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timkit's Updated Tank Ideas (POLL for PR V1.8)

Discussion in 'Game Server Ideas' started by timkit, Jan 9, 2018.


Which of the following tank ideas made by timkit (myself) would you guys accept for PR V1.8?

  1. Phantom Thief Tank

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  2. Honorbound Duelist Tank

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  3. Chronos Tank

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  4. Supreme Corrosive Tank

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  5. Electromagnetic Tank

  6. None of the above

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  7. All of them!

  8. My response is in the forum post below

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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Hey'll, this is the forum thread for my tank ideas. The reason why I have decided to post it like this instead of a forum post on the Tank Ideas forum thread is so that I can add a poll. What you guys will need to do if you want to do so is to decide which of my tank ideas should be accepted for V1.8 in a vote.

    The quoted post is the original tank ideas post that jangster has not updated since it was first posted.
    Down below is the updated tank ideas where I update all of his ideas from that post only, staying close to the abilities but adding in some features to some abilities to make these tanks challenging enough. The one thing that i keep the same here however is the stories for the tanks made by jangster, they are nice and I would not like to change them, so i'll leave them as they are.

    NOTE: I've made it so that with each !tankinfo page, I don't do any more than 512 characters. This does mean that some abilities are continued onto the next page. This is because generally of what mute said to me about the character limit when he gave me the answer to my thing about the |E| Sticky Bomb Buff.

    Now I know I ain't going to be perfect with these tank ideas so if you guys have any feedback, post it here and I'll make sure to consider it.

    Here's the updated story about how this tank came to be.
    This tank is a master thief in the art of stealing the bounty and cash off survivors. At the time that he was alive as a human, he performed numerous robberies around the world and was made famous for being able to take away and own for himself necessities that other survivors needed to buy. This also included the Golden Necklace, which came into his possession when the survivors handed it in to them after the thief made them go looking for it and to stealing it for him.

    Eventually, he got bitten by a hunter and was made to transform into a powerful tank. This was due to his feelings and emotions of wanting to steal from the rich at night and becoming rich with power by the next day.

    Phantom Thief Tank (Special Tier)
    HP: 300,000
    Speed: 1.75
    Attack Speed: 0.9
    Damage: 150
    Immunities: Fire, Acid, Explosions, Melee


    Theft Attack (Passive)
    The tank will steal 3 bounty and $30 on each hit. Additionally the tank will decrease the defense of the victim hit by 5% and steal a part of the survivors clothing to give himself 5% damage reduction for 5 seconds. The increased damage reduction can stack up to 10 times with the duration being reset on each hit.

    Ghost Thief (Passive)
    The tank is 25% invisible and deals double damage when attacking survivors from behind.

    Great Steal (Passive)
    Whenever the attacked victim gets incapacitated, there is a 10% chance to steal 25% of the survivor's current bounty. If the tank manages to kill its victim then that dead survivor will lose all of their bounty on death.

    Give me all your loot (Passive)
    Whenever the survivors go to buy anything from the market, the tank will have a 15% chance to intercept anything that the survivor buys and give their wasted bounty to the tank, if successful.

    The Phantom Cloak (Active)
    The tank equips the phantom cloak over his body for 10 seconds, making him 95% invisible, giving him double damage, +50% damage reduction and +0.5 movement speed. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

    Thievery (Active)
    The tank charges up for 5 seconds, then deals an explosive punch on his next hit that causes a massive explosion, dealing 100 damage x (stolen bounty / 5) to the victim and anyone within 350 units, ignoring all defenses. The victim hit then will lose half of his current bounty and become stunned for 10 seconds afterwards. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

    Here's the updated story about how this tank came to be.
    This tank was a well known sword fighter in arenas. Managing to overcome any obstacle thrown at him in terms of all types of challenges, including some Infected ones. His toughest match yet was against an actual Duelist Tank, who managed to make this survivor turn into an mutated infected soon after hitting him. Still retaining the fact that the now mutated infected was always honorbound to his sword and to no other equipment, he became known as the Honorbound Duelist Tank.

    Honorbound Duelist Tank (Special Tier)
    HP: 125,000
    Speed: 1.45
    Attack Speed: 1.5
    True Damage: 20%
    Immunities: Fire, Explosions, Bullets


    Honorbound Duel (Passive)
    When the survivors are fighting against this tank, they are only allowed to use melee weapons. Switching away from it deals 10% of the survivor's maximum HP as damage every time. Additionally the tank is immune to True Damage from all sources.

