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List of Defensive Buffs (BaBS)

Oct 3, 2018
List of Defensive Buffs (BaBS)
  • List of Defensive Buffs (BaBS V2.2.3)

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    Currently, there are 35 Defensive Buffs.


    1. Anger Ignition
    • On Infected hitting you, 1% chance to ignite everything around you.
      <Your teammates receive 1HP fire damage from this>
      <Incompatible with Enhanced Anger Ignition>
    • Level Requirement: 5

    2. |P| Mutation Shield (Expires)*
    • Protection against Mutation Bad Status Effect.

    3. Car Explosion Resistance
    • Immune to damage from car explosions, unless you provoke them.
    • Level Requirement: 201

    4. |Q| Poison Shield (Expires)*
    • Protection against Poison Bad Status Effect.

    5. Guardian Moustachio
    • Gives 5 seconds of moustachio bless if lethal damage is taken.
      <Works only once per round>
    • Level Requirement: 105

    6. Morphine Injector
    • Heals 3 HP every 5 seconds while not incapacitated or hanging from a ledge. Cannot heal if poisoned.
      <Incompatible with Advanced Morphine Injector Buff>
    • Level Requirement: 30

    7. Bomb Tank Protection
    • Protection from instant death from bomb tank explosion, stunned for 13 seconds instead.
    • Level Requirement: 50

    8. Counter Slap <top>
    • -2% decrease in bitch-slap power x amount of boomers killed during the round.
      <Max: 40%>
    • Level Requirement: 98

    9. Against the Odds
    • If you are the last survivor alive in finale/survival maps, you become immune to all slows, stuns, staggers, flinging or Special Infected pins and have maximum defense. Cannot be interrupted while performing any use action. Common Infected nearby will be instantly killed.
      <Requires at least 4 human players on the server to be active>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 180

    10. |E| Slow Resistance
    • -25% reduced maximum slow from Spitters, -33% decreased time before slows decay, -50% faster slow decay time.

    11. Hope on Sight
    • While incapacitated, if there is a nearby visible standing survivor, -50% decreased bleed out rate and +5% defense, +2% defense for each additional visible standing survivor.
      <Buff only active while incapacitated>
    • Level Requirement: 50

    12. Group morale
    • -1% reduced damage taken for every other survivor alive.
    • Level Requirement: 90

    13. Infected Swarm Protection
    • -3% reduced damage taken from common infected x amount of common infected within range.
      <Radius: 135 units>
    • Level Requirement: 50

    14. |E| Fentanyl Injector
    • Heals 3HP/s after receiving damage from tanks until you reach full health. Cannot be healed if poisoned or incapacitated.

    15. General Tank Handler <top>
    • -0.12% reduced damage taken from tanks x current level.
      <Max buff defense percent: 90%>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    16. |E| Love is in the air
    • Allows you to select a teammate as a favourite in !buy menu. Chosen teammate receives -25% less damage taken and you take up to 10% base damage they take depending on how close you are to them within 500 units. Within 250 units, when favourite gains HP, you heal 25% of their heal.
      <Favourite cannot be changed once set and lasts the whole round>
      <✖ VS>

    17. |E| It wasn't that high
    • -10% decreased fall damage caused by infected. +300HP increased needed damage to become ragdoll'd. Prevents ragdoll death once per round if killed by fall damage within 600 units of another visible survivor.
      <✖ VS>

    18. |E| Enhanced Anger Ignition
    • On hit from any infected, 1% chance to ignite everything around you. Continuously ignites for 5 seconds dealing 100HP/s to nearby infected.
      <Your teammates receive 1HP fire damage upon first activation>
      <Incompatible with Anger Ignition>
      <✖ VS>

    19. Mindset Change
    • Allows you to be incapacitated an unlimited number of times. On each incap, max incap HP = 90% of previous value. Using a first aid kit restores it to full.
      <Incap max health won't go lower than 300>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 150

