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Roger's Questline (QG)

Sep 12, 2021
Roger's Questline (QG)
  • Roger's Questline (QG V2.1.2)

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    2. Roger

    List of Quests:
    1. 1. Green Meeting (Lv. 5)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. None

      Hey hey... Are you immune?... Oh it doesn't matter... My name is Roger, but people call me "The Hawk" and they all love me so much. WAIT! Don't switch the channel! I'm not crazy, just... just a little bit nervous but, still, hawks are awesome! What am I saying... Hey psssst, dude, I'm running out of time, I need some of my green treasure to keep me alive...

      Come on, can you get me some? Some weed you know, I need it to survive, just go get me some and leave it on those fucking boxes out there, I'll get it. PSSSST!!! Don't speak too loud! Nobody can follow you, just get the weed oh please get my treasure for me. Now GO, GOOO! I SAID GO! HURRY!

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Find Weed for Roger

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 1,000 Exp
      • Cash: $200 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: Sexy Witches (Lv. 10)

      YOU GOT IT? OHHHH YEEEES! Thanks , THANKS TO YOU OH YES! I'll get it soon but before I have to (*Screams in the back*)... SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH! Oh fuck I gotta' go. OUT...
    2. 2. Sexy Witches (Lv. 10)

      Quest Prerequisites:

      1. Green Meeting (Lv. 5)

      OH! Hey there again! Oh thank you so much for the weed, my girlfriend and I enjoyed it so much! By the way, the bitch escaped a few hours ago screaming and looking at me with her sexy eyes! She has white hair and her skin is pretty pale, she also tends to cry a lot so please be nice with her!

      When she ran away some other survivors screamed 'WITCH' and she killed them with her very own hands! Incredible, she doesn't like to be called like that I believe. I don't think I'll ever see her again ever after I gave her all that pleasure. Well, she probably didn't enjoy it because I had to tie her up before having some action.

      Oh I feel so sad now but, you know what I need? I need some of her hair to remember the beautiful night we just had. Please, can you get me some of her hair? If you do I'll give you some cash!

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Collect 5 witch hair samples

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 3,500 Exp
      • Cash: $1,100 Cash

      About time! I'll go for the hair later. I guess i have to thank you, so... thanks. Hope we meet in the future but at this point is really hard to tell because... (*Huge Witch Scream*) HOLY SHIT AHHHHHH (*Transmission Ended*)