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Recommended Level Buff Set 1 (BaBS)

Jan 12, 2020
Recommended Level Buff Set 1 (BaBS)
  • Recommended Level Buff Set 1 (BaBS V2.11.12)

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    This Buff Set is situated towards Buffs that can be unlocked up to level 100.

    * Indicates that the Buff is a second option to the first buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set.
    ** Indicates that the buff is a third option to the first buff being recommended here and is also indicated within the Notes section of the Buff Set.
    + Indicates that the Buff has a Buff Enhancement that can be applied to it.

    Low Level Survivor COOP <top>

    1. (SURV) Knife
    2. (SURV) Goggles / Cheap Goggles*
    3. (SURV) |Q| Piercing Bullets+ / Tank Slayer* / |E| Weak Point Spotter**
    4. (SURV) Anger Ignition+ / Deadly Shove* / |V| Guardian Dispenser**
    5. (SURV) Morphine Injector / Excitement* / |E| Fentanyl Injector**
    6. (SURV) General Tank Handler / Group Morale* / |E| Super Moustachio Bless+**
    7. (SURV) Adrenaline Run
    8. (SURV) Prescription Medication
    9. (SURV) Hunting Reward+ / Survival Payment*
    10. (SURV) |E| Charger Pet / |E| Helping Drone+*

    Buff Enhancements Used:
    1. |E| Armor Piercing Bullets: Shots may reduce more Tank armor/Flesh armor/Barrier health with bonus reduction equal to weapon's bonus damage per shot. 100% chance VS Flesh armor or with AWP/Scout, otherwise 33% chance. (|Q| Piercing Bullets)
    2. Furious Ignition: Increases chance to activate to 3%. <Also works on Enhanced Anger Ignition> (Anger Ignition)
    3. Moustachio Grace: Using Pain Pills/Adrenaline grants 3 seconds of Moustachio Bless. Using a Defibrillator grants 6 seconds of Moustachio Bless. (|E| Super Moustachio Bless)
    4. |E| Pain Analeptic: While having temporary health, gain 10% defense from any infected damage. Bonus is doubled if you have below 25% permanent health. (Pain Stimulant)
    5. |E| Trusted Consumer: When at maximum chance, you can buy any item if you have at least 50% of the required bounty cost, putting you into negative bounty. <Cannot be used on items in the Miscellaneous category> (Hunting Reward)
    6. Medic Drone: Drone shot has 3% chance to heal for 80HP. (|E| Helping Drone)

    • If you don't own the Goggles Buff, you can swap it out for the Cheap Goggles Buff.
    • If you prefer to have a buff giving you additional bonus damage on tanks every few seconds rather than one increasing your damage on every shot against the same target, you can swap out the |Q| Piercing Bullets Buff for the Tank Slayer Buff. You can also swap it out for the |E| Weak Point Spotter Buff should you prefer to ignore defenses/immunities on the infected.
    • If you want to be able to shove infected out of the way without penalties instead of having a chance to ignite infected around you, you can swap out the Anger Ignition Buff for the Shoving Expert Buff. You can also swap it out for the |V| Guardian Dispenser Buff should you prefer to have a way to save yourself from death as well as giving out benefits to give you a chance to survive.
    • If you prefer to have direct healing rather than passive health regeneration, you can swap out the Morphine Injector Buff for the Excitement Buff. You can also swap it out for the |E| Fentanyl Injector Buff should you want fast health regeneration after taking damage from tanks.
    • If you prefer to have defense against most infected sources over defense against tank damage, you can swap out the General Tank Handler Buff for the Group Morale Buff.
    • If you prefer to passive gain bounty over time rather than having a chance to earn an additional amount from doing bounty actions, you can swap out the Hunting Reward Buff for the Survival Payment Buff.
    • If you want to use a drone to take care of the infected over a pet, you can swap out the |E| Charger Pet Buff for the |E| Helping Drone Buff.

    Weapons used in this buff set: <top>
    • Any Primary Weapon
    • Any Secondary Weapon

    Benefits of this buff set:
    • Knife: Gives you a knife that you can use to release yourself from SI. This can be done after 1 second of being trapped using the ZOOM button.
    • Goggles: Obtain goggles that protect you from bile. Buff includes "Cheap Goggles" buff effect.
    • Cheap Goggles: Eye protection from mud and blood. It also blocks Boomer Bile blind once every 2 minutes. <Boomer Bile blind block persists for 15 seconds>
    • |Q| Piercing Bullets: Shooting the same Special Infected/Tank increases damage dealt by +1%/bullet, +2% with Single Pistol/Hunting Rifle or +3% with Magnum Pistol/AWP and Scout sniper rifles. With shotguns, chance to increase by 1%/pellet equal to 75% - (weapon tier * pellet count). Bonus resets upon changing target, weapon, or reloading. <Max bonus: Weapon clip size * per-bullet increment * pellet count>
    • Tank Slayer: You deal +300HP bonus damage to tanks every 4 seconds with ranged weapons. <✖ VS>
    • |E| Weak Point Spotter: Allows you to randomly ignore defenses and immunities on infected. <Chance: 3%> <Immunity pierce negates attack bonuses> <✖ VS>
    • Anger Ignition: On Common Infected hitting you, gain 1% chance to ignite everything around you. Also gain 1% chance to ignite Specials/Tanks on hit. <Incompatible with Enhanced Anger Ignition> <No effect on Tier 2 or higher Tanks>
    • Deadly Shove: Each round, Shoves instantly kill the first 3 special infected. This recharges every 3 minutes in COOP. Additionally, enables shoving charges and disables shoving penalty.

    • |V| Guardian Dispenser: Before taking lethal damage, a health device triggers on you. Every half second heals nearby survivors for +8HP + 0.3% Max HP, clears 1% of slows and 1 corrosion stack. Cures most bad status effects and gives Moustachio Bless for 2 seconds when deployed. <Duration: 14 seconds> <Works only once per round> <First aid kit NOT required> <✖ VS>
    • Morphine Injector: Heals 3 HP every 5 seconds while not incapacitated/poisoned or hanging from a ledge. <Incompatible with Advanced Morphine Injector Buff>
    • Excitement: On killing common infected, +1THP. On killing special infected, +10THP (Uber Infected give +20THP). <Buff doesn't work if you are poisoned>
    • |E| Fentanyl Injector: Heals 3HP/s after receiving damage from tanks if not poisoned/incapacitated until you reach full health.
    • General Tank Handler: -0.12% reduced damage taken from tanks multiplied by your current level. <Max buff defense percent: 90%>
    • Group Morale: You gain +1% defense for every other survivor alive. Gain +1.5% defense increase instead for 15 seconds if resurrected.
    • |E| Super Moustachio Bless: While Moustachio Bless is active, become immune to staggers, slows, special infected pins, tank punches stuns and tank rock knockdowns. <Complete tank punch resist if performing action> <✖ VS>
    • Adrenaline Run: While at least 1 tank is alive/you are in water, gain infinite Adrenaline effect. <Tank aspect disabled in Survival gamemode>


    • Prescription Medication: Can buy Pills/Adrenaline for free once per round in the !buy menu. 40% THP gained from using Pills/Adrenaline is given as bonus HP.
    • Hunting Reward: On each special infected kill, +2% chance to get +1 additional bounty on bounty earning action. <Max: 30%>
    • Survival Payment: After the round begins, +1 bounty earned every 2 minutes. <Bounty not awarded if inside saferoom>
    • |E| Charger Pet: Allows you to spawn a charger pet that has 1,000HP, deals 250HP damage to enemy infected and only one life. It can be recalled and respawned at will if the charger pet did not die. <Spawnable in the !buy menu> <If the pet is lost within 3 seconds, it can be respawned> <✖ VS> (Command: sm_pet)
    • |E| Helping Drone: Allows you to summon a helping drone that shoots at nearby infected, deals 80 damage every 0.8 seconds. The drone shoots both common and special infected. It prioritizes special infected that are not pinning you down. <✖ VS> <Incompatible with other drones>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set:
    • Try to stay around with other survivors in close proximity if you are attacked by the infected. They can help you out with staying alive and making sure that you're doing alright.
    • You can use some supporting buffs to help out other survivors if they're in trouble while it's safe to do so. Don't be afraid to use your earned bounty if it's needed for something important that can help out the survivors as well.