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Dormant Solidified Tank (DTG)

Sep 16, 2019
Dormant Solidified Tank (DTG)
  • Dormant Solidified Tank (DTG V2.3.6)

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    Tank Info:

    Dormant Solidified Tank

    One of the dormant tanks. This tank is an enhanced version of the armored tank that is still developing its skin. Its back is completely unprotected.

    Health: 40,000 HP
    True Damage: 10%
    Speed: 1.3
    Hit Interval: 2.0
    Blocks: Fire

    1. (Passive) Frontal Wall: The tank only receives damage from the back. The fortified skin can still be peeled off with melee weapons.
    2. (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense.
    3. (Passive) No escape: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't damaged the survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.

    Additional Information:
    The Dormant Solidified Tank is the first dormant tank to exist within mgftw since being released in V1.7.

    Recommended Buff Set:

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