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Points Reloaded V1.8 discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HonorCode, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I'll go ahead and throw my thoughts on these:
    1. No problems with this, Para is fairly hard hitting.
    2. The system currently takes both into account. What it does is, take the average player level, multiplies by the number of players and uses that value as a factor for 'team strength'. If there are fewer players, but higher levels, it will be just as difficult as if there are more players, but a slightly lower average level.
    3. I can probably block tank claw hits after it teleports, that sounds fair.
    4. Done.
    5. The issue with custom maps is compatibility. Some maps are boring, some don't mesh well with PR, and some just outright crash or are unstable in other ways. There's also the fact that we have to then manually set up the finale hook. That being said, if you have any suggestions, through them in the custom coop thread.
    6. I can bump it up a bit, but quest items are meant to be scavenged for in some regard.
    7. VS will end up being standardized in 1.8, so we'll end up performing some re-balancing as a whole for it.
    8. Buff could do with some improvements, might make it decay faster/sooner when equipped.
    9. Code looks fine to me, and well, it's a chance, 90% doesn't mean guaranteed effect.
    10. Most stuns have a grace period, the only thing that doesn't in memory is Supreme Infernal, which I might simply lower the stun duration. The way it works is that it's tentacles stun on detonation, meant to keep players from staying in spot for too long.
    11. The max level needed for Bulletproof Vest is already only level 48, which I think is fine. It's a matter of getting them to upgrade anything in the first place, and the cash if needed.
    12. Whenever a player at level 50 earns more than 1500 exp (e.g. Tank kills) they get a guide message in chat informing them about being capped.
    13. The buff crafting will probably be part of the proposed buff enhancement system.
    14. The only SI that have temporary immunity is the Smoker and Spitter, even without being Uber. I'm not sure a standalone buff just for these is worth much, I could combine with another, I'll have to see.
    15. I think 4 weapons is plenty, even with Tank Frenzy I hardly go through all 4 personally. Even then, if you had to go through that many weapons, you'd probably end up with enough bounty to buy another weapon/ammo.
    16. I can add a message when it's off cooldown, sure.
    17. Witch info doesn't seem like an problem, issue with SI/Uber is that there are so many damage modifiers it may not be possible to get them all. Health and base damage may be simple, however.
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  2. A Pastrami Sandwich

    A Pastrami Sandwich New Member

    small request but having an option to print ONLY outgoing tank damage to chat would be great
  3. Fated 0ne

    Fated 0ne Junior Member

    2. I've brought this up because on a few occasions, tier 2s have spawned when there are only 2-3 200+ on a full server and a team wipe has resulted

    9. What about 95+% chance, being jockeyed or smoked 3 times in a row? e.g. I think some L4D2 mechanics can cause you to be chargered when you have 7700+hp (max level tenacity users out of 7800) especially when you are not on the same "level" as them or are just getting up from a fall or hunter pin. Suggesting the tweak was to see if anything can be done to compensate for these game limitations.

    10. Brought this up because of being cornered by Void and Electric Tanks but I've just thought of something related to this, how about a upgrade/skill that allows you to get up faster after being hit by a tank?
  4. Diablo

    Diablo MG Donor

    1. Maybe make Torn Love Tickets obtainable from defeating tier 2 and tier 3 tanks (Chances are way lower than Torn Helms Deep Tickets) and take it out as an 100 honor point purchase from the VS honor store.

    2. Healing Dart (Skill): Whenever a survivor goes down, this skill allows you to revive your teammate from any distance by shooting him/her. Cooldown after each revive could be 2-4 minutes.
  5. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    Looks awesome
  6. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I like the idea since love ticket are only versus , no one start one , and more , it can change the routine , people going change between HD and this , the system can be like for HD ticket , those most dealing damage can win one
  7. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Good idea, I think it should be accepted and is something that can be certainly done. No question at all :)

    Not a bad idea to make Torn Love Tickets obtainable from defeating tier 2 and tier 3 tanks, However... it should only be allowed to happen during a valentine event, due to the Heartbroken Scenario that is supposed to be event exclusive to Valentine's Day.

    Removing the Love Ticket from the honor market... IMO the answer should be no. The Helms Deep Ticket has another way to be obtained and that way is by purchasing it from the honor market for the same amount of points as you would be able to purchase the Love Ticket for. My point being is that the tickets themselves should still retain their other way to get it other than just the COOP way.

    It's just that it would be bad to only have the tickets obtainable in COOP and not elsewhere. It decreases motivation for the players who would like to obtain them while also having fun playing on the VS servers.

    For the chances of love tickets, well we should leave that up to HonorCode to decide, but if you wanted to imagine the chances being way lower to obtain them than for Helms Deep Tickets, this is how I would see it.

    Tier 2 Tanks.
    100% chance - 15% chance for each minute that passes.

