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Calculations of All Survivor Buffs (BaBS)

Jun 13, 2020
Calculations of All Survivor Buffs (BaBS)
  • Calculations of All Survivor Buffs (BaBS V1.9)

    EDIT: This section has long been outdated. Will probably update this page sometime in the near future.

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    This is for all the possible calculations of every single buff possible. For anyone that is interested in knowing how the buffs work mathematically, this is the place to see it all.

    • For all calculations that give the answer in decimals, the answer is rounded down to the nearest whole number. In the case of the answer being less than 1, the number still remains 1.
    • You have to put the brackets around the numbers and the + symbol before you do the calculations for calculations that have a x symbol immediately after the + symbol. This is because otherwise you will get a different answer depending on your type of calculator.
    • Unless stated, the primary weapon used is Military Sniper Rifle which has a base damage of 105 at all ranges, no damage fall off.
    • Unless stated, you will have 100 HP when doing any healing calculations. This is to make the healing calculations much more simpler.
    • Unless stated, you will be taking damage and calculating the reduced damage with your defenses when against a Thief Tank for the infected.
    • Unless stated, you will be slowed down by the Ice Tank at a rate of -5% every 0.5 seconds when dealing with reduced movement speed calculations for buffs that have slow resistance.
    • Unless stated, your movement speed when dealing with buffs that increase/decrease your movement speed will be 220 hammer units.
    • Unless stated, your experience and cash rate calculations will be from a base of 90 exp and 4 cash for a witch killed on the easy difficulty.
    • Unless stated, your bounty will always be set at 0 whenever your doing any bounty calculations.

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