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Recommended Support Buff Set 1 (UQC) (BaBS)

Apr 27, 2020
Recommended Support Buff Set 1 (UQC) (BaBS)
  • Recommended Support Buff Set 1 (Unique/Quest/Craftable) (BaBS V2.12.28)

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    The support buff sets are generally situated towards supporting you and the survivors against the infected in more than 1 way.

    * Indicates that the Buff is a secondary option to the primary buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set. For some buffs, they will need to be equipped if certain buffs get used in place of others, which will be marked in blue.
    ** Indicates that the buff is a third option to the first buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set.
    + Indicates that the Buff has a Buff Enhancement that can be applied to it.
    - Indicates that the Buff is required in order to level up any class from class level 4 to class level 5.

    Engineer COOP (UQC) <top>

    1. (SURV) Knife+
    2. (SURV) Goggles+ / Finale Dominator+*
    3. (SURV) Tenacity+
    4. (SURV) Tactical Reload+
    5. (SURV) Mobility Master+
    6. (SURV) |C| Battle Cry
    7. (SURV) Chainsaw Dumbass+ / Auto Pistol Modulator*
    8. (SURV) M60 Dumbass / Deadeye+*
    9. (SURV) Dummy Rounds+
    10. (SURV) Underbarrel Launcher+ / |C| One Man Armory*
    11. (SURV) |C| Spin-up M60+ / Sideloader+*
    12. (SURV) Adrenaline Run+
    13. (SURV) Heavy Gunner / |Q| Prowess-*
    14. (SURV) Survival Payment+
    15. (SURV) Peanut Blessing
    16. (SURV) Hunting Reward+

    Goggles Buff Binded Codes:
    1. 1st: 73o-gtjjbl-l8n195-i40mt6-l5onis-jrimlx-nj80 (Primary) (Rifle Engineer) (Second Choice: 13.)
    2. |Q| Prowess: 73k-gtjjbl-l8n195-i40mt6-l5onis-lmslyt-nj80 (Primary) (Rifle Engineer)
    3. 2nd: 72x-gtjjbl-l8n195-m00l2y-ma5vec-idi7sl-nj80 (Sniper Engineer) (Second Choices: 7., 8., 10. and 11.)
    4. |Q| Prowess: 735-gtjjbl-l8n195-m00l2y-ma5vec-lmslyt-nj80 (Sniper Engineer) (Second Choices: 7., 8., 10. and 11.)

    Goggles Buff not Binded Codes:

    1. 1st: 73l-gtiw69-l8n195-i40mt6-l5onis-jrimlx-nj80 (Primary) (Rifle Engineer) (Second Choice: 13.)
    2. |Q| Prowess: 73h-gtiw69-l8n195-i40mt6-l5onis-lmslyt-nj80 (Primary) (Rifle Engineer)
    3. 2nd: 72u-gtiw69-l8n195-m00l2y-ma5vec-idi7sl-nj80 (Sniper Engineer) (Second Choices: 7., 8., 10. and 11.)
    4. |Q| Prowess: 732-gtiw69-l8n195-m00l2y-ma5vec-lmslyt-nj80 (Sniper Engineer) (Second Choices: 7., 8., 10. and 11.)