    Tier 3 Tanks.
    100% chance - 20% chance for each minute that passes.
    100% chance - 50% chance for each survivor that is dead when the tank dies.

    Therefore, a lot less players will only obtain 1 torn love ticket sometimes.

    I don't really have any thoughts on the 2nd idea.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  8. Bring imprisoner tank and sickening scenario to PR 1.8
  9. NetXe

    NetXe Junior Member

    I still think this buff should be nerfed to oblivion, and this buff doesn't give you a huge power spike rather it gives you a state of being in god mode with out any penalties for it.
  10. - Bird Whistle only use once per round in coop, but in scenario it have cooldown 10 minutes. If the Bird Whistle can only use once per round in both coop and scenario, it will be hard for players to play scenario. But if the Bird Whistle have 10 mins cooldown in both scenario and COOP, the COOP will become so easy. So my idea is Bird Whistle only use once per round in coop, but in scenario it have cooldown 10 minutes, balance for both.

    - Deal at least 1% damage to the tanks to get reward, that's okay with high level. But with low level, new players, that a bit hard, especially in scenario. How about give low and new players the chance to get reward by deal 0.5% damage ?
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  11. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I do agree with this.

    For the low levels, I do think that they should only need to deal 0.5% of the tanks maximum HP as damage, compared to the 1% in order to be able to receive tank rewards. This should only apply if the tank in question has more than 400,000 HP so the low level players have an easier time towards dealing their amount of DPS.

    Therefore the damage requirement for low level players in the case of the following special tanks
    Sickening Tank: 10000 -> 5000 HP
    Heartbroken Tank: 6000 -> 3000 HP
    Supreme Infernal Tank: 9000 -> 4500 HP
    Soldier Tank: 15000 -> 7500 HP
    Hybrid Tank: 5100 -> 2550 HP
    Festival Tank: 10000 -> 5000 HP
  12. burntcheese

    burntcheese New Member

    two primary slots?
  13. Well I got a bit of a goofy idea for a new scenario using this map
    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=134184610&searchtext= (Mcdonalds V2)
    and the base idea for this is that the survivors go there to loot for food and drinks because they are low on supplies but eventually the infected find out about them and the main boss (Tank)could maybe be an actual burger Tank.
  14. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    It's time I talked about some of the infected buffs that have been underused by most of the players when they are doing VS as an infected. I know I ain't going to get this perfect, so if anyone out there thinks a buff is used more than underused, or if they think that I missed a buff that is underused. feel free to reply below.

    1. Biological Hologram Buff
    After you die as an infected, there is a 15% chance that you will leave a hologram on the floor, simulating a survivor being attacked by a charger or hunter. If survivors fall for this trap, it may buy your team some time.

    I don't use this buff myself nor do I see anyone else really using it. That's not to say that it does have some uses as more of a Slower Role Buff for distracting survivors into looking at where a special infected might attack from, but that is really its only usefulness there for when your not using the buff against low levels.

    I can't say how I would improve this buff to make it more useful anyway.

    2. Knife Deflection Buff
    Allows you to counter a survivors knife use. Pressing the <ZOOM> key will put you on counter stance for 0.4 seconds. If the survivor uses his knife during this time, it will be deflected and you will stab him with it causing 150HP damage.
    <Usable only when a survivor is trapped by you>
    <Usable once per life>

    After the update that changed the buff effect from being passive activated by chance (15% at the time) to being manually activated for only 0.4 seconds, I can tell that just about everyone turned off from using this buff due to the very low timing that you can only counter knifes for, meaning that you would need to know when exactly the person is going to use their knife, and 0.4 seconds isn't really enough time to know that.

    To improve this buff, I say to either buff it by increasing the time from 0.4 to 1 second or by reverting it back to a 15% chance as it originally was meant to be. 15% chance isn't much but it can potentially turn the tide of battle in the infected's favor.

    3. Common Farming Buff
    Killing a common infected using your claws will instantly heal you by 8%HP.

    I don't know if anyone goes off to kill common infected to restore their health. Plus I haven't used this buff enough to tell how useful it would be for regeneration. It doesn't affect tanks despite the buff not mentioning that too. It is still worth mentioning as an underused buff anyway.

    I don't have any ideas to think about when it comes to improving that buff for now.

    4. No Rescue for You Buff
    Increases needed time for the rescue to be ready by 5 seconds. Accumulates with other players.
    <Works only with timer based finales>

    This is definitely the 2nd most underused buff. Reason for that is because it's one only use is to increase the time required for the rescue to be ready by 5 seconds. While it would be useful for trying to get the survivors killed to have more time remaining by the time they die, that's not to say that it is useful anywhere else.

    What I would do to improve this buff is by having +1 more benefit alongside it. Perhaps a +10% reduction in the cooldown time of special abilities in finales so that this buff does have a better meaning of no rescue for you when you will be able to use your special abilities faster to try and pin down the survivors.

