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List of Equipment Buffs (BaBS)

Sep 22, 2018
List of Equipment Buffs (BaBS)
  • List of Equipment Buffs (BaBS V2.2)

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    Currently, there are 36 Equipment Buffs.


    1. Double Projectile
    • Allows you to throw 2 pipe bomb and vomit jar projectiles.
    • Level Requirement: 5

    2. Knife
    • Gives you 1 knife that can be used to release yourself from an SI attack once. Your knife can be used after 1 second of being pinned, by pressing ZOOM button.
    • Level Requirement: None

    3. Hidden Magnum
    • On incapacitation, gives you magnum instead of a pistol.
    • Level Requirement: 30

    4. Grenade Trap
    • Allows you to setup throwable traps on the floor. Aim the floor while crouching and shove (right-click) to setup trap. Up to 3 traps can be out at the same time with a max of 3 of each type per round.
    • Level Requirement: 25

    5. Cheap Goggles
    • Eye protection from mud and blood. Bile still blinds you.
    • Level Requirement: None

    6. Heat Missile
    • -20% reduced base movement speed. Grenade Launcher projectile seeks out for 1000 units range at the time of firing. <Not recommended for versus>
    • Level Requirement: None

    7. Floral Grenade Launch
    • On first grenade launcher shot, fire +10 additional projectiles. They override the Ice Shield clan buff and deal -33% less damage. In COOP: Grenade Launcher becomes unusable for 10 seconds afterwards.
    • Level Requirement: 211

    8. Goggles <top>
    • Obtain goggles that protect you from bile. Buff includes "Cheap Goggles" buff effect.
    • Level Requirement: None

    9. Seeking Grenade
    • Allows pipe bomb to seek for special infected. Takes 10 more seconds to detonate, but deals 300 flat damage (upgrades/skills/buffs don't affect it) +50HP x common infected killed between the time it is thrown to the time it detonates.
      <Incompatible with Frag Grenade buff>
      <Not affected by Extra Powder buff>
    • Level Requirement: 180

    10. Infirmary
    • In place for throwables, able to equip 2 health items (First Aid/Defib) at once.
      <Can't pickup second health item with throwable in hand, swap to other weapon first>
      <Press the ZOOM key with your health item held to swap between the two>
      <You will drop your secondary item on death or when the round concludes>
    • Level Requirement: 135

    11. Chainsaw Dumbass
    • On common infected kill, +5% chainsaw fuel refill. On special infected kill, +20% chainsaw fuel refill.
    • Level Requirement: 60

    12. Health Dispenser
    • Allows you to place a special device on the floor using medikit. Nearby survivors receive +15 + 0.5% Max HP per second, cured of all bad status effects and given moustachio bless for 5 seconds.
      <Hold medikit and shove floor while crouching to activate>
      <Duration: 14 seconds>
      <Versus: 8HP per second, 1 second of moustachio bless, does not clear bad statuses>
      <Once per round>
    • Level Requirement: 180

    13. Knife Bag
    • You can carry an additional knife.
      <Requires Knife Buff>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 50

    14. Frag Grenade
    • Your pipe bomb will instantly detonate on collision.
      <Incompatible with Sticky Grenade buff>
    • Level Requirement: 65

    15. Advanced Grenade Launcher <top>
    • Allow you to shoot 5 grenade launcher projectiles, -125% decreased reload speed (before modifiers). -20% reduced damage dealt.
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    16. M60 Dumbass
    • On common infected kill, restores 2 bullets to the M60. On special infected kill, restores 8 bullets to the M60.
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    17. Compressed Shell
    • Can fully reload shotguns with just 1 shell. Doubles reload time.
    • Level Requirement: 120

    18. Dense Vomit Cloud
    • After throwing vomit jars, infected continue to be biled while passing through it.
      <Versus: it can only affect 3 special infected>
    • Level Requirement: 110

    19. Enhanced Pills
    • 40% of THP restored by taking pills becomes HP.
    • Level Requirement: 85

    20. Freezing Grenade
    • Exchanges pipe bombs for freezing bombs. Infected caught in the explosion suffer movement speed loss or become frozen depending on distance.
      <Freeze duration: 10 seconds (3 for tanks)>
      <You can't freeze ice tanks>
      <Incompatible with other buffs that change grenade contents>
      <Same target can't be frozen for 15 seconds>
    • Level Requirement: 125

    21. |E| Flaming Sword
    • Sets your sword on fire. Melee hits ignite and deal mixture of fire and melee damage to infected hit.
      <Works only with the Katana, Machete, Golf Club and Combat Knife>