    Buff Enhancements Used:
    1. Throwing Knives: Hold USE and shove to throw a knife, dealing 750 damage/stagger to SI or 500 damage/5s bleed (100 dmg/s) to Tanks. Won't use normal knives. Max count equals Knife count + 1. <✖ VS, Knives reclaimable on miss/from target's dead body or return after 20s> (Knife)
    2. Gas Mask: Take only 1 gas based damage while the Gas Mask absorbs the rest. The mask absorbs 1000 damage (500 in VS) before breaking. Recharges in 3 minutes after breaking. Smoker smoke won't shroud vision while the gas mask is active. (Goggles)
    3. General Dominator: Removes map limits. On non-finale/survival maps, max stacks reduced to 10 and -5 seconds faster stack decay. (Finale Dominator)
    4. |E| Vigor: Increases heal effects from buffs/regen boosters by 3HP. (Tenacity)
    5. Lightning Hands: Once every 30 seconds, gain double bonus reload speed. (Tactical Reload)
    6. Momentum Blast: Gives dash 2 charges and enables ground slamming by pressing crouch after double jumping. Upon dashing or landing after a ground slam, infected in 200 units take 150 blast damage. <15 second cooldown for ground slam blast, fall damage below 250 ignored on ground slam> (Mobility Master)
    7. |E| Chainsaw Maniac: While using your chainsaw, gain +10% move speed and cannot be slowed by common infected hitting you. (Chainsaw Dumbass)
    8. |E| Deadshot: After 5 Deadeye shots, you can fire a Deadshot (hold USE and fire) at a Special/Tank, killing the SI or ignoring tank defenses and staggering it. It also blasts inside 300 units for the same damage, igniting them. Infected hit/killed don't trigger Deadeye. (Deadeye)
    9. Phantom Rounds: When any ammo save chance activates, you have a second chance to gain another bullet. The second chance is equal to half of your total ammo save chance. (Dummy Rounds)
    10. Underbarrel Autoloader: Ammo piles no longer give charges but instead recharge once every 40 seconds. (Underbarrel Launcher)
    11. |E| Steam Burst: Shots fired at max rate generate +0.5% steam. Double tap WALK with at least 10% to release all steam. Deals 5 x steam % damage to infected in 300 units and ignites them at 100% steam. Afterwards, cannot generate steam for 5 seconds. (|C| Spin-up M60)
    12. Frontloader: Kills with your primary weapon now have a chance to load your secondary. <Chance to activate is half of Sideloader base chances> (Sideloader)
    13. Stress Induced Adrenaline: In survival, tank spawns give 20 seconds of Adrenaline. While Adrenaline is active, +10% reload and deploy speed. (Adrenaline Run)
    14. Accelerated Payment: Survival Payment is now given every 90 seconds. (Survival Payment)
    15. |E| Trusted Consumer: When at maximum chance, you can buy any item if you have at least 50% of the required bounty cost, putting you into negative bounty. <Cannot be used on items in the Miscellaneous category> (Hunting Reward)

    Notes: <top>
    • If you have binded the Goggles Buff with the Binder item, you can swap it out for the Finale Dominator Buff.
    • If you prefer to be able to use pistols instead of chainsaws against the infected, you can swap out the Chainsaw Dumbass Buff for the Auto Pistol Modulator Buff.
    • If you prefer to have AWP/Scout sniper rifles giving you ammo on kill rather than through saving it with the M60 Rifle, you can swap out the M60 Dumbass Buff for the Deadeye Buff.
    • If you prefer to be able to use both the pistols and any melee weapon and/or are using AWP/Scout sniper rifles, you can swap out the Underbarrel Launcher Buff for the |C| One Man Armory Buff.
    • If you prefer to use other weapons to give your secondary weapons ammo other than the m60 rifle, you can swap out the M60 Dumbass Buff for the Sideloader Buff.
    • If you're levelling up any class from class level 4 to class level 5, the Heavy Gunner Buff would be the best to replace since removing it from your buff set gives the least amount of impact on your support, you can swap it out for the |Q| Prowess Buff.

    Weapons/Configs used in this buff set:
    • M60 Rifle or AWP/Scout Sniper Rifles
      Recommended Weapon Config: (M60): -25%/+25% || -25%/+25% (With Spray n' Pray enabled)
      Recommended Weapon Config (AWP): +0%/-0% || -20%/+20%
      Recommended Weapon Config (Scout): +25%/-25% || -20%/+20%
    • Pistols or the Chainsaw melee weapon
      Recommended Weapon Config (All Pistols): +25%/-25% || -20%/+20%
    Benefits of this buff set:
    • Knife: Gives you a knife that you can use to release yourself from SI. This can be done after 1 second of being trapped using the ZOOM button.
    • Goggles: Obtain goggles that protect you from bile. Buff includes "Cheap Goggles" buff effect.
    • Finale Dominator: On finale/survival maps, Special Infected kills give 1 stack of Finale Dominator (2 stacks on Uber Infected kills), max 15. +2% attack, +1% defense, +1% move speed, +0.5% fire rate, +1% reload speed, +2% ammo save chance and +1% deploy speed. You lose a stack in (25-stacks) seconds or if pinned by Special Infected or if incapacitated. You lose all stacks on death.
    • Tenacity: Grants +150 max HP per level above 200, max 5,000, but you die when HP reaches 0. Medkits heal 33% max HP, but can heal for 66% and 100% max HP once each per round if missing HP % is greater than the heal. <Increases aggro from Tanks by 50%> <Reduces your maximum defense by 20%> <✖ VS>
    • Tactical Reload: If manually reloading with 1 or more bullets left, +10% increased reload speed. For AWP and Scout snipers, bonus is +15%. <Doesn't affect Shotguns or the Grenade Launcher>
    • Mobility Master: Enables you to double jump by pressing jump again in midair or double tap a direction to quickly dash in that direction. <15 second cooldown for dashing, cannot jump for 0.5 seconds on dash start> <Cannot dash/jump while crouching, walking, incapacitated, incapable of moving or scoped> <Triple tapping WALK key can toggle Dash functionality> <✖ VS>
    • |C| Battle Cry: After shouting an intense battle cry, you and other nearby teammates gain increased fire rate and swing speed equal to the number of nearby teammates for 20 seconds. The cooldown is shared between all survivors. <Cooldown: 3 minutes + 3 seconds for each teammate nearby> <Radius: 275 units> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_battlecry)
    • Chainsaw Dumbass: On common infected kill, +4% chainsaw fuel refill. On special infected kill, +10% chainsaw fuel refill.


