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Points Reloaded V1.8 discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HonorCode, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Yong Zhun

    Yong Zhun New Member

    We have Infernal Tank ;We have Ice Tank. Hence I think we shall have Aqua Tank too( I think Aqua Tank sounds more nicer than Water Tank).
    Here is some idea for the Aqua Tank

    We have fire, We have ice, So let have water too.

    HP: 120,000
    Speed: 0.75
    Hit Interval: 1
    Damage: 100
    Block: Fire,Melee,Bile.
    Flood: The tank make bring flood to the environment. When the tank is appear, every survivor will have 25% of walking speed deduction no matter where they are.(Only Walking Speed)

    Water Body: The tank have a water body which will immune to fire,melee (as you can't cut a water),and will neutralize the bile.

    Reflection: The water make the tank are able to reflect the bullet-damage from the survivor. It will reflect 1% of the damage that duelt by the survivor, and it will increase the reflect amount by 1% for every shoot. The reflect amount will be reset when the survivor change the target, change the gun or reload the bullet. (Example, the first shoot is reflect 1% of the damage, second shoot reflect 2% of the damage.)
    Note: Maximum reflect 90% of the damage.

    Drown: The water of the tank are able to drown the survivor. The survivor are unable to move when drowned. The survivor will reduce 1% max hp per second. The other survivor need to shove the survivor to help him.(CPR make sense?)

    Water Illusion: Upon the tank die, it will become an Illusion Tank. Survivor are unable to do damage to Illusion Tank. The Speed of the tank will turn to 1, the hit interval of tank will turn to 2, the damage of the tank turn to 200. The Illusion Tank will evaporate in 20 Sec .

    Noted: Ice bullet can do double damage to this tank.

    If Sяεтzø Idea are accepted.
    Maybe we can let the Aqua Tank drop Pure Water as well? :)
    For the last, pardon for my bad English. :(
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here are my thoughts on the other player ideas, and perhaps what could be done better to improve them.

    Those weapon skill ideas are nice... however i'd add in a few things to make it balanced
    - If you have Acid / Freezing Bullets equipped on any of the above weapons, the weapon upgrade in !skills should not work until you run out of Acid / Freezing bullets for the current weapon your using.
    - If your going to have a high chance like that, add in a 10 second cooldown for the upgrades (mainly due to reducing their ability to be something overpowered against infected).

    For this idea sretzo, I don't exactly have thoughts here first, but this is more of how I could see your idea working
    with the Smart Craftsman Buff, you can reduce the usage for crafting an item by half.
    The following items do not get affected in the following situations because their item requirements only require 1x of the item
    when crafting Regeneration Booster once
    when crafting Defense Booster once
    when crafting Acid Bullets
    when crafting Freezing Bullets
    The rest of the items including those from the other situations with the Regeneration and Defense Boosters should be able to be affected normally.

    Now here are my thoughts
    For the Fireproof Booster, it may be something overpowered when going up against the SIT, so against that tank only it should reduce all fire damage dealt from him by 50% for 10 minutes.

    For the Acidproof Booster, while you won't often get spat upon unless you are the current aggro target of the corrosive tank, it should still reduce all acid damage dealt from that tank by 50% for 10 minutes. That way, the corrosive tank isn't so useless against those with an Acid-proof Booster active.

    This should be 1 way of you being able to get Pure Water (instead of the above method)
    1. Get any water quest item (on any map that has it spawning).
    2. Get it over to a kitchen and heat it up using a boiling pan.
    3. Your 1x water now becomes 1x Pure Water with a 100% rate.
    (You can only do 1x Water quest item at a time)

    The other new quest items are good

    Well if the MG admins think that bringing back the PR from 2010, 2011 into VS gamemode only for mgftw would make it better than it currently is, we'll have to see about that.

    Assuming that this is a Tier 2 tank yongzhun, yes it should definitely drop Pure Water as well. My current suggestions for that are
    100% chance of everyone getting 1x Pure Water
    50% chance of everyone getting 1x Pure Water

    Nice tank idea otherwise.

