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Quest Walkthrough RELOADED!

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Steph, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    * Points Reloaded Quest Walkthrough *

    Starting A Quest
    To start a quest, simply walk up to a radio and press the use button (e). After that you will have 3 options:
    1. Check for quests - View all quests and activate quests.
    2. Finish quests - Completes quests.
    3. End transmission - Closes the menu.


    Gathering Quest Items
    Once a quest is selected you need to meet the requirements to finish it. This usually means collecting items. These items will vary in shapes and sizes depending on which quest items you need to gather. Quest items can only be visible to the person or people trying to gather them. Example: A wheel will look like a big circle and a water jug would look like a water dispenser you might see in an office. To pick up a quest item walk up to it and press the use button (e).

    Finishing A Quest
    You must have all the items needed to finish a quest in your quest inventory before placing them into the box or you will get a message saying you didn't place anything in the box. Once you have gathered all the items needed to complete a quest, walk up to the square box with a green glow around it and press the use button (e). You will have 3 options to chose from:
    1. Put items in the box - Deposits items from your quest inventory into the box.
    2. Take items from the box - Removes rewards from the box and places them in your inventory.
    3. Close box - Closes the menu.
    (Item Box)


    Available Quests
    Do not open any of the following spoiler tags if you do not wish to see where you can get quest items and the rewards for finishing the quests.

    Welcome to hell 1 - level 1
    Hello? Hello! Oh thank god somebody finally replied to my calls! My name is
    Kyle and I'm trapped here on one safe room. I'm trapped because I'm not immune
    to the infection and if I go out, I might catch the flu and become one
    of those little bastards. I've been talking to other refugee survivors and
    you must know that there are a lot of us out there.

    Some say that the infection is airborne, but I'm really sure they are wrong, or else
    we would all be infected by now, wouldn't we? Well, you and a few amount of people
    are immune to the infection. We don't know why, but people like you never show
    the symptoms and never get aggressive like the rest.

    So, could you please do my a favor? I'm really starting to starve now and since
    I cannot go out and look for food by myself I would really appreciate if you could
    bring me something. I know what you are thinking at the moment. How can you give me
    the food without infecting me in the process? Well is really simple. I told you
    that we were a lot out there right? We have putted several empty supply boxes around
    different locations so immune survivors like you can put and retrieve stuff from them.
    I know it sounds crazy, but with the help of some ex-ceda members, we protected the boxes
    from the infection. So not even blood on them will infect food or any items inside.

    But still, try to be careful when you open up the box, the risk is always there.
    Bring me some snacks and put them on any supply box. I'll go get them when things are
    a little more calm out there, specially after the zombies follow you He He...
    So, Will you help me?

    -Collect 5 snacks for Kyle

    Dead Center Map 1 ground floor
    Parish Map 1 kitchen

    Welcome to hell 2 - level 2
    Hi again! I must really thank you for the snacks you bring me before.
    But, food is not all I need to survive. I'm really thirsty right now and
    if I don't drink something soon I might collapse and eventually die.
    Could you please get me some water?

    -Collect 4 bottles of water for Kyle

    Parish Map 1 table
    Dead Center Map 2 gun shop

    The Antidote 1 - level 75
    Hey there! It has been a long time since the last time we talked...
    Do you even remember me? Oh well, let me get to the point. I must
    warn you about something, I've been watching the infected out there
    and they seem to be causing mutations on immune survivors. Basically
    some infected have a strange variant of the original virus that attacks
    immune survivor's neurons and make them forget how to use their recent
    upgrades or the latest learned skills. Is a really powerful variant
    but the effect can be easily countered with an antidote I'm able to
    make. Ow, did I ever mention that I was a doctor? Anyway, all I need
    to make some antidote are a few samples of blood from Paranoia tanks.

    These tanks seem to suffer from extreme aggression and is almost impossible
    to cut them using melee weapons. All you can do is shoot an incredible
    amount of times before they can go down. I know is hard, but I just need
    one sample of their blood to make the antidote. Hurry and get the samples so
    I can protect you from this variant!

