Dormant Repugnant Tank (DTG)

Jan 16, 2019
Dormant Repugnant Tank (DTG)
  • Dormant Repugnant Tank (DTG V2.2.4)

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    Tank Info:

    Dormant Repugnant Tank

    A very toxic tank alike the Sickening Tank. We do not want to know what it could do if it managed to fully awaken.

    Health: 130,000
    Punch Damage: 180 HP
    Speed: 1.3
    Hit Delay: 0.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense.
    • (Passive) Toxicity: Adds one stack of Toxicity on each punch. The first stack causes the survivor to receive 1% of Max HP damage per second. Each new stack multiplies the damage by 2. (1% -> 2% -> 4% -> 8% -> ...). Survivors lose toxicity by 1 stack each 8 seconds. (Max DPS: 128%).
    • (Active) Toxic Cloud: The tank releases toxic clouds that stay in an area for 16 seconds and deal 6 HP damage every 0.1 seconds. The cloud grows in size overtime.
    • (Passive) No escape: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't damaged a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.

    Additional Information:
    The Dormant Repugnant Tank is the final and 6th dormant tank out of 6 dormant tanks that have to be defeated in the 'Dormant Apocalypse' Quest from Sara.

    How to get around this tank: <top>
    • Step 1: You can damage this tank with weapons until you kill it.

    • This tank fight in particular is done with 2 players instead of just doing it solo, so if you plan on aggroing the tank, make sure to give the other survivor a large amount of distance between you two so the other survivor has enough time to aggro the tank back towards them.
    • If you get low on health, be sure to go over to the other survivor and then heal with a first aid kit so you can heal the both of you. Do this before you get incapacitated or killed.

    Recommended Setup
    • Primary Weapon: Any Primary Weapon
    • Secondary Weapon: Any Secondary Pistol
    • Throwables: Pipe bomb
    • Main Health Item: First Aid Kit
    • Secondary Health Item: Pain Pills
    • Special Bullets: Freezing Bullets*
    • Booster: Refined Regeneration Booster*

    NOTE: * Indicates that the weapon/item recommended for the setup is optional.

    Recommended Buff Set <top>

    Videos Showcasing this tank: <top>