    Alright you guys, time i came up with a new buff for a water element, this can best be used with the vomit jar throwable

    Aqua Jar
    Exchanges your vomit jars for aqua jars with the element of water inside.
    When thrown these jars will disable the fire shield of Infernal and Supreme Infernal Tanks for 15 seconds and will cause any infected, who becomes affected to take 25% additional damage from all sources if they have weakness to the water element.
    <You cannot disable fire shields for 20 seconds after they have regenerated>
    <Incompatible with other buffs that change jar contents>
  3. wow i love this tank idea
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
  5. A Pastrami Sandwich

    A Pastrami Sandwich New Member

    If spitter acid will be true damage, then maybe spitter acid can not slow us down so much? :)
  6. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Gonna take a moment to discuss a couple of existing buff changes that will be coming up in 1.8. Feel free to voice opinions or other buffs that may need changing.

    Agitated Rescue
    • When active, blocks infected slow effects. Doesn't block slows from survivor buffs or status effects
    Witch Hunter
    • Old effect replaced: Now gives 20% bonus damage to witches, and reduces damage from them by 25%
    It wasn't that high
    • Now also prevents one ragdoll death per round if you die within 600 units of a visible survivor
    • No longer gives 2000 base health and uses your base health instead. Max defense when equipped is capped to 50%.
    The main principle behind this change is that, the buff shouldn't grant such a huge power spike upon obtaining it. We might end up increasing the Immortal Blood upgrade to offset the change slightly. The defense cap is added since ~7000 HP is already plenty, with the previous cap of 90%, the effective health in most cases would be nearly 70000.

    Underbarrel Launcher
    • Capped to only being able to fire once every 3 seconds. Also with the SG552 rifle, the walk key has to be held as well to fire it (done to prevent accidental usage when toggling scope)
    • Cooldown increased to 20 seconds
    Zapping Gun
    • Can now be charged by walking or crouching at a rate of 1% per second
    Bird Whistle
    This one is a tough one, this buff is definitely a bit strong, but thinking of a way to balance it without ruining it was troublesome. I ended up with the following choice:
    • No longer has a cooldown, and is now only 1 use per round
    • Increased damage to tier 2s to 0.6%/sec (tier 3+ is unchanged)
    It was either that, or capping the damage to something like 1500/sec or so. To the people who use the buff, let me know which you would prefer. The reason I decided to change it was, compared to Berserk, this was capable of doing insane true damage at minimal to no effort or cost. Berserk meanwhile isn't true damage, and isn't guaranteed, as death or a Special Infected could end up wasting it.

    Dopamine-Infused Meds
    • Now heals 15% missing health
    Related note - The Fast Medic upgrade now also speeds up the use time of Pills and Adrenaline at half the bonus of the upgrade (up to 40%).

    Dying Berserk
    • Duration increased to 6 seconds.
    • Now also resists aim sway from being attacked, and also being knocked down by Tank rocks
    Super Moustachio Bless
    • Now also resists being knocked down by Tank rocks
    • No longer grants bonus damage
    • Duration increased to 30 seconds
    Considering Berserk alone gives effective double damage to tier 3+ tanks, the bonus damage feels like overkill. On the contrary, removing the bonus damage may reduce potential tank aggro, allowing you to get more sustained damage over the duration, especially considering the extra 5 seconds.

    • Bodyguard's target now also gets cleared of all status effects upon sacrifice, including status effects that other buffs don't remove (e.g. Heart Splitter or Fear)
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  7. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Active Member

    no not tenacity i binded it :(.
  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    EDIT: EDITED this post to reflect what mute said here about the questions given.
    "for the first question, its exactly as you said, for the second, it doesnt get rid of those effects, though i might end up allowing it, the third wouldnt work with the current way the enhancer works, since that item just sets your level to 201, it doesnt take exp into account"

    1st choice being
    No cooldown, 1 time use
    Increased damage dealt to tier 2's nothing else changed.

    2nd choice being
    nothing changed with the cooldown.
    1500/sec damage cap

    EDIT: I've decided on the choice that I would prefer the Bird whistle Buff to take.

