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Points Reloaded V1.8 discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HonorCode, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone!

    Me and Mute would like to try something new for the next release, and that is building it together with the community. For all these years that PR has been running we have always kept the next releases and features as a secret to surprise you all with cool changes. This has proven to be very thrilling to all of you, but also has lead to some sort of disconnection between players and us.

    So this time, we want to hear you opinion out on the changes we have planned before we even start to work on them, and allow you to contribute with any ideas or technical changes you think could be useful to improve the whole experience.

    I'll now detail the core changes we have in mind and a deep explanation of how we want to approach each. We won't be revealing the details of some of the ideas to keep it as a surprise.

    Level Cap

    A new level cap, which will unlock additional upgrade and skill levels, as well as rewarding special high level buffs. We want the experience of reaching this new level cap to be very difficult to reach alone. We want to take this update as an opportunity to enhance the connection among all our players by making clans something beyond just the benefits you can get from being in one. In this update we want to introduce clan exclusive scenarios and quests that will reward everyone in the clan a huge boost on experience if they manage to complete them. We want these to be both challenging and fun and we will work hard to bring a really nice experience that rewards cooperation and teamwork.

    New clan systems

    In order to achieve this, we will introduce a clan inventory and clan craft system that will allow players that are members of a clan to collect items together and to enjoy buff-slot-less benefits that will increase their chance of survival.


    We want to also revamp difficulty, in which all regular infected (commons, witches, and special infected) will give more experience based on their level, but also increase their stats gradually based on their level. The amount of SI will vary only on the amount of players, and the difficulty will pose a limit on infected level. Getting a little bit more technical, we have this in mind:

    • The base stats and rewards of regular infected (witches, commons, SI) will depend on their level. The level of the infected will be calculated as ∓ the average level of the survivors. For example, if the average level is 200, the infected can get levels between 195 and 205.
    • The amount special infected roaming around the map will depend on the number of survivors that is playing
    • Difficulties will not control the amount of infected roaming and will instead enforce maximum limits on infected levels. This means that the lower the difficulty, the less damage and experience that the infected will give.
    Changes on some damage situations

    We will modify some damage sources to act as true damage, including spit and bleeding effects (that are currently being reduced by defenses)

    New buff slot

    Due to the high amount of buffs available, we find it necessary to allow players to unlock an additional buff slot to fill their lists.

    New buffs

    We will add new buffs for low, mid and high levels for people to enjoy

    New tanks

    We have to implement some tank types for some of the new clan scenarios, but we will also take the liberty to implement 2 tanks suggested by the community as we feel we have been ignoring these ideas for far too long.

    This is all we have in mind at the moment and we really want to make things right this time. If you would like to contribute to points reloaded as a coder (and you have knowledge in programming) let us know to see if we can make room for you somehow. If you can contribute in any other way (with ideas, stories, feedback, everything is useful) please join the conversation in this thread.

    You can also join the discussion in the discord channel #pr-discussion if you don't want to use the forums. (Link to discord: https://discord.gg/n97ZSX7)

    Thank you and I hope the community can build a really good new version for all of us to enjoy.

    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
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  2. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds awesome! :)
  3. Rascale

    Rascale Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Great i like this update :)
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  4. I want to have scenario for only clan member, but that has very big problem: different timezone, not everyone can join and play in a time. So I have new idea: add colosseum, which can play by one player to take special item for clan inventory and clan craft system. If have few players in colosseum, only fight with zombies, SI, etc. If have many players, can fight with tank in colosseum. This is my idea for v1.8.
  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Good update I say HonorCode. Having us contribute together to the update makes it all the more worthwhile and fun.

