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Ability Buffs4 (BaBS)

May 17, 2018
Ability Buffs4 (BaBS)
  • Ability Buffs Page 4 (BaBS V2.0.3)

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    22. Down but Not Out

    You are able to use your primary weapon or melee weapon while incapacitated, as well as attacking while crawling. Incapacitated fire rate penalty is also reduced by 50%.
    <Press the WALK key while incapacitated to swap weapons>
    <Coop Only>

    Tips on Buff Usage:
    • Want to use more than your pistols while incapacitated? Equipping the Down but Not Out Buff lets you do that and attack while crawling at the same time.

    Benefit in Buff Sets:
    Can use primary or melee weapons while incapacitated and can attack while crawling. +50% reduced incap fire rate penalty.
    <Press the WALK key while incapacitated to swap weapons>
    <Coop Only>