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Essential Buffs for Low Levels (BaBS)

Mar 16, 2021
Essential Buffs for Low Levels (BaBS)
  • Essential Buffs for Low Levels (BaBS V2.15)

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    For Low Level players, there are a number of essential buffs that you'll find useful in equipping in your buff sets to ensure your survival in the mgftw servers. This only applies to the Unique and Quest Buffs.

    For Low Levels:

    1. 1. Tank Slayer
      This buff gives a considerable increase in the amount of damage possible VS tanks, as long as you fire at it every few seconds. If you want to reach the minimum amount of damage required for the tank rewards then you'll find this buff essential to have with you. Do keep in mind however that you always should prioritise your survivability.
    2. 2. Anger Ignition
      Make sure to get this essential buff as soon as you can! Even though the chance of the buff effect activating is low, it can help save you from a potentially bad special infected attack or whenever you're surrounded by the common infected by igniting anything in range. Just don't forget to have an escape plan afterwards.
    3. 4. Blast Padding
      This is a Buff that is highly regarded for saving low level players from bomb tank explosions and other desperate tank explosions, should they be unfortunate enough to be affected by one. If you are afraid of any and all exploding tanks and don't want them exploding on you, then this buff is essential for you to have equipped!
    4. 7. Knife
      When you get enough cash, make sure to purchase this Buff as soon as possible and have it equipped. Having it equipped can help save you from pinning special infected in situations where it is not easy to be saved. It is highly regarded by many players as one of the most used buffs in mgftw as a result of the buff effects itself.
    5. 8. Goggles
      When you get enough cash and FR-Pills, you'll be able to purchase the Goggles Buff and equip it. This highly essential buff will help you to survive against hordes of infected by ensuring that you cannot be vomited on by the boomer. It is a real life saver for lower level players who might find themselves in trouble on the COOP servers. When levelling up, you'll want to keep this buff equipped as it is overall useful if you don't want to become surrounded often by the common infected.
    6. 9. Knife Bag
      When you reach level 50, you'll be able to get this buff and use it in your buff sets. Should you need an extra knife to survive as a low level player, it'll be essential to have this buff equipped to help you out in a pinch. It can also be useful as a mid or a high level player should you really need that extra survivability against the special infected.
    7. 10. Adrenaline Run
      As a low level player, the Adrenaline Run Buff is essential for being able to move more quickly around tanks that can pose a significant threat. This buff will stay active on you as long as the tank is alive as well. This can also be useful for allowing you to get around in areas faster in water where otherwise your slow movement speed would leave you vulnerable to the infected.
    8. 11. Prescription Medication
      This buff can come in handy for allowing you to buy Pain Pills or an Adrenaline Shot for free. Should you really need the extra health from pills or the movement speed from adrenaline. This buff is helpful for keeping you alive on your feet, so be sure to equip it if you feel a necessary need to survive more.
    9. 13. Hunting Reward
      If you are in need of bounty because you don't have enough for any weapons, throwables or health items then the Hunting Reward Buff is essential to have equipped. You generally won't be gaining lots of bounty as a low level player without this buff. However, once it is equipped it your goal of getting the required bounty for anything from the !buy menu will be made much easier to achieve.