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Spooky Night Mission (HEEMGS)

Jan 1, 2018
Spooky Night Mission (HEEMGS)
  • Spooky Night Mission (Halloween Event Exclusive)
    (HEEMGS V1.0.2)

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    When were you able to do this Scenario?
    During the Halloween Event 2017 - Spooky Night on mgftw from October 31st 2017 to November 8th 2017
    Quest Requirement
    Spooky Night (Lv. 100) from Erika (New Leader) (Daily Quest)
    Item Requirement
    No items required
    Player Requirement
    Minimum Players = 16
    Maximum Players = 20

    How often can you do this Scenario <top>
    Only once per player daily. Winning the Scenario means that the daily quest is completed for you for today and you are unable to retake the quest until tomorrow. If you lose the Scenario however and your daily quest is still active, you can always retry again until your daily quest is completed for today.
    Special Tanks
    All the dormant tanks spawned at random (up to 5 tanks at once) - Between after 8:00 and before 10:00 in minutes:seconds. These tanks last for 5 minutes.
    Hybrid Tank - After the dormant tanks have died.

    How to activate
    Once all the players have arrived on the map, there will be a 2 minute countdown before the horde is called. This happens automatically.
    Recommended things to be doing before/during the mission on the map
    - Finding all the kits and sending them to the ambulance or leaving them at the start area.
    - Healing up when you get on low HP before dying.
    - Using strategy against tanks to take them down quickly.
    - Using buffs with cooldown timers at the right times for maximum effectiveness (optional).

    Ways to do this Scenario <top>
    This is for when the survivors must do something in order to go down 1 way or the other way when doing this scenario. It is basically making a choice as whether to do something or not. Making or not making that choice will affect the way you do this scenario.
    No choices needed to be made
    How to complete the mission
    Either by defeating all the Special Tanks in the Mission or doing something else after defeating the Special Tanks.
    - Survive against and Kill the onslaught of Dormant Tanks (0/1)
    - Kill Hybrid Tank (0/1)

    When the Hybrid Tank dies, the Scenario/Mission becomes completed! You return to the hideout map 2 minutes afterwards.
    Recommended Buff Sets for this Scenario
    If you need recommended buff sets for all 4 Dormant Tank types at once, the Hybrid or the Supreme Executioner Tanks, click on the links to the tanks above for them.
    Offensive Buff Set
    Defensive Buff Set
    Balanced Buff Set

    Healer Buff Set
    Support Buff Set (Multiple Scenarios)

    Video Showcasing the Tanks (earlier version)

    Video Showcasing the Tanks (updated version)