    -Collect 1 mutated blood sample

    Dropped by Para Tanks

    exp: 45000
    cash: 2000
    Mutation Shield Buff (1day)
    The Antidote 2 - level 78
    Crap, the last antidote didn't last long, did it? But, there is no need
    to worry. I can refine my method to make it last a little longer but
    unfortunately I need more blood samples to make more antidote.
    The variant concentrations are poor on paranoia tank's blood, plus
    every time I make some antidote, the virus sample gets destroyed.

    Bring me more samples so I can make a durable antidote.
    Make sure you don't die out there. Good luck!

    -Collect 3 mutated blood sample

    Dropped by Para Tanks

    exp: 85720
    cash: 2000
    gems: 1
    Mutation Shield Buff (1week)
    The Antidote 3 - level 85
    Hey, it's me Kyle again. I have good and bad news. The good one is that
    I found a way to make the antidote last way longer, over a month or so.
    It took me some time but I finally got it working. The bad news are that
    I found out that some blood fell inside a bottle of water during my
    research, and I already drank from that water.

    That's why I was so dizzy yesterday. I'm afraid I won't be able
    to make it longer than a few days, so hurry up and bring me more blood
    samples. I hope that you can make it in time...

    -Collect 8 mutated blood samples

    Dropped by Para Tanks

    exp: 105000
    cash: 5700
    gems: 5
    Mutation Shield Buff (1month)
    Medical Research
    Hello again! Yes I know... The antidote didn't last long enough to protect you from the variant. I'm really confused through as I really hoped it would have a permanent effect, but seems like I'll have to study the infection a little bit more.

    -Examine a pile of dead cows
    -Collect 10 Infected Blood Samples

    Blood Harvest (Map 4 Barn, cows)

    exp: 16500
    cash: 1300
    Green Meeting - level 5
    Hey hey! Are you immune? Oh it doesn't matter... My name is Roger, but people
    call me 'The Hawk' and they all love me so much. WAIT! Don't switch of channel
    I'm not crazy, just... just a little bit nervous but, still, hawks are awesome!
    What am I saying...Hey psssst, dude, I'm running out of time, I need some of
    my green treasure to keep me alive...

    Come on, can you get me some? Some weed you know, I need it to survive, just
    go get me some and leave it on those fucking boxes out there, I'll get it.
    PSSSST!!! Don't speak too loud! Nobody can follow you, just get the weed oh
    please get my treasure for me. Now GO, GOOO! I SAID GO! HURRY!

    -Find weed for Roger

    Parish Map 1 bar
    Parish Map 1 by table

    exp: 3000
    cash: 150
    Sexy Witches - level 15
    OH! Hey there again! Oh thank you so much for the weed, my girlfriend and I
    enjoyed it so much! By the way, the bitch escaped a few hours ago screaming
    and looking at me with her sexy eyes! She has white hair and her skin is
    pretty pale, she also tends to cry a lot so please be nice with her!

    When she ran away some other survivors screamed 'WITCH' and she killed them
    with her very own hands! Incredible, she doesn't like to be called like that
    I believe. I don't think I'll ever see her again even after I gave her all
    that pleasure. Well, she probably didn't enjoy it because I had to tie her
    up before having some action.

    Oh I feel so sad now but, you know what I need? I need some of her hair to
    remember the beautiful night we just had. Please, can you get me some of
    her hair? If you do I'll give you some cash!

    -Collect 5 witch hair samples

    Burn her and run, but keep an eye on where she dies. Best to kill non-poisonous witches for this quest

    The Voice
    Looking for power 1 - level 200
    (Whispering) Hey... Hey you. I know that you are looking for more power
    and strength. Is not about surviving anymore right? Is about kicking
    zombie asses and wiping absolutely every single infected cell from
    this world and is also about being better than your pathetic partners...

    You need more power, more of EVERYTHING! I can help you but your body
    will not resist the power I got in my hands, so first you will have to
    drink the blood of some paranoic tanks. Don't ask, just go, proof that
    you are brave enough to acquire this power...

    -Collect 20 mutated blood samples

    Dropped by Para Tanks

    exp: 300000
    cash: 10000
    gems: 10
    Looking for power 2 - level 200
    The blood you drank is necessary to prepare your body for the real process.
    If I had given you the power I have here right now without doing that first
    you would have collapsed and the infection would have consumed you from inside
    out in a few minutes without giving you a chance to live. But now that you completed
    that part, we are able to continue the process.