    Enhanced Penetration (Passive)
    This tank bypasses all defenses and damage reductions. Radius: 500.

    Hardened Tank (Passive)
    Every time the survivors hit the tank with melee weapons, the tank has a 0.4% chance to break it. When the tank is below 25,000 HP, this chance increases to 1.5%.

    Stay Down (Passive)
    Increases surrounding survivors required time to be revived (while incapacitated) by 2 seconds. Radius: 500.

    Winning Duels! (Passive)
    If the tank manages to kill any survivor, he gets 5% of his maximum HP back and deals an additional 2% true damage, the additional true damage can stack up to 15 times and is active until the tank dies.

    Mighty Swing (Passive)
    On every 3rd tank attack, the tank will deal 10% of a survivor's maximum HP to all survivors within range and knock them back.

    Let's Duel! (Active)
    The tank will summon a green barrier which surrounds survivors in range. While inside, the tank's attack interval is lowered to 0.75 and will not knock his victim away upon hitting them. He can also now only be damaged by the survivors inside the green barrier. The survivors will regenerate half as much health from all healing sources and will become stunned for 5 seconds on every 3rd hit with a 10 second grace period. The green barrier will stay around for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Radius: 750.

    Here's the updated story about how this tank came to be.

    Chronos Tank (Special Tier)
    HP: 1,200,000
    Speed: 1.50
    Attack Speed: 1.50
    Damage: 400
    immunities: Fire, Explosions, Melee


    Countdown until Death (Passive)
    After 15 seconds have passed of the tank spawning, he will cast powerful time magic inflict 1 random survivor with the doom bad status effect. This bad status effect cannot be healed off by any means and lasts for 45 seconds, counting down by 1 for each second that passes. When the time reaches 0, the survivor inflicted will instantly be permanently killed for the rest of the round and sent into the time wrap. Afterwards, the tank will take 15 seconds to cast again. This will last until the tank dies or all survivors die.


    If the survivor affected with the doom bad status effect dies, he/she can still be revived. But the timer will continue to countdown until it reaches zero, permanently removing the dead corpse when it does.

    Chrono Trigger (Passive)
    When this tank is alive, all survivors not within 500 units of the tank will lose 1% of their movement speed for every 100 units they are away from the tank. Maximum Reduction: -25% movement speed. all infected not within 500 units of the tank will gain 1% movement speed for every 100 units they are away from the tank. Maximum Increase: +25% movement speed.

    Time Desperation (Passive)
    When the tank reaches 8000 HP. He will go desperate and become invulnerable to all damage from all sources for a duration of 60 seconds. The effects of Time Gauge will become multiplied by x4 and the countdown associated with doom will last for 40 seconds, counting down by 2 every second. When the survivor affected with doom dies, the tank will immediately cast doom onto another random survivor, whether they are alive or dead without having to wait. The tank will only generate damage dealing abilities.

    Time Gauge (Passive)
    The tank carries a time gauge with him, which he uses to activate other powerful time magic with. It increases by 1% every 0.6 seconds and every time the tank hits the survivor. His movement speed increases by 0.0075 and his attack interval is lowered by 0.01 for every 1% that rises. When it reaches 100% the tank will stop time for all survivors for 6 seconds, teleport a short distance away to where he can target any random survivor, then resume time for all survivors.

    Punishing Barrage (Active) (Time)
    The tank will charge for 4 seconds, then stop any survivor within 1000 units for 10 seconds while unleashing a flurry of punches that will strike everywhere for 1 hit every second for 5 seconds. Then the survivors affected will take 8% of their maximum HP as damage every second for 5 seconds after 5 seconds have passed.

    Roar of Time (Active) (Time)
    The tank will charge time magic for 4 seconds, then launch a beam attack that deals 2500 damage to survivors within 500 units within a range of 2000 units. Survivors affected will then have to wait 30 seconds more on any cooldowns they may have with buffs.

    Into the Past (Active) (Time)
    Any damage that the tank sustained over the last 10 seconds, he now regenerates back. Up to 25000 HP and he gains an invulnerability shield that lasts for 10 seconds. This renders him invulnerable to damage and true damage from all sources.

    Bad Timing (Active) (Time)
    The tank will slow down and delay all the survivor actions that the survivor does for 2 seconds. Additionally the effects of Chrono Trigger are doubled. This effect lasts for 20 seconds.

