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Sierra's Questline (QG)

Sep 23, 2021
Sierra's Questline (QG)
  • Sierra's Questline (QG V2.1.11)

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    15. Sierra

    List of Quests:
    1. 1. Market Research (Lv. 210)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. None

      Greetings friend. I go by 'Sierra'. No, that's not my real name, only a fool would identify themselves doing the things I'm doing. You see, what I'm doing isn't exactly... moral. But I'm sure you don't care right?

      Oh apologies, didn't even mention why I contacted you. I run a, er, 'shop' for some goods. Specialty items, things not so easy to come by. Things you may need. But of course, I need payment. Payment is simple, I ask for cash, this medication that holds off the virus, and some blood from those strong tank beast things.

      Why these? Well, who doesn't love cash, who doesn't want to stay human, and the blood? Sorry, trade secret my friend. You interested? Just show me you are a worthwhile customer. I don't hand out freebies.

      Quest Tasks:
      1. (Progress only calculated from action awards or toaster drops)
        (Progress calculated before boosters)
        Acquire $100,000 Cash
      2. Acquire 500 FR-Pills
      3. Acquire 3 |<| Volatile Tank Blood

      Quest Rewards:
      • x1 |Q| Black Market Pass (This unlocks access to the !bmarket command as well)

      Wonderful, my friend. You are just the person I'm looking for. For you, a Black Market Pass. My wares change every day so take a look and maybe you'll find something you need.

      Just keep in mind my business 'partners' are a little hesitant on selling to people outside our group, so you'll need to earn some Trust on the daily before I can sell to you. Just go abouts your usual infected clearing you do and that'll satisfy them.

      Oh, I also am willing to part with some cash if you have any items of your own you are willing to part with. May this be a bountiful venture for us both.