    You might know Sara, I'm pretty sure she gave you some
    guidance about the different monsters that are appearing recently so
    this wont be a problem. Get a claw and the brain from a Shaman Tank
    and let me know when you are done. Good luck...

    -Collect 1 Shaman Tank Claw
    -Collect 1 Shaman Tank Brain

    Best place to find a Shaman is on a coop server with high levels or wait for an admin to hold an event or until Helms Deep is open

    exp: 850000
    cash: 15320
    gems: 20
    Liquid Enhancer
    Regeneration 1 - level 15
    Thank god you replied to the radio calls! We are like 5 survivors
    trapped on a saferoom on New Orleans. We have enough supplies to
    last but one of us is infected and we do not know who. Everyone
    is nervous because somebody puked blood last night and we don't
    want to kill the wrong person.

    The only way to find out is by taking blood samples, but we don't
    have the necessary items to do so. Could you help us?

    -Collect a magnifying glass
    -Collect a syringe

    =Magnifying Glass=
    Dead Center Map 2 CEDA Tent
    Parish Map 1 ramp room
    Parish Map 1 behind plants
    Dead Center Map 2 CEDA Tent
    Parish Map 1 kitchen

    Regeneration 2 - level 18
    Hey there again, we found out who was infected. Actually, nobody got
    harmed but I noticed something really weird. Indeed, some of us got
    nervous and tried to kill the guy fast inflicting wounds and cuts
    on his body with a few machetes and knives. For our surprise all
    his wounds started to heal considerably fast
    and he only died when we inflicted a deep cut on his head. We could
    use his body's regeneration property to heal or survive longer.
    In order to do our research, we will require more items to
    investigate. I'll give you a cure or whatever we find out!

    -Collect 5 samples of infected blood
    -Collect 2 Syringes
    -Collect a Medical Mask

    =Infected Blood=
    Dark Carnival Map 4 before roofs
    Sacrifice Finale on road
    Dead Center Map 2 CEDA Tent
    Parish Map 1 kitchen
    =Medical Mask=
    Dead Center Map 2 CEDA Tent
    Dead Center Map 2 tent end saferoom

    exp: 16750
    cash: 1000
    gems: 1
    Regeneration 3 - level 30
    Yes!, you finally show up!. Something terrible is going on. One of us went
    to get the items you left on the supply box and got bit by the infected.
    Of course he didn't tell us but luckily none of us got attacked by
    him as we noticed the aggression immediately.

    The problem is that when he started to convert, he screamed really really
    loud, attracting the infected that passed near! There's like 15 crazy
    ass infected outside our hideout and we cannot risk to die now! We are
    near the waterfront market, right in front the river. We are hidden
    on a garage.

    Please, if you pass by kill those fuckers before they manage to get inside!

    -Kill 15 infected near the mentioned spot

    Parish Map 1 garage

    exp: 18750
    cash: 5000
    Gems: 1
    Dark Results - level 37
    Hey... It's Keith... The other 2 guys... They are dead.
    It all happened so quick! We got to the boat and when I
    started the engine, all those fuckers came out from
    nowhere! Oh god... One zombie with a long tongue grabbed
    one of them while the other guy was getting killed
    by nearly 20 of them. I managed to escape with the boat
    but it had no gas left. I ended up on a really small town
    and all I can hear are women crying and loud growls. I
    don't think I'll make it, so please I got one last
    request for you.

    My daughter... she died when all this started near our
    home. One scared citizen passed by so fast with his car
    that ran her over. I don't want to die feeling alone so
    I'd like that you bring me a picture of her. Our home
    is located at the Riverside town.

    If you pass by it, take a look and bring the picture to
    a suply box so I can die in peace. Please, bring her back!

    -Collect Keith's daughter picture

    Swamp Fever Map 1 on generator
    Death Toll Finale cottage
    Death Toll Finale first house

    exp: 25300
    cash: 670
    Charity 1 - level 10
    Hello? HELLO! Please, you have to help me. I'm alone here and
    bleeding out! WAIT NO! I'm not infected! The building were I
    work collapsed thanks to an explosion near and I got hurt by
    the debris. Please, help me! I don't have anything to give
    you but please, help me out!

    -Collect 5 bandages for Sara

    Dead Center Map 2 CEDA Tent
    Dead Center Map 2 tent end saferoom
    Parish Map 1 table

    Charity 2 - level 10

    -Go help Sara

    Dark Carnival Map 2 shooting game

    exp: 1
    Prove it 1 - level 80
    Oh! It's you again? Do you really think you are strong enough to
    talk to me? AHHH... THE ZOMBIE... Ha ha ha, I still remember that
    oh god I wish I saw your expression when I told you it was fake...
    Oh... Alright, to business then. So, before you want to make
    any deals with me you will have to prove that you are
    capacitated to survive this madness. So, to start, kill 8 poisonous
    witches. Hey! That's nothing! We have killed 1000 at this point.
    Oh, you might ask why do I say 'we'... I won't tell you yet. Now
    go and be FAST.

    -Kill 8 Poisonous witches

    Burn her and run, but keep an eye on where she dies

    exp: 97500
    cash: 3750
    gems: 2
    Prove it 2 - level 80
    Ok, you still have to prove yourself. Let me think... Yes!, Carlos, one of
    the guys on my clan had an idea. At first, we were so fucking scared about
    invisible jockeys that we almost got bitten thanks to our stupidity. Oh wait
    have you even met these jockeys before? Well, is worth an explanation.

    You know that the human eye is able to see colors in a frequency and blah
    blah. Well, these fucking jockeys are able to alter their skin proteins to
    change this frequency and alter our vision. Luckily, the protein seems
    to be consumed as energy when jockeys are nervous, or, fucking survivors

    That said, they are really really dangerous if you do not know how to
    fight them correctly, so to train, I want you to kill 20 Invisible Jockeys.
    Wait, to add a little more difficulty, melee weapon kills will not
    count. Good luck on that!

    -Kill 20 Invisible Jockeys without melee weapons

    Dark Carnival Maps 2 and 3 are best for this quest

    exp: 38100
    cash: 3800
    gems: 3(REWARD)
    Prove it 3 - level 80
    WAAAAAA!!! Bring us some snacks please. I know it seems stupid, but, what the
    hell, we are starving here. Now, move that ass...

    -Collect 20 Snacks for Sara and her team

    Parish Map 1 kitchen
    Dead Center Map 1 ground floor

    exp: 8950
    cash: 300
    Power Crysis - level 88
    It's you again! I'm so glad that you are still alive! Thanks for
    the snacks and good job on the previous tasks. Now that you are
    more experienced I'm able to reveal some secrets and teach you
    some skills. But, before that, I need you to do me a favor. The
    generator we are using right now
    died a few days ago. Is not about gasoline, it just broke. Could
    you please bring me the necessary parts to repair it? Thanks
    in advance...

    -Collect 1 generator replacement

    Dead Center Map 2 on generator

    exp: 45400
    cash: 2000
    gems: 2
    Good Bye, Friend - level 89
    It's a gray day for us here. Bobby died, our guardian dog. We were playing with him
    when suddenly a fucking spitter appeared from nowhere. The acid teared apart his
    flesh before we could get him out of there. I don't think I can live without at least
    making him a decent funeral. Everything's ready for his burial, all we need are flowers.
    Bring me some in Bobby's memory. Please, be safe...

    -Collect flowers for Bobby's funeral

    Parish Map 1 flower bed
    Dead Center Finale plant pot

    exp: 32200
    cash: 5670
    gems: 5
    A Trip of Hope - level 89
    Hey again. Bobby's death really affected all of my team. We decided
    to stop hiding. We will try to reach Canada or South American countries
    because we think the virus, or whatever it is, doesn't survive on extreme
    weathers... Who knows? It's a real pity that you cannot come with us. You
    might be immune, but I'm sure that, sharing our meal, our bathrooms and
    whatever you do, will get us eventually infected. I need to repair our
    van first, so please, get me a working wheel to get the hell out of here!