    • Auto Pistol Modulator: Allows you to go full auto with pistols. <✖ VS>
    • M60 Dumbass: With the M60 Rifle, killing a Common Infected returns 2 bullets. Killing a Special Infected returns 5 bullets instead. <✖ VS>
    • Deadeye: On killing special infected from at least 50% health or with a headshot using AWP / Scout sniper rifles, gain +1 bullet into current magazine from your reserves. <Ammo save chance with AWP/Scout is halved while equipped> <✖ VS>
    • Dummy Rounds: Gives ranged weapons 20% chance not to consume ammunition. Doesn't work with Grenade Launchers.
    • Underbarrel Launcher: SMGs, Assault Rifles and Shotguns gain an underbarrel launcher that launches explosive grenades. The projectile can be fired with the ZOOM key up to 3 times per map. You can refill it at ammo piles every 2 minutes. <Incompatible with Heat Missile/Floral Grenade Launch> <Can only fire once every 3 seconds> <With SG552 Rifle, hold WALK as well as ZOOM to activate> <✖ VS>
    • |C| One Man Armory: Allows you to carry both pistols and a melee weapon. Press the ZOOM key with your secondary held to swap between the two. <You will drop your secondary item on death> <Incompatible with Hidden Magnum> <✖ VS>
    • |C| Spin-up M60: Your M60 rifles start with -20% fire rate. +2% fire rate increase on each shot, max: +30% additional. Fire rate bonus reduces over time not shooting. Your M60 rifle has a 10% chance not to consume ammo. <✖ VS>
    • Sideloader: On kill with secondary weapon, gain a chance to load 8% of primary weapon's magazine from your reserve ammo: - CI: 20% - SI: 100% - Uber SI or Witch: 200% <Doesn't apply for Grenade Launcher> <Killing blow must be damage directly from the weapon>

    • Adrenaline Run: While at least 1 tank is alive/you are in water, gain infinite Adrenaline effect. <Tank aspect disabled in Survival gamemode>
    • Heavy Gunner: Miniguns/mounted machine guns in use by you never overheat, deal x2 damage and give +15% defense.
    • |Q| Prowess: Allows you to level any class at class level 4 to class level 5. Gives +50% increased class experience from class actions. <Cannot be binded> <✖ VS>
    • Survival Payment: After the round begins, +1 bounty earned every 2 minutes. <Bounty not awarded if inside saferoom>
    • Peanut Blessing: While under Moustachio Bless, +1 stack of Peanut Blessing gained for each bounty earning action. Additional bounty gained is equal to the number of stacks, up to a max of 3 stacks, which resets after reaching it.
    • Hunting Reward: On each special infected kill, +2% chance to get +1 additional bounty on bounty earning action. <Max: 30%>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set: <top>
    • If you need ammo on both your M60 and chainsaw, but don't want to refill them both at an ammo pile? You can kill infected using your chainsaw, to benefit from both the Chainsaw Dumbass and the Sideloader Buffs so you can regenerate ammo for both weapons.