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Points Reloaded Quests Guide

Nov 16, 2021
Points Reloaded Quests Guide
  • Points Reloaded Quests Guide (Version 2.4)

    UPDATE (17/11/2021):
    - Updated Sara's Quest Story: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and Quest Story: Dormant Apocalypse with the [PR] lines I couldn't get before.
    - Almost finished with screenshots for Quest related items (Pile of Dead Cow, CEDA PC, Radio and Supply Box). Might be a week or two from now until next update!

    - timkit

    Welcome to the Points Reloaded Quests Guide!

    HINT: To make finding the information you want easier. In the page you want to find information on something, just copy whatever text you wish to find. Be it any certain headings, the name of any particular buff that interested you and so on. Then hold down the CTRL+F keys while your on the wiki page, a little box that can by typed into will appear at the top right of the page. Then paste your text into the little box and search away! Have fun reading.

    Information on this guide:
    Welcome! If you happen to be lost and need to know what this guide is for... then you must have landed on this page.

    This guide covers all of the quests that can be done within mgftw on the COOP servers. Whether these quests are a one-off or a daily quest involving you to do certain tasks, you'll have all the information and knowledge that you'll need to help you out with completing any quests you need help with. If you're also looking to know how a certain quest is to be done or where you can find a certain quest item easier, then this guide is for you!

    Information on Quests:

    Quest Items:


    Main Creator:
    • timkit [™۞] - Creator of this guide.

    Admins who contributed:
    1. Mute - Thanks for the update that added in the Quest Completed lines for each of the quests within mgftw. Without it, many of us players would not have known the stories of some quest givers and the fates that some of them faced.

    Players who helped out:
    1. slushpuppy
    2. W4R_P1G - For providing a few Quest Item screenshots in the past back when I asked for help with them. Much appreciated ^^
    3. Pura - Back when I did not do any Guide Updates on this guide back during 2019, he helped out with the Gunsmith Quest pages. Wish you could return to mgftw 1 day :(
    4. Mr. Foster - The Dormant Tank video that had the [PR] lines for when Dormant Tank key was picked up and when the Dormant attempt was failed.

    Thanks for reading this guide. With a better understanding of the quests that you can do in mgftw, you'll be able to know how to do these quests with little problems. You can also show the other players where certain quest items are when they do need help on quests. If you have any questions about this guide, be sure to post in the Changelog forum thread or message timkit on steam.

    Remember... You will only be able to do quests as long as you have completed the prerequisites for them. Enjoy the experience that these quests give you and make sure to have fun doing them!