    -Collect a Wheel for Sara's van

    Dead Center Map 2 in truck
    Dark Carnival Map 1 in truck
    Parish Map 1 by semi

    exp: 57890
    cash: 7800
    gems: 10
    Tank Knowledge 1 - level 95
    Hey! You finally appear on this shitty radio community! We are all
    safe on a new hideout which is only temporal. We had the chance to
    hear some news from the west side of the country and I'm afraid
    the infection keeps going trough. So, we really need to teach
    you some skills if you want to survive.

    Look, we have been contacting other survivors and scientists
    trough the radio and we got some scary news for you. All
    the infected are mutating, specially tanks. There is a new
    that thanks to its amazing and weird powers was named a
    'Shaman'. Yes, like a mage...

    Pure science cannot explain this phenomenon but after
    contacting one of the few church's that are intact, they
    said this is completely normal as the devil is taking control
    of the world or something like that.

    Shaman tanks produce acid and are able to bile you just like
    the boomer so the infected go all against you. I also
    heard it is able to absorb your health but this is
    not yet confirmed. His skin has a yellow color
    and is really really hard to kill, so don't even try
    to kill him alone. We really need to gather more information
    so please if you see one, witness all his actions and report
    back. Good luck and please do not die!

    -Meet a Shaman Tank

    Type !witness to start gathering information
    Witness is completed after 5 seconds of keeping your aim on it
    You may have to type !withness cause someone typo'd lol
    Best place to find a Shaman is on a coop server with high levels or wait for an admin to hold an event or until Helms Deep is open

    Tank Knowledge 2 - level 97
    Hey again! The previous information you told me is actually correct.
    Everyone is so busy trying to find a way to reduce the shaman tank's
    power or to stop the mutation that nobody payed attention to the recent
    weird event that occurred.

    Yesterday, one of our contacts told us that he saw a blue tank with
    a skin that can be compared to iron and with such strength that made
    many people fly away in the air to meet death on the fall. It's because
    of this that we decided to call it a 'Knight'. Is really
    important that you find and gather information about this tank
    to keep everyone informed. Let me know if you find anything.

    -Meet a Knight Tank

    Type !witness to start gathering information
    Witness is completed after 5 seconds of keeping your aim on it
    You may have to type !withness cause someone typo'd lol
    Best place to find a Knight is on a coop server with high levels or wait for an admin to hold an event or until Helms Deep is open

    The Beginner 1 - level 20
    Is anybody out there? How the fuck do I use this radio! OH! Hey you!
    Can you hear me? My name is Bryan, I'm 19 years old and yes this is
    stupid. Hey I need your help! I'm too young for this shit, I was used to
    kill zombies on video games, but this is some extreme SHIT. Ok, calm down
    Bryan, calm down.

    What the hell is going on?! I can't fucking believe this shit! The zombie
    apocalypse is fucking real? Oh fuck! Damn, I need my zombie survival guide
    to survive this shit or else I'm so fucked. I left it on a mall. Can you
    bring it to some kind of boxes? Those fucking boxes people left around.
    Please hurry or I'll shit my fucking pants!

    -Get Bryan's survival guide

    Dead Center Map 2 end saferoom

    The Beginner 2 - level 23
    Hey! It's me, Bryan again. Well... I did read the guide and I must say that
    it DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING FUCKING USEFUL! It actually fucking tells you how
    to cook rice. Why the fuck would I want to eat rice when there's like 900000
    fucking thousand zombies out there! FUCK! I can hear those fucks cry and
    fight each other. You gotta help me! Hunt down some of them
    before they all notice I'm here! Oh yeah, about my location, well, last
    thing I remember is a brick factory and some wrecked trucks. Just kill
    these fucks please!

    -Kill 150 infected on the specified location

    Sacrifice Map 2 sunken ship

    exp: 23100
    cash: 1230
    The Beginner 3 - level 28
    Hey, sorry to bother you but, could you please bring me some rice?
    I'm really starving now and I guess the guide's main phrase is
    right: 'This guide is never wrong'... What a paradox, if you can call
    it like that... Anyway, leave the rice on a supply box and I'll go
    for it as soon as infected go after you.

    -Collect 5 Boxes of rice for Bryan


    Missing Sister 1