Buff Enhancements (BaBS)

Dec 9, 2018
Buff Enhancements (BaBS)
  • Buff Enhancements (BaBS V2.4.10)

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    Buff Enhancements require an existing buff, improving or altering certain aspects. Crafting them gives an inventory item which is then used to activate them. The enhancement is then in effect as long as the buff is equipped.

    • A Buff can only have 1 enhancement active. If a buff has multiple enhancements to choose from, then you can only choose one to apply.
    • Some enhancements can work with multiple buffs, in which case either buff can be equipped for the effect to be active.
    • If you don't currently own a Buff that you have the Buff Enhancement for, then there will be a warning displayed letting you know about it.

    There are 3 ways to craft/obtain Buff Enhancements:
    • Normal Crafting (Through the workshop from the market within !cp)
    • Clan Crafting (Within the clan workshop)
    • Obtaining through events

    For each Buff Enhancement listed, you will have it's description and the list of buffs that it can be applied to. Then you will have the crafting requirements that will need to be fulfilled should you want to craft any of these Buff Enhancements.

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