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List of Buff Enhancements by Buff Category (BaBS)

Aug 25, 2020
List of Buff Enhancements by Buff Category (BaBS)
  • List of Buff Enhancements by Buff Category (BaBS V2.14.4)

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    Currently, there are 109 Buff Enhancements.

    The order of this list is as follows:
    • In the order of the Buff Categories, for the buff that the Buff Enhancement applies to.
    • If two or more Buff Enhancements can be applied to the same buff, then it is based on the order of Buff Enhancements within their respective lists.

    List of Offensive Buff Enhancements: 17 <top>
    1. Armor Piercing Grenades (Extra Powder)
    2. |E| Samurai Training (Ninja)
    3. |E| Armor Piercing Bullets (|Q| Piercing Bullets)
    4. Shared Excitement (Excitement) (|V| Over Excitement)
    5. |E| Tank Annihilator (Tank Slayer)
    6. Hawkeye (|E| Focused)
    7. |E| Anti-Tank Order (|E| Tank Party Crasher)
    8. Responsive Spotter (|E| Weak Point Spotter)
    9. |E| Ranged Perfectionist (Ranged Expert)
    10. Selective Zap (|E| Zapping Gun)
    11. Loaded Zap (|E| Zapping Gun)
    12. |E| Deadshot (|E| Deadeye)
    13. |E| Gory Munitions (|V| Gory Killer)
    14. Barbed Wire (Deflection Suit)
    15. Deflection Spark (Deflection Suit)
    16. Incendiary Shrapnel (|E| Shrapnel Shot)
    17. |E| Smasher Flurry (|E| Smasher Pan)

    List of Defensive Buff Enhancements: 21
    1. Furious Ignition (Anger Ignition)
    2. Guardian Recharger (Guardian Moustachio)
    3. Boosted Morphine (Morphine Injector) (|E| Advanced Morphine Injector)
    4. Fall Spike (Counter Slap)
    5. |E| Slow Repellent (|E| Slow Resistance)
    6. Wish on Sight (Hope on Sight)
    7. |E| General Tank Mastery (General Tank Handler)
    8. Destiny Bond (|E| Love is in the air)
    9. Blood Transfusion (Mindset Change)
    10. |E| Vigor (Tenacity)
    11. Moustachio Grace (|E| Super Moustachio Bless)
    12. |E| Reactive Injector (|E| Advanced Morphine Injector) (Morphine Injector)
    13. Tank Resister (|E| Tank Duelist)
    14. |E| Witch Guard (|E| Fatal Guard)
    15. Unyielding (Unstoppable)
    16. Sleeping Bag (|V| Protective Bag)
    17. |E| Freezing Bag (|V| Protective Bag)
    18. Pledge (|E| Promise)
    19. |E| Wild Spirit (|E| Free Spirit)
    20. |E| Safekeeper (|E| Bodyguard)
    21. |E| Pain Transfer (|E| Pain Moderation)

    List of Ability Buff Enhancements: 21 <top>
    1. Super Shove (Deadly Shove)
    2. Overcharge Arms (Hyperactive)
    3. Overcharge Legs (Hyperactive)
    4. Respite (Avenger)
    5. Zombie Shredder (|E| Zombie Eradicator)
    6. |E| Grave Suspension (|E| Beyond the Grave)
    7. |E| Grave Recuperation (|E| Beyond the Grave)
    8. Hyper Burst (Strength Burst)
    9. Burning Soul (Immolation)
    10. Juggernaut (|E| Berserk)
    11. Lightning Hands (Tactical Reload)
    12. Momentum Blast (Mobility Master)
    13. |E| Focused Enrage (|V| Enraging Waves)
    14. Inner Courage (|E| Courage)
    15. |E| Out With A Bang (|E| Dying Berserk)
    16. Inner Might (|E| Hidden Strength)
    17. |E| Adrenaline Accelerator (Adrenaline Area Booster)
    18. Steady Sight (Down but Not Out)
    19. |E| Battle Roar (|C| Battle Cry)
    20. Posthumous Pact (|E| Non-Aggression Pact)
    21. Personal Pact (|E| Non-Aggression Pact)

    List of Equipment Buff Enhancements: 24
    1. Throwing Knives (Knife)
    2. Pocket Magnum (Hidden Magnum)
    3. Reusable Traps (Grenade Trap)
    4. Vented Grenade Launcher (Floral Grenade Launch)
    5. Gas Mask (Goggles)
    6. Short Fuse (Seeking Grenade)
    7. Clinic (Infirmary)
    8. |E| Chainsaw Maniac (Chainsaw Dumbass)
    9. Multi Dispenser (Health Dispenser)
    10. Disposable Knife (Knife Bag)
    11. Six Slot Launcher (Advanced Grenade Launcher)
    12. Adaptive Shell (Compressed Shell)
    13. |E| Frost Field (Freezing Grenade) (Freezing Grenade Launcher)
    14. Searing Flames (|E| Flaming Sword)
    15. Phantom Rounds (Dummy Rounds)
    16. Underbarrel Autoloader (Underbarrel Launcher)
    17. |E| Adren-Infused Pipe Bombs (|E| Healing Pipe Bombs)
    18. Explosive Automata (|E| Slaying Automata)
    19. Safety Bomb (|E| Sticky Bomb)
    20. Frostcharger (|C| Discharger)
    21. |E| Steam Burst (|C| Spin-up M60)
    22. |E| Lock-On Module (|C| Rocket Launcher)
    23. Auto-Defib (|E| Auto-Medical)
    24. |E| Electrified Wall (|E| Repulsion Wall)

    List of Utility Buff Enhancements: 15 <top>
    1. Stress Induced Adrenaline (Adrenaline Run)
    2. Special Bait (Death Bait)
    3. Special Defibrillator (Special First Aid)
    4. Hasty Crafter (|Q| Artisan)
    5. |E| Eco Knife (|E| Knife Recycle)
    6. Bullet Hunter (|E| Bullet Scavenger)
    7. Lingering Shocks (Healing Shocks)
    8. Doctor's Orders (Prescription Medication)
    9. Cleansing Aura (|E| Cleansing Pills)
    10. |E| Dopamine Guard (|E| Dopamine-Infused Meds)
    11. |E| Dopamine Wish (|E| Dopamine-Infused Meds)
    12. Frontloader (Sideloader)
    13. |E| Steadfast Sprint (Steadfast Aim)
    14. |E| Pain Analeptic (Pain Stimulant)
    15. |E| Selective Inoculation (|E| Reactive Inoculation)

    List of Economy and Exp Buff Enhancements: 3
    1. Accelerated Payment (Survival Payment) | Economy and Exp Buffs
    2. |E| Trusted Consumer (Hunting Reward) | Economy and Exp Buffs
    3. Trainee (Observer) | Economy and Exp Buffs

    List of Miscellaneous Buff Enhancements: 6
    1. General Dominator (Finale Dominator) | Miscellaneous Buffs
    2. Finale Overlord (Finale Dominator) | Miscellaneous Buffs
    3. Medic Drone (|E| Helping Drone) | Miscellaneous Buffs
    4. Scavenger Drone (|E| Helping Drone) | Miscellaneous Buffs
    5. Medic Assassin (|V| Assassin Drone) | Miscellaneous Buffs
    6. Scavenger Assassin (|V| Assassin Drone) | Miscellaneous Buffs

    List of Other Buff Enhancements: 2 <top>
    1. Sustained Bounty (Starting Bounty) | Other Buffs
    2. Scholar (Student) | Other Buffs