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Suggestion: Give the losing team on VS games half the amount of honor and victory points (ACCEPTED!)

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, Oct 26, 2017.


About the suggestion, what do you think?

Poll closed Feb 17, 2018.
  1. Yes - Give players on losing team half the victory and honor points gained.

  2. I need a better reason to accept such a suggestion (read my post below)

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  3. No - Definitely a bad suggestion!

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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    EDIT: Suggestion has been accepted by HonorCode, thanks to you guys for all the support in seeing this thing through.

    I've been thinking about making this thread for some time to give other players the chance to give their inputs on this in VS.

    Here's part of what people say about it when I asked them.
    LazyGG says:
    Maybe someday if they makes the loser get some reward and it will makes everyone happy
    For example Buff reward only for loser point
    Gonzalo says:
    just give honor points to everyone and it will be good.
    Only winners is what makes this frustrating and not fun.
    Keller says:
    Losing motivation by keep losing
    it's definitely bad thing :/

    Here's what the admin's say about this suggestion so far.
    |MG| Atlas: my thought is "that's not too bad, it wouldn't totally hurt
    |MG| Atlas: it may not happening, but we will see what the thoughts of other admins are

    Mute-Today at 4:29 PM
    ive asked hc about it, no response, can only assume he's been busy

    Here's what other players say about this suggestion so far.
    Kira Yagami [λ]: i kinda like the new suggestion

    There is 1 point that I would like to make about this suggestion being a good idea.
    Increasing the motivation for playing VS
    No one really likes it when they don't get any consolation prize for losing a VS match right? And given the amount of Honor and Victory points gained is low anyway, it will take a minimum of a few days to over 1 or 2 weeks of playing VS to get what you do want due to the low number of VS matches being played every day. So giving players that were on the losing team on VS such as half the number of honor and victory points gained, it can start to motivate them to play VS again.

    While VS can be fun to play in mgftw, some players in their opinion find it frustrating that they cannot win a lot of matches. So like what you did with the christmas VS event, it will really help out the players who want to play VS for their own enjoyment as well as the fun on top of it.

    However, there is a good point from Cactus about this suggestion if it were to happen
    Eventually as time passed VS would return back to the way it was before the update (dry as a bone with no players for days to weeks to months)
    [ℯS] Li'l Cactus: i go neutral, because the main goal of the new update in vs is to bring people to play vs
    [ℯS] Li'l Cactus: with the new buffs and points
    [ℯS] Li'l Cactus: but once they got the buffs that they want, probably they will stop going to vs
    [ℯS] Li'l Cactus: so if people can get the points easily, the update in vs will be pointless due people will get their buffs pretty fast and no longer play vs

    It's something worth considering. However, every player takes their own time to get whatever buffs they want to get at their own pace. No matter how long it takes them to do that, even if we were to get all the stuff we wanted to get in VS. Some people may still want to have fun and have a great time enjoying the play on the game mode after doing that and helping others who have not yet enjoyed VS do so.

    Just to make it short with the primary suggestion:
    - Suggestion is to give the losing team half the number of honor and victory points gained per VS map as a VS consolation prize.
    - The minimum player requirement of 8 players must still be satisfied for this VS consolation prize to be given out.

    The poll for this suggestion is above! go vote on it and let's show the rest of the players that we still want to have VS around on mgftw! :D

    Now if people try to flaw this suggestion by afking in Versus and do almost nothing or not giving enough contribution then they don't deserve the consolation reward.

    Now if the primary suggestion does end up becoming a problem, here is a second suggestion:
    Now if the consolation prizes do get given out much more quickly than usual, then add in a 50% chance for the consolation prize to be given out so that the losing team in VS can work hard for the reward. This would be done to off set people getting what buffs and wearables they want so quickly and still make it a long term goal.

    Another suggestion that I have been thinking about here is with the victory point cost of the clan tank abilities. This is where the total amount of victory points required is over 30000+ for all clan tank abilities. It is worth taking a look at them all and reducing the price on them by up to 90 - 95% so that we don't have to work for a very long time on earning 15000 victory points which is the highest cost for 1 of the clan tank abilities.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
  2. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    I think it is fair enough to give people points for trying to win rounds, but the value will be less than what you would receive for winning.

    Victory points will take a bigger roll on clans on the next update, so we will need to do a little bit more research.

    All this will be applied on the next update.
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  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Much appreciated that you would consider this HonorCode, it's better than nothing overall. If there's one thing that I would like to continue doing with mgftw VS, it is making it fun for the players by motivating them to enjoy their time on the server.

    It is also to good to see that the amount of victory points earned in every map will be changed. On average, 1 to 3 clan members for every clan on mgftw are normally seen on versus, yet it does not justify the large amount of grinding required for them at the moment.

    Will be looking forward to the next update, and i'm sure many players will be too :)

    Thanks again for accepting the suggestion!
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
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  4. Col.Meen

    Col.Meen New Member

    no point if you play with bot (ex. framming) i know bot stand and do noting but i have 75 exp if i play with bot if i do noting it give me to
    it my imagine
    in finale if you win *tank(T3) and survivor past out and *fullteam with clan fight another clan it give you x4 rank clan up or whatever *not clan it give you x2.5 or x3
    if 8vs8 it good to give full exp and *2 rate base on coop (not finale map)
    if 4vs4 it good to give full exp and *1.5 rate base on coop (not finale map)
    if players not full team 1vs1 or 2 3 it give you normal rate
    sorry if me write english bad

    it my imagine
    best regards
  5. Dog

    Dog New Member

    Level players from 230 to 250 or 270 to max in next update

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