    Supreme Corrosive Tank (Tier 3)
    HP: 350,000
    Speed: 1.65
    Attack Speed: 0.6
    Damage: 135
    Immunities: Fire, Explosives, Melee
    Absorbs: Acid


    Acidic Body (Passive)
    The tank's body is made up of a highly corrosive substance. Whenever any survivor hits the tank with a vomit jar, it will absorb 100% of damage from all sources until the acid wears off. This tank also has a hard acid armor which makes acid bullets become useless against it.

    Acid Rock (Passive)
    When the rock is thrown and it hits any survivor, it will instantly slow down their movement speed by 30%. Regardless, the rock will explode and leave a trace of acid.

    Acid bleedout (Passive)
    The tank will drop acid for every 1% of maximum HP that it loses.

    Supreme Acid claws (Passive)
    After a hit with its claws, the tank will soak survivor with acid and will periodically expose them for 10 seconds. The tank also deals +45 additional damage which can increase every time the survivor is hit, if they was affected by the acid within the last 10 seconds.

    Supreme Corrosion (Passive)
    Each time the survivors are exposed to the tank's acid (damaged by it) their body parts will slowly begin to decay. Survivors will suffer a loss on their basic statistics:
    -0.2% of Max HP lost for the round (Min HP: 20 or 5% of max HP)
    -0.4% of max incap HP lost for the round (Min: 100 HP)
    -0.02 speed lost for the round (Min: 0.8)
    -0.06 melee swing speed is lost for the round (Endless)
    -0.2% of Offensive Buff Power is lost for the round (Min: +0%)
    -0.2% of Defensive Buff Power is lost for the round (Min: +0%)
    -0.2s of Cooldown on Buffs is increased for the round (Maximum: +120 seconds)

    Acidic Disease (Passive)
    All survivors have a 0.5% chance to become affected by the Acidic Disease bad status effect as a result of any acid damage taken. The Acidic Disease will cause survivors to be unable to heal off the corrosion stacks they have gained from taking any acid damage.

    Corrosive Blast (Active)
    The tank charges up acid by generating large amounts of it for 5 seconds, targeting any survivor that is near the tank. The tank then throws that acid onto the survivor, dealing 2000 true damage and inflicting 50 corrosion stacks. Then causing a damaging wave to circulate outwards from the affected target that hits all other survivors within 1000 units for 500 true damage and inflicts 25 corrosion stacks. Cooldown: 75 seconds.

    Acid Spit (Active)
    The tank will spit acid out from it's mouth towards the current aggro target. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

    Acid Hell (Active)
    The tank will force acid under all survivor's feet for 6 seconds, regardless of how far away they are from it. Cooldown: 45 seconds.

    Supreme Effervescence (Passive)
    The acid will deal 4% of a survivor's current HP as true damage. Additionally, if any survivor is to be incapacitated or killed by the acid, then another acid pool will spawn under that survivor.

    Electromagnetic Tank (Tier 2)
    HP: 180,000
    Speed: 1.65
    Attack Speed: 1.0
    Damage: 200
    Immunities: Fire, Explosives, Melee
    Absorbs: Electric


    Electric Charge (Passive)
    This tank will absorb 100% of all damage from electric sources. Each time it does so, it will receive a stack of Electric Charge which increases its damage dealt with any active ability by +100%, stackable up to 2 times. The effect lasts until an active ability is activated.

    Shocking Source (Passive)
    After receiving damage from the tank, the affected victim will become stunned for 6 seconds (doubled if electrocuted). The same victim cannot be stunned again for 10 seconds afterwards. Additionally the tank itself is immune to being stunned from all sources that try to inflict it.

    Magnetic Force (Passive)
    On every punch, the tank will place magnets on the affected victim for 5 seconds, making them become attracted to the tank if within 1000 units. On every 5th punch they then become magnetized to the ground and become unable to jump or escape from any active ability regardless of range for 10 seconds.

    Zapping Gun (Active)
    The tank will take out a taser, take aim and fire at a targeted survivor. Affected survivor takes 25% of their maximum HP as damage (minimum: 500) and become stunned for 7 seconds (doubled if electrocuted). They also get electrocuted if they haven't already been inflicted with it for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds.

    Electrical Conduction (Active)
    The tank will release a sudden jolt of electricity, dealing 15% of survivor's maximum HP as damage and stunning all survivors within the vicinity for 4 seconds (doubled if electrocuted). This stun ignores the Shocking Source immunity. Radius: 1000. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

    Electrocute (Passive)
    Targets stunned in water will also be electrocuted. Causing them to randomly suffer small stuns afterwards.
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