    Those clan things such as clan exclusive scenarios and quests are quite interesting to myself. You know how we'd try to get a scenario such as a helms deep or jelly tank quest with most or all of the clan members for fun, enjoyment and that massive boost in experience earned with clan share. It has happened a few times and I saw it being fun when we did it as a clan with some of our members :)

    Would be looking forward to help seeing if the majority of mgftw players including myself can come up with some agreement for those ideas that are worth the implementation into mgftw in future updates.
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  6. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    It"s nice to finally see a update for clan for clan scenario and also new clan system
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  7. SL8TER

    SL8TER Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Great news, looking forward to getting involved & seeing this next update. :smiley-happy096:
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  8. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I talk with someone about the next update , he wanna give a idea but think it's bad nevermind i will pass it

    - Have the possibility to restart at level 1 or level down ( for all players like loterry we have , when they have only 100 level )

    I know a admin can by request restart you at lvl1 and let other say if it's a good idea
  9. NetXe

    NetXe Junior Member

    I guess i'll give some of my opinions and suggestion on the level cap.

    The current state of it is to grind to max level and be stuck at it for ever until the level cap is raised again, not a long term solution, and making it very difficult to reach means just grind even more.

    I suggest to change on how level cap is handled, from being just grind levels and wait to next raise, to a indefinitely level cap.
    But there should be a catch on how you supposed to level, for example: after reaching 100% you get a quest where you need to do couple of things before you proceed to the next level.
    Like kill a special tank 1 v 1 (on the scenario server or can be done in the normal servers, like the dormant tanks but it gotta be at every first map of a campaign, or people will complain for it takes to long to get a specific map) , kill special infected must be you who killed it or it will not count or do a random quest where you got kill something or find something, Another thing would be after level 10 levels you gotta fight a t3 tank (get random generated unique skills from entire tank list:trollface:) with the help of player base.

    About additional upgrade and skill and high level buffs, my opinion on is buffs should be only obtain able through quests and lucky drop chance from tanks and SI, skills through level and upgrades should be something you find around the maps.

    And the last one is the "We want to take this update as an opportunity to enhance the connection among all our players by making clans something beyond just the benefits you can get from being in one" this is great idea and should be considered to do same on the player base to and not clans only, and "clan exclusive scenarios and quests" this should be optional because there is some clans that are not so active anymore where they got only 2-5 people active.

    I have only 1 thing to say on the difficulty which is the day when you nerf tenacity, the day it becomes much harder to kill tanks and everything else.

    Well anyway this is my suggestion and opinions on thew new update.(holy hours it took me 1 hour and half to write it :eek: and sorry for my terrible english.)
  10. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    | PFS | [HBS]GLaDOS [™۞] wrote up this idea so i'm posting it here for her :)

    I like this idea, it could be one of the ways to make mgftw great and fun again for everyone :D

    "So my idea's premise is making a server (or taking a server) where everyone is at the max level with max skills, upgrade, etc, and it'd run scenairo's missions. At the end of the month, whoever has, let's say, the most kills at the end of the month (which is trackable by HLStats), can get a special reward, such as Donor status or being able to create a custom tank that will be put into COOP's rotation, or other rewards. At the same time whatever XP the players make on that server could be halved and be transfered to there main character on the COOP servers, but the scenairo's could only be activated by an admin or if someone has a ticket, maybe combining 3 of any tickets will craft this certain ticket."

    EDIT: Been waiting for an official admin response (other than from |MG| Atlas) on this suggestion. I know you guys decided to hold off on it, but now would be a good time to hear about what you think of it soon.

    I would also like to see what you guys think of this other suggestion
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  11. A Pastrami Sandwich

    A Pastrami Sandwich New Member

    A buff that prevented CI from slowing you down or screwing with your aiming would make me squeal with joy.

