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Explanation of this guide (IBaR)

Dec 15, 2017
Explanation of this guide (IBaR)
  • Explanation of this guide (IBaR V1.2.0)

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    This guide already assumes that you have some basic to good knowledge of the survivor buffs that you already have at your side when playing as the survivors throughout COOP and Versus. It also is a learning guide for when you want to learn the infected buffs for when you go onto the infected side against the survivors in Versus Mode on mgftw, where not a lot of players have experience with the mode itself. This guide explains about some of the different infected roles that you may encounter when selecting buffs and will go in depth to explain what each role is relating to that specific infected, based on the buffs you will see later on.

    The guide then goes on to list the positives/negatives, explanations and calculations of infected buffs, starting from the general infected buffs list down to the common buffs list in order to ensure non-confusion where it may otherwise happen when your trying to figure out what buffs to equip for what infected. Further down you will see a number of ways in which I do setup infected buffs in roles and what tactics i have based on the buffs in that role in order to show full capability with the uses of it. In order to know what the Infected Buffs are in the first place though, the Infected buffs are separate from the Survivor Buffs in order to differentiate the two of them.

    It's quite obvious that the Survivor Buffs are mainly for COOP but can also be Versus while the Infected Buffs are Versus ONLY buffs. There are 9 categories associated with the Infected Buffs with the exception of Common Buffs in which while it ain't one, it has a buff that caters to both COOP and Versus. These categories are General Infected, Smoker, Boomer, Hunter, Spitter, Jockey, Charger, Tank and Common Buffs. There are a further 2 categories in which these buffs are sorted into as sub-categories. They are Unique and |E| Event Buffs. It is important to remember that you remember that the buffs that can be equipped for a special infected in any particular role only apply to that special infected and the general infected buffs associated. There are 6 buff slots for each role for each special infected there is and they do not need to be unlocked via leveling up as they are already unlocked for you, ready to be equipped with buffs. One thing to set apart the Survivor and Infected Buff sets is that the Infected Buffs do not have an unlockable unique buff slot.