    If I was to decide on the choice, I'd be going with the second choice. That is because you'll want to still be able to use Bird whistle as a supporting buff as well as the offensive based buff (despite it being an ability buff) for damage against Special Infected and tanks. One of the ways that I see it being useful is you can still help out other teammates who might be in trouble when multiple special infected or tanks are up against them and get the infected to come aggroing towards you instead. The second way that I see it being useful is being able to use Bird whistle on a tier 2 tank that you wish to help reach the required damage threshold for against it while doing other things such as reviving survivors or helping survivors out of messy or bad situations and helping them to attack the tank so they too can get the rewards.

    Question that I had with the Bodyguard Buff though, would it affect Bad Status Effects like SICKNESS (that is how that bad status effect is said), Lethal Disease and Corrosion?

    EDIT 2: Adding in a suggestion from AeonX2... let HonorCode know to consider it, thanks.
    AeonX2 [Ω]
    If ppl stuck in lvl 200..
    AeonX2 [Ω]
    Why not stack up XP?
    AeonX2 [Ω]
    Just like in Lvl 50 newbies.

    What his idea means is to allow players that have reached the level cap of 200 to be allowed to gain stored exp while they are doing the quest towards getting the Liquid Enhancer. What this will do is give them some motivation to continue playing mgftw rather than just doing it the easy way by getting it from the MG store. Then when that player uses the liquid enhancer, give them experience points earned equal to stored exp earned while they were at level 200.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
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  9. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The Bird Whistle options are exactly as you said.

    Bodyguard doesn't remove those effects, though I might consider it.

    The way the LE works would mean that the stored exp wouldn't matter, given the current system, the exp is lost anyway upon reaching 201.
  10. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    If I was to decide on the choice as a Bird whistle buff user myself... I'd be going with the second choice of keeping the cooldown but setting the damage cap of bird whistle to 1500/sec (7500 over 5 seconds).

    That is because you'll want to still be able to use Bird whistle as a supporting buff as well as the offensive based buff (despite it being an ability buff) for damage against Special Infected and tanks.

    One of the ways that I see it being useful is you can still help out other teammates who might be in trouble when multiple special infected or tanks are up against them and get the infected to come aggroing towards you instead.

    The second way that I see it being useful is being able to use Bird whistle on a tier 2 tank that you wish to help reach the required damage threshold for against it while doing other things such as reviving survivors or helping survivors out of messy or bad situations and helping them to attack the tank so they too can get the rewards.

    The third way that I see it being useful is as another option to consider using for when you don't want to use knives, or have none left or you can't really use any of your other buffs to help save you when there are no survivors around within close range.
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  11. doomie_22

    doomie_22 Junior Member

    First choice is the better option because its too OP in its current state since you can use it over and over again until the end of time.

    Also players only use BW for one reason and one reason only; so they have a sure fire way of having a chance to get a Torn Ticket piece during a T2/T3/Special Tank battle. Any other reason is bs.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
  12. Oshirai

    Oshirai New Member

    can i suggest something again for upcoming update?

    it would be nice, if we can spectator mode for queueing when the server is full or we can want to see ppl playing without get kicked or taking slot in the server

    because, maybe some people like to just wandering around for nothing particular or watching when another is playing (like to learn someone moves or strategies)
  13. Yong Zhun

    Yong Zhun New Member

    I would say it is slightly difficult to allow spectator mode...
    For you to know, the more player connect to the server, the higher the ping the player are...
    Which is on the other mean, to let player have a smooth ping environment , spectator mode will not be introduce.
    By the way, you can still spectate player when you death, or you may do !idle in game .
    Just do a click when you saw a afk warning message. This can prevent you from been kicked.
    If you prefer to spectating without taking slot of the server, maybe you can ask the player you like to spectate his play style to do a streaming on steam.
  14. Oshirai

    Oshirai New Member

    If i intentionally idling in game, it would be waste of slots there and not all people have good internet connection to do streaming while playing
  15. Yong Zhun

    Yong Zhun New Member

    For the tenacity buff , I think it would be a good idea to let tenacity
    give the player 200hp per level when 201-230 level
    and give the player 100hp per level when 231-250 level (as what I know the new level cap might be 250?)
    Which is like
    6600 on 229
    6800 on 230
    6900 on 231
    7000 on 232 etc..

    another idea for Nihilism buff.
    I think this buff should be enhance
    like make the extra damage become true damage.
  16. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Wanted to make a suggestion for the buff changes.

    When changing from a buff set with Tenacity Buff to a buff set without the tenacity buff, would it be possible to prevent the usage of buffs that rely on HP (such as Unstoppable Buff) until your current HP (say you had 7800 current HP) is below the current maximum HP (1000 Maximum HP with non-tenacity buff set)? If it was possible it would stop some buff exploits from being able to work.

    That's something that nihilism buff shouldn't have IMO, its a huge damage overkill already on shotguns with the true damage coming per pellet.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  17. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I've already accounted for this exploit, changing buff lists/buffs will now immediately check your max health and cap it down. (e.g. Removing Tenacity will then set your max health/health to whatever your base health is if it is higher)
  18. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I decided to post here some more ideas once again.

    BTW these ideas came from the Multiple Ideas forum post that I first did back during October.

    Upgrade Ideas

    Status Effect Resistance Upgrade

    Gives you a chance to resist being inflicted with any bad status effect capable of being inflicted
    on you by infected on Cooperative Servers.
    <Chance: x%>

    Lv. 1: 1% | COST | $500 | 5 Fr Pills | Lv. 150
    Lv. 2: 2% | COST | $1000 | 10 Fr Pills | Lv. 155
    Lv. 3: 3% | COST | $1500 | 20 Fr Pills | Lv. 165
    Lv. 4: 4% | COST | $2000 | 40 Fr Pills | Lv. 180
    Lv. 5: 5% | COST | $4000 | 80 Fr Pills | Lv. 200
    Lv. 6: 6% | COST | $5000 | 100 Fr Pills | 1 Enhancement Stone | Lv. 205
    Lv. 7: 7% | COST | $7500 | 150 Fr Pills | 2 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 210
    Lv. 8: 8% | COST | $10000 | 200 Fr Pills | 3 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 215
    Lv. 9: 9% | COST | $15000 | 250 Fr Pills | 5 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 220
    Lv. MAX: 10% | COST | $20000 | 300 Fr Pills | 10 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 230


    |E| Fear Resistance Buff

    You are able to stand fiercely against infected when they fear you.
    You have 25% resistance against being feared from all sources and
    you can use your melee weapons while being feared.
    <Coop Only>

    Car Mechanic Buff
    You have gained the necessary skills as a survivor in order to become a car repair man!
    You gain the following benefits:
    - You take only 2.5 seconds to search Metal Rack Containers for the Repair Kit
    - You take 1.5 less seconds to repair the car using the Repair Kit
    - The Repair Kit restores 650 HP to the car instead of 500 HP
    <Coop Only>

    Infected Buffs

    Hard Concussion Buff (Slower Class Only (Hunter) Debuffer Class Only (Jockey))
    After pouncing on any survivor as a hunter/jockey, you have a 10% chance to
    inflict confusion and daze on your victim. Chance is doubled if you deal
    maximum pounce base damage.

    The Dazed Bad Status Effect renders your victim unable to see any
    special infected for 15 seconds.

    250 Fr Pills
    Level 200

    Bullet Ideas

    Bleeding Bullets

    Your bullets are filled with penetrative properties that allow them to penetrate into the infected
    causing them to bleed out more blood.
    On a successful shot, tanks affected will regenerate half as much health from all regeneration sources
    for the next 2 seconds. The effect is reset if the same infected is hit again.

    To craft, you need 1x Bullet Penetrator, they can be dropped as a small chance drop from the Bloody, Hunter, Executioner and Supreme Bloody Tanks.
    You will also need 1x Empty Box of Shells.

