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Smoker Buffs CR (IBaR)

Dec 15, 2017
Smoker Buffs CR (IBaR)
  • Smoker Buffs (IBaR V1.2.0)
    Controller Role

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    1. Unhitable

    You receive 1% to 40% less damage from all sources based on your current speed

    + Based on your current movement speed, take reduced damage from all sources.
    + Useful buff for when your trying to pull survivors away quickly enough from the survivors.

    - Less useful buff when you aren't moving as much while dragging the survivors around.

    Zoom! Zoom!, you might never catch this speedy smoker! the Unhitable Buff makes it so that you take less damage based on your current movement speed. If dragging survivors and moving around a lot, you can expect to receive a lot less damage than if you weren't moving at all. It's a useful buff for when your trying to pull survivors away from the other survivors as quickly as possible. Yet it can also be a less useful buff for when you aren't pulling survivors that far away and rather making yourself hidden.

    Benefit in Buff Sets
    -1% to 40% less damage taken based on current movement speed.