    20. Tenacity
    • +200 additional maximum HP per level above 200. You instantly die if HP reaches 0.
      <Health from medkits is reduced for each medkit used (100% -> 66% -> 33%)>
      <increases aggro from Tanks by 50%>
      <Max defense while equipped: 50%>
      <Max gain from this buff: 7,500HP>
      <Increases damage taken from all hits by 3>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 201

    21. |E| Super Moustachio Bless
    • On triggering moustachio bless, become immune to crowd control for the effect duration.
      <Blocks: Pounce, Ride, Charge, Pummel, Tongue, Tank Punch, Ability CC>
      <✖ VS>

    22. |E| Advanced Morphine Injector <top>
    • Heals 1% missing HP every 5 seconds while not incapacitated or hanging from a ledge. Cannot be healed if poisoned.
      <Incompatible with Morphine Injector Buff>
      <✖ VS>

    23. |E| Tank Duelist
    • -20% less damage taken from tanks. +200% increased tank aggro to you.
      <✖ VS>

    24. |E| Fatal Guard
    • Prevents instant death while frozen. -50% less damage taken from Assassin class tanks + won't ignore incapacitation.
      <Does not prevent shattering on frozen death>
      <✖ VS>

    25. |E| Ex-Infected Mourn
    • On being released from special infected, become unable to be trapped by same class of special infected. Effect lasts until different class of special infected traps you.
      <✖ VS>

    26. Unstoppable
    • Gives you the ability to block Special Infected Pins. Chance = current HP % + 3%. -15% chance for each SI nearby above 3. -20% chance for each Uber SI nearby.
      <Does not work if incapacitated, rushing or while Immolation is active>
      <Doesn't block status effects, tank punches or boomer slaps>
      <✖ VS>
    • Level Requirement: 150

    27. Vital Spirit
    • On being revived, 20% of total HP received becomes bonus permanent HP.
    • Level Requirement: 90

    28. |V| Guardian Dispenser
    • Before taking lethal damage, a health device triggers on you. Heals nearby survivors for +5HP + 0.3% Max HP per second, cures all bad status effects and gives moustachio bless for 2 seconds.
      <Duration: 14 seconds>
      <Works only once per round>
      <First aid kit NOT required>
      <✖ VS>

    29. |V| Crush resistance <top>
    • -1 to 50% less damage taken from tanks while incapacitated depending on current HP. Higher current incap HP = more damage reduction.

    30. |V| Acid neutralizer

    • After not taking acid damage for 8 (6 in VS) seconds. recover 50% (15% in VS) acid damage taken as HP back at a rate of 15% remaining recover HP every 0.5 seconds. Taking acid damage delays the healing.
      <Cannot regain health while incapacitated>

    31. |V| Persistence
    • -50% less damage taken from all sources, x2 damage taken while incapacitated.
      <Reduces your maximum defense by 10%>
      <Does not affect fall damage>
      <Incompatible with Tenacity buff>
      <✖ VS>

    32. |V| Protective Bag
    • Allows you to activate a special device for 8 (2 on VS) seconds. +immune to all sources of damage, but cannot attack or move. All infected will lose interest in you and ignore you.
      <Cooldown: 5 minutes>
      <Must be on the ground to activate>

    33. |E| Promise
    • +1000 increased max HP. On other survivor death to infected, -400 damage (- their level). Damage is scaled based on current HP and ignored below 10% HP.
      <You don't take damage if incapacitated>
      <✖ VS>

    34. |E| Free Spirit
    • After being trapped by special infected for 10 seconds, attempt to break free every 3 seconds with 45% chance, decays by 15% every failed attempt. The chance resets when you're freed.
      <✖ VS>

    35. |E| Bodyguard
    • You can choose a survivor to protect. If they die within 700 units, you die instead. Chosen survivor gains full heal, loses tank aggro and is cured of all bad statuses. While dead, +1 bounty gained every time they earn bounty. A survivor can only have 1 bodyguard, bodyguards can't have one.
      <Target can't be changed until they are not valid>
      <✖ VS>

    * Indicates that the buff is temporary and isn't permanent.