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Essential Buffs for High Levels (BaBS)

Mar 16, 2021
Essential Buffs for High Levels (BaBS)
  • Essential Buffs for High Levels (BaBS V2.15)

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    For High Level players, you should be able to survive with most buffs at your disposal to use against the infected. There are still a few buffs out there that will be essential for helping you to survive and are considered to be quite useful overall.

    The following Essential Buffs are carried over from Mid Level: All low level buffs, Ranged Expert, General Tank Handler, Unstoppable, Avenger, Mobility Master and Health Dispenser.

    For High Levels
    • 1. Tenacity
      As a high level survivor, if you feel that you need the additional HP in order to survive against the specials, you're recommended to get this buff as soon as possible! The amount of health gain you'll experience from future level ups will be extremely helpful in making you effective to the team and helping all other survivors to survive. There are some situations however where the Tenacity Buff becomes an unviable option to equip, so keep that in mind when using it.
    • 2. |C| Battle Cry
      This is a useful buff in some situations for when you need to dps down any alive tanks. Just get close to your other survivors and activate the buff effect to give them all additional fire rate on their weapons so they can go to work on killing them. At level 242, it's a good supporting buff to have around for some support buff sets.
    • 3. |C| Discharger
      This is an essential must have buff for any survivor that wants to resurrect any dead survivors back to life without being interrupted. It can be useful for when you need to revive back a lot of them and don't have many left, or for when you want to stun the tank so you can freely damage it while the tank can't do anything.
    • 4. Healing Shocks
      if you need any healing towards yourself or other nearby survivors, then the Healing Shocks Buff is a useful buff to have equipped. It can heal up to +10 HP for yourself while the other survivors gain 33% of your regeneration each second.