    Even with negative effects it would be incredibly useful.
  12. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    One thing to make coop game more fun
    although Ive been repeatedly saying this
    increase the number of tanks during the rounds
    2 or 3 tanks spwan at a time
    and many times per one round
    we can have a count down system
    for instance like every 1 or 2 min tank spawns again

    tank spawn these days are mostly easily killed tank
    most of the time even in pro mode
    tank dies within secs not mins
    and coop server specially Asia coop server is most of time full
    it doesnt really bothers low level players if there are multiple tanks at a time or tank keep coming out

    using bounties to buy and level up tank frenzy
    also a way too

    Special infects does not really stopping people
    as a result people just keep running forward for maps over and over again
    and it gets boring

    In Vs server
    those honor points design really did take some effects
    I saw many people join VS server just for the points
    and I also saw people farming about them
    and many has quit and stop joining vs server since they had earned enough points
    but it gets the job done to get people back to vs server
    maybe to put more special unique rare buff in vs server can also be a good idea
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
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  13. Casderai-Dest

    Casderai-Dest Junior Member

    Can you try to give AI Smoker a little harder difficulty like increasing damage output I think smoker is pretty useless other than dragging
  14. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    Fake roar
    its a bug
    it is meaning less
    just shorten the place before the tank spawns
  15. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I'm okay with fufu more tank can be good , with 1.7 we can have T3 on all map it was good

    i personaly didnt stay 5 hours by day on server and wanna do my usual daily quest , also , i think more T3 we are all okay it's more fun

    I think a little more ammo by weapon can also be good , new level can be easily do for hc i think
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  16. Tali

    Tali MG Donor

    clan scenario should take place in a VS server
    the whole point of being in a clan is to battle other clans (in every game i ever seen)

    maybe that will revive Versus.
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  17. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I Have 2 idea from people of my clan

    - add 1 honor points to the losing team on versus

    I like the idea , i dont care honestly of versus but seem a good idea to fill up versus

    Message from zero

    It's good a idea i think we can add some reward
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  18. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I don't have any fully planned out ideas for V1.8 yet. you'll see that post soon enough...

    You know horama, that first idea you mentioned from one of your clan members has been an idea for VS for quite a long while (for almost 2 months now and counting since October 12th 2017) and while I may not have been the person to originally come up with the idea, I did create an extensive post on said suggestion: https://mgftw.com/threads/suggestio...-the-amount-of-honor-and-victory-points.6781/. I'm currently only waiting on HonorCode's response now as to what he says about it. Mute did send a message to him, got no reply back and can only assume he's busy for the message that Mute told me yesterday.

    for the 2nd idea, I must agree it is a nice idea for giving people the option to reset their level from the maximum cap to level 1. BTW for that little booster thing it already comes in the form of the Low Level Booster which was a secret thing introduced by HonorCode as far back as V1.5.2.0 in May of last year. The Low Level Booster works like so, the lower the level you are the more experience and cash you get from killing tanks, which scales down overtime and becomes disabled or so (with normal multiplication of cash and exp at x1) by the time you reach level 201. I also do agree with removing the liquid enhancer requirement for those 2 cases that zero mentioned (first case being when you reset from max level and second case being when you lose levels from lottery).
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
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  19. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    okay tim i didnt know it , in my opinion versus is too far from vanilla now even if one day i want replay it , i didnt want tryhard on what setup equip , i dont know if other think same .
    A player usually play on versus on another server must find hard to understand and play when he try mgftw

    For Prestige , that must be honorific with some reward of course or that didnt have interest , a good balance without become too Overpowered
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  20. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    We more use the word clan since 1 or 2 years but it's a guild also

    A guild was do have a team with you , count on teamwork , have fun with teammate they can become our friend
    A guild Can also like on MMORPG do HL ( High Level ) scenario i like the idea for PR 1.8
    The part is competetive isn"t in all Guild/clan it's optionnel , a guild can work without need a war against another
    They have plenty of game with PvE and clan into

    I was more into PvP some years ago , people change , i most like PvE now


    Nothing to see

    I'm kinda fan of game OST , it's not possible to inclued theme at strong tank (T3) may be T2

    and also

    How many you think needed players to start a clan scenario ?
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017

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