    22. Dummy Rounds <top>
    • Gives ranged weapons 20% chance not to consume ammunition. Doesn't work with Grenade Launchers.
    • Level Requirement: 125

    23. Underbarrel Launcher
    • SMGs, Assault Rifles and Shotguns gain an underbarrel launcher that launches explosive grenades. The projectile can be fired with the ZOOM key up to 3 times per map. You can refill it at ammo piles every 2 minutes.
      <Buffs that affect/use the Grenade Launcher don't affect the Underbarrel Launcher>
      <Can only fire once every 3 seconds>
      <With SG552 Rifle, hold WALK as well as ZOOM to activate>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 140

    24. |E| Healing pipe bombs
    • Your pipe bombs heal nearby survivors for 15% of max HP upon detonation.
      <Incompatible with other buffs that change grenade contents>
      <✖ VS>

    25. |E| Ammo Dispenser
    • You can buy an ammo pile to place on the floor through the !buy menu in miscellaneous section.
      <Dispenser cost: 20 bounty>
      <✖ VS>

    26. |V| Electric Frag Grenade

    • Exchanges your pipe bombs for electric frag bombs. Infected caught in the explosion are stunned for 4 seconds (1 second on tanks) and become ignited. If infected was in water, electrocute him for 30 seconds.
      <Incompatible with other buffs that change grenade contents>
      <Same target can't be electrocuted again for 30 seconds>
      <✖ VS>

    27. |V| Flamethrower

    • Replaces your M60 weapon with a powerful flamethrower that can affect fire-immune tanks.
      While firing, -20% reduced movement speed. It deals 75 true damage every 0.1 seconds.
      <Flamethrower cannot benefit from damage, fire rate or ammo save modifiers>
      <Cannot buy or use special ammo (can still buy ammo packs)>
      <✖ VS>

    28. |V| Double Barrel Shotgun
    • Converts tier 1 shotguns into Double Barrel Shotguns. They have: 2 shells in mag, x2 damage per shot, instant fire rate, reloading fills both shells at once.
      <✖ VS>

    29. |C| One Man Armory <top>
    • Allows you to carry both pistols and a melee weapon. Press the ZOOM key with your secondary held to swap between the two.
      <You will drop your secondary item on death or when the round concludes>
      <Incompatible with Hidden magnum>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 225

    30. |E| Slaying Automata
    • Allows you to deploy a turret that shoots at infected every second within 600 units, 180* arc, dealing 150 damage.
      <Turret can only be spawned once, but can be rotated by pressing USE>
      <Turret shuts down if idle for 20 seconds, anyone can press USE to wake it>
      <Max 3 active turrets at once, idle turrets will be removed in place of new ones>
      <✖ VS>

    31. |E| Sticky Bomb
    • Holding USE and shoving a tank will deploy a bomb for 30 seconds. When it blows, all infected in 350 units take 15,000 true damage. Survivors nearby take 15% max HP damage and be stunned for 5 seconds. Bomb fails if tank dies. Only 1 bomb attachable at a time.
      <Target must have 100k HP or more>
      <Uses on the same target halves damage up to 2 times>
      <Once per round>
      <✖ VS>

    32. Auto Pistol Modulator
    • Allows you to go full auto with pistols. +5% increased fire rate and reload speed.
      <Pistols cannot exceed 8 shots a second maximum>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 235

    33. Freezing Grenade Launcher
    • Grenade Launcher Projectiles will freeze infected for 4 seconds (2 for tanks) on hit.
      <Hold USE before explosion to activate>
      <Cooldown: 60 seconds>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 180

    34. |C| Discharger
    • Allows you to deploy a device in the ground using your defibrillator. It damages, ignites and stuns infected around. On the last tick, it defibrillates back all nearby survivors and deals more damage.
      <Hold defib to shove the floor while crouching to activate>
      <Duration: 8 seconds>
      <Damage: 400 every 0.5 seconds (3000 on the last tick)>
      <Once per round>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 220

    35. |C| Spin-up M60 <top>
    • Your M60 rifles start with -20% fire rate. +2% fire rate on each shot, max: +30% additional. Fire rate bonus reduces over time not shooting. Your M60 rifle has a 10% chance not to consume ammo.
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 237

    36. |C| Rocket Launcher
    • Transforms the Grenade Launcher into a Rocket Launcher. Projectiles launched have no gravity, x2 base damage dealt and better damage dropoff from the center of the explosion. -30% reduced travel and reload speed.
      <Rocket must travel for 0.3 seconds to gain full damage>
      <Incompatible with any other Grenade Launcher buffs>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 248