Essential Buffs for Mid Levels (BaBS)

Dec 9, 2018
Essential Buffs for Mid Levels (BaBS)
  • Essential Buffs for Mid Levels (BaBS V2.4.10)

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    For Mid Level players, you should have a better chance of survival compared to lower level players. Still, don't let your guard down with these essential buffs. Some of them are carried over from the Essential Buffs for Low Levels.

    The following Essential Buffs are carried over from Low Level: |Q| Piercing Bullets, Knife, Goggles, Knife Bag, Adrenaline Run, Speedy Water

    Guardian Moustachio
    This buff is one of the most useful and essential buffs for survival against the infected. As a mid level player, you'll want to get this as soon as you hit level 105 since it can be helpful in saving you from death.

    General Tank Handler
    If you need some defense against all tanks and want to tank damage for the other survivors, then this buff will be useful for you to equip. As you gain levels throughout mgftw, the power of this buff will grow and you'll be able to tank even more damage against the tanks.

    Mobility Master
    This is an essential buff for mid level players if you want to be able to dash or do double jumps while going across any map in mgftw. It can be useful for either getting ahead to catch up with the survivors, going to help other survivors or avoiding any infected attacks and getting out of their way.

    Health Dispenser
    If you want to help out any players that are on low health, then the Health Dispenser Buff can be brought once you reach level 180. As a useful buff, it can affect all nearby survivors and give a decent amount of health back for a one time use per round.
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