    5. Mark of Permanent Death Buff
    Each time you hit a survivor with your claws you will leave a mark on him. After the survivor accumulates 160 of YOUR marks his next dead will be un-defibable (ragdoll dead).
    <Marks last through the entire round>

    This is definitely by far the most underused buff, if it wasn't for the Biological Hologram Buff, then I don't know. Unfortunately, what's not that good about the buff is that only 2 special infected can use it, the Jockey and the Tank.

    What I would do to improve this buff is by making it more useful with the tank, considering that he has access to this buff. Make it so that every time the tank attacks an incapacitated survivor, he will give 2 marks instead of the usual 1. I don't know about anything else, but keep the number of required marks the same.

    6. Moustachio Bomb Buff
    5% of the total damage you deal to a survivor under moustachio bless will be applied to the survivor once it ends.

    This is an underused buff. and you don't exactly get to deal that much damage with the buff to any survivor, with the exception of Assassin Hunter that has Assassination Boost, Bounty Saving and Nightly Killer Buffs all active. Damage Dealer Charger that has Assassination Boost, Bounty Saving and Nightly Killer Buffs all active. Damage Dealer Jockey that has Assassination Boost, Bounty Saving, Nightly Killer Buffs all active and has been alive for over 60 seconds. The one area where I would see the buff being useful is against an incapacitated survivor who has Guardian Moustachio Buff active, where the damage dealt could end up killing that survivor if the incapacitation HP was low enough.

    I don't have any ideas on how this buff could be improved at the moment.

    7. Desperation Buff
    Increases your claw damage by 2HP + 1HP per 10% of missing health.
    <Does not apply to tanks>

    This is another underused buff. However there is only one reason for that, you can only equip it as a Charger in the Tanky Role. This buff is more suited for an Offensive Buff Set where the person who is playing as a certain Damage dealer Role Special Infected is more expected to attack with his claws rather than using special abilities.

    The buff should be kept the same as it already is, but this buff should also be able to be chosen for Special Infected who are of the Assassin or Damage dealer Classes.

    8. Fear Buff
    Temporarily reduces the level of your attached victim by 1 each 15 seconds that pass.

    This is a very underused buff. It is also not that easy to be attached to your victim (pinning him down) for 15 seconds unless you are alone and no one else is around within 1000 units or cannot see you from any distance at all.

    What I would do to improve this buff is to give a 25% chance of inflicting fear for each level loss that occurs over 15 seconds, with a maximum of a 50% chance after 30 seconds have passed. The fear bad status effect lasts for 10 seconds.

    9. Spit fixed damage Buff
    Your spit deals 2HP fixed base damage instead of gradually going from 0 to 5.

    This may be a somewhat underused buff. Since normally you don't see a Damage dealer Spitter equipped with it. It does have some uses though for when you know you cannot spit on the survivors easily as they move through an outdoor or a large indoor area.

    I don't have any ideas on how this buff should be improved.

    10. Healing Madness Buff
    This is definitely by far one of the most underused buffs, next to the Mark of Permanent Death Buff, it is because of the effect being hard to obtain since your spit is only going to be dealing around 2 damage per tick. Plus no one as a Healer Spitter seems to want to equip that buff.

    I have no ideas for how this buff should be improved.

    One other thing, what will you admins do about the following infected buffs that we cannot get?
    Vulnerable Panic (Damage dealer Smoker)
    Bleeding accelerator (Damage dealer Spitter)
    Acid Illness (Healer Spitter)
    Healing Outage (Healer Spitter)
    Witch Supporter (Healer Spitter)
    Flesh Armor (Debuffer Jockey)
    Infected Fury (meant to be a boomer buff, Tanky Charger)
    Armored Skin (Tanky Charger)
    Infected Yell (General infected)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  15. ... Sounds great:smiley-happy023:
  16. eyal282

    eyal282 New Member

    Advanced tank lure skill, will lure a tank frenzy at chance.

    Add a level cap buff ( to buy you must be at the maximum possible level ) that cannot be premium obtained that allows you to use defibrillator on rag dolls.
  17. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Defibs on ragdolls is, as far as I know, impossible as ragdolls are client side, the server does not know the existence of a ragdoll so we can't really do anything with them.
  18. blackjackdaw24

    blackjackdaw24 Junior Member

    maybe making the knife buff into a skill rather than a buff.

    but keep the knife bag a buff.

    my reason for this is knife buff is a waste of a buff slot and if i decided not to get it the electrified knife skill goes to waste so maybe consider putting it in as a skill instead of a buff.

    also pet buff need a bit of a buff if can possible.
  19. Rascale

    Rascale Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    There is actually the binder item that allows you to convert any buff of your choice into a skill, wait for the big update and you should be able to craft it sometimes. :)
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  20. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

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