    Absorption Bullets

    When these bullets are equipped, on every successful shot against infected
    10% of the base damage dealt is returned to you as permanent health back.
    <On survivors with no Tenacity Buff, the effect is halved>
    <Maximum return per shot: 100 HP>

    To craft, you need 1x Blood Absorber, they can be dropped as a small chance drop from the Drainer, Frozen Drainer, Supreme Shaman, Infernal, Supreme Infernal Tank.
    You will also need 1x Empty Box of Shells.

    Wearable Ideas

    = Mini Jimmy Gibbs.jr Car
    = Mini Tank Model
    = RNG Pipebomb (from Soldier Tank)

    I'll explain more on why I think these buffs are good ideas in my opinion later on.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  19. AeonX2

    AeonX2 New Member

    A suggestion that I nominated that almost everyone in the Festival Scenario that I hosted agreed. Credits for Tim and for everyone who agreed!

    Buff Name : Madness (Active Buff)

    This buff would almost be the same as Berserk, but it doesn't give bonus damage nor penetration through defenses. The main idea of this buff is about 'lifesteal'. It would have a 5 minute cooldown and it has a duration of 10 seconds if it is activated. But, it has a ratio percentage for each weapons so it would be balanced.

    The percentage of lifesteal is based on the damage dealt of each weapon used.

    Lifesteal Percentage Per Guns :
    Pistols(Dual) : 125% Lifesteal (Tenacity Survivors) / 62.5% Lifesteal (Non-Tenacity Survivors)
    Rifles : 84% Lifesteal (Tenacity Survivors) / 42% Lifesteal (Non-Tenacity Survivors)
    Smgs : 120% Lifesteal (Tenacity Survivors) / 60% Lifesteal (Non-Tenacity Survivors)
    Shotgun : 1.12% Lifesteal (Tenacity Survivors) / 0.56% Lifesteal (Non-Tenacity Survivors)
    Sniper : 38% Lifesteal (Tenacity Survivors) / 19% Lifesteal (Non-Tenacity Survivors)
    Scout, AWP, Magnum : 32% Lifesteal / 16% Lifesteal (Non-Tenacity Survivors)

    Suggested Cost:
    1950 FR-Pills
    Level 175

    PS : The original idea of this buff was from 'Absorption Bullets'(Suggested by Tim). But according to him, I should post this for more ideas and it is a 'buff' not an item, not like 'Absorption Bullets' that is needed to be crafted. I made the price expensive because it almost can be a store item for it's high quality type of buff.
  20. Fated 0ne

    Fated 0ne Junior Member

    1. -Add Paranoid tank to list of tanks that won't spawn on Easy/Normal
    2. -Auto-Difficulty to prioritise lvl of each player instead of basing on amount of players
    3. -Tweak tank tp to be stunned for a few secs so survivor can move out and avoid cheap shots
    4. -Remove "Complex Course" from custom map download link since it's not in the rotation
    5. -that being said, more custom maps
    6. -Increase quest item glow distance so ppl don't spend so long scavenging
    7. -Add more survivability to survivors on VS, they die too easily with lots of players
    8. -Improve Acid Protection buff or the speed recovery after leaving some spitter goo
    9. -Unstoppable buff needs tweaking, hp % doesn't reflect occurence of SI pinning you sometimes
    10. -Improved grace period for stun-locks
    11. -Remove lvl requirements for bulletproof vest, ppl tell others to upgrade but may not realise they can't max it out yet
    12. -Hint text to display every few mins to lvl 50s letting them know they need to upgrade to level up
    13. -Make use of "buff crafting" in craft section (craft with FR-pills?)
    14. -Buff to bypass uber SI temporary godmode after they use their ability
    15. -Referring to Idea 7 by fufu: if increasing tanks, maybe increase free clan weapons to 5 -or have strategically placed limited ammo piles around the maplike the ones on Diescraper Redux finale
    16. -A comment about Immolation cooldown increase, increase the slow resist too?
    17. -Add a !witchinfo? and general !info to see SI/UberSI hp and dmg output based on current difficulty

    Open to criticism etc.

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