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Recommended Debuffer Class Buff Sets (BaBS)

Jan 10, 2020
Recommended Debuffer Class Buff Sets (BaBS)
  • Recommended Debuffer Class Buff Sets (BaBS V2.11.10)

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    This is just a general guideline for the recommended buffs on any particular Debuffer Class buff set that suits your playstyle. Remember, the buff sets have their strengths and weaknesses and may / may not be suited to whatever buffs you want on any Debuffer Class buff set you come up with. The UQC buff set featured here does contain event/versus buffs that would be necessary in order for the class to work properly with other unique, quest and craftable buffs.

    The Debuffer Class Buff Sets are situated towards the use of the Debuffer Class at all class levels.

    The buff sets you will see here are: