.
      <Coop Only>

    25. Pain Stimulant
    • Upon using Pain Pills, Adrenaline, or being revived, temporary HP no longer decays for 60 seconds.

    26. Trailing Haste
    • If behind average survivor map progression, and no other visible survivors within 500 units, +20% movement speed gained.
      <Coop Only>
      <No effect if only survivor alive>
      <No effect in survival gamemode>

    * Indicates that the buff is temporary and isn't permanent.