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List of Miscellaneous Buffs (BaBS)

May 17, 2018
List of Miscellaneous Buffs (BaBS)
  • List of Miscellaneous Buffs (BaBS V2.0.3)

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    Currently, there are 5 Miscellaneous Buffs.


    1. Finale Dominator
    • On finale/survival maps, On each special infected kill, +1 stack of finale dominator (+2 stacks on each uber special infected kill), up to 15. +2% increased damage, +1% increased defense, +1% increased movement speed, +0.5% increased fire rate, +2% increased reload speed and +2% chance to save ammo. You lose a stack in (25-stacks) seconds or if pinned by special infected or if incapacitated. You lose all stacks on death.

    2. |E| Pet
    • Allows you to spawn a charger pet. Charger pet deals 250HP damage to infected. Can only be spawned once per round.
      <Spawnable in the !buy menu>
      <If the pet is lost within 3 seconds, it can be respawned>
      <Coop Only>

    3. |E| Cupid's Arrow
    • Dealing damage with AWP / Scout to any special infected makes it fall in love with you. The special infected attacks other infected and protects you. On special infected: lasts 2 minutes, only killable by you. On tanks: lasts 10 seconds, anyone can damage it.
      <Cooldown: 2 minutes>
      <A single infected can only be affected by one arrow in its lifetime>
      <Coop Only>

    4. |E| Helping drone
    • Allows you to summon a helping drone that shoots at nearby infected, deals 80 damage every 0.8 seconds. The drone shoots both common and special infected. It prioritizes special infected that are not pinning you down.
      <Coop Only>
      <Incompatible with other drones>
    5. |V| Assassin Drone
    • Allows you to summon a assassin drone that shoots at special infected and tanks only, dealing 300 damage every 4 seconds on each shot. Each consecutive shot on the same target deals +300 additional damage (Max: 900HP)
      <Coop Only>
      <Incompatible with other drones>