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Strategies for Missing Squad...

May 30, 2019
Strategies for Missing Squad...
  • Strategies for Missing Squad Scenario (MGS V2.2.7)

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    Link: https://mgftw.com/wiki/marvelous-gaming-scenario/?noRedirect=1

    Back to Missing Squad Scenario Page
    Link: https://mgftw.com/wiki/missing-squad-scenario-mgs/?noRedirect=1

    Recommended Buff Set Setup:
    • 10x Offensive Players
    • 3x Defensive Players
    • 4x Healer Players
    • 3x Support Players


    The Offensive Players should mainly focus on taking down the tanks that spawn. When the Sickening Tank spawns, you are on a race against time as you try to take down the tank to its desperation state before its contamination stacks get too much for the survivors to survive against. Using maximum health increasing buffs is not the best idea as it'll increase the amount of damage you'll take in numbers from the SICKNESS bad status effect inflicted by the tank.

    Recommended Offensive Buff Set
    Link: https://mgftw.com/wiki/recommended-offensive-buff-set-mss-mgs/?noRedirect=1


    The Defensive Players should mainly focus on defending against the tank's attacks from the tanks that spawn. When the Sickening tank spawns, be sure to aggro it over to you so you can take on the punishment while letting every other survivor deal free damage to it. You will get a lot of SICKNESS stacks and take a lot of AOE damage for it but it'll be worth the aggro power in the end if it helps the survivors kill the tank.

    Recommended Defensive Buff Set
    Link: https://mgftw.com/wiki/recommended-defensive-buff-set-mss-mgs/?noRedirect=1

    Healer: <top>

    The Healer players should mainly focus on healing any survivors low on health and resurrecting any dead survivors back to life. While the Sickening Tank is active, you should avoid its SICKNESS bad status effect being inflicted on you at all costs while you go over to assist any other survivors who are in need of healing. Don't forget about the dead survivors that you'll need to defib as well, however it's best to go in safely and carefully while avoiding the tank.

    Recommended Healer Buff Set
    Link: https://mgftw.com/wiki/recommended-healer-buff-set-mss-mgs/?noRedirect=1


    The Support Players should mainly focus on taking down the Common and Special Infected as they spawn. During the scenario and when the Sickening Tank is out, you will have the evil bots that spawn in to help the infected with trying to kill the survivors. Deal with the evil bots first before you decide to go help out with the support of killing any common or special infected around the area. You can also help out by aggroing the tank if you need to get his toxic clouds away from the survivors or if you wanna help out the survivors with free damage and/or healing.

    Recommended Support Buff Set
    Link: https://mgftw.com/wiki/recommended-support-buff-set-mss-mgs/?noRedirect=1

    Recommended Strategy Overall:

    It is recommended to keep the number of alive survivors above 15 players. Just make sure you defib any dead survivors when necessary in order to keep the number of survivors up while taking down the Sickening Tank in a race against time. Try not to have anymore than 4 perma dead survivors as well if you want to have any chances at killing the tank as well. Be sure to keep the evil bots at bay by killing them before they can deal too much damage to the survivors.

    Things to keep in mind:
    • Recommended Place to fight most tanks: Inside the large house in the right bedroom where all the weapons are.
    • Recommended Place to fight Sickening Tank: Outside the large house in the front yard.
    • If the following tanks spawn, go outdoors: Shaman Tank, Breeder Tank, Supreme Shaman Tank, Fighter Tank, Infernal Tank, Reaper Tank, Supreme Knight Tank, Supreme Bloody Tank
    • If the following tanks spawn, go indoors: Knight Tank

    Ways to do this Scenario: <top>

    This is for when the survivors must do something in order to start the scenario through 1 way or another way. It could be the choice to do something or not to do something or it could be time related. Whatever you decide to do within this scenario as to the choice will affect how difficult the scenario will be.

    No choices needed to be made...