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Removed Infected Buffs (IBaR)

Dec 3, 2020
Removed Infected Buffs (IBaR)
  • Removed Infected Buffs (IBaR V2.0)

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    Removed Infected Buffs are those that used to exist within mgftw that could be used by the infected within VS in the past. Since now, or within a previous update these infected buffs have been removed and thus can no longer be used. There aren't any infected buffs that are currently disabled at the moment.

    1. Infected Yell (General Infected Buffs #2) (Not for sale)

    Buff requirements were unknown at the time.

    Upon death, there is a 3% chance of launching survivors near far away due to an extremely loud dying yell.

    Tips on Buff Usage:
    • If you end up managing to drag the survivors near to a death zone and then die near them, it could potentially launch them away, with a chance to get them killed. You can also try separating the survivors from each other if they're are in groups by having your infected die between the two. It could help setup an unexpected ambush.

    Benefit in Buff Sets:

    Upon death, you have a low chance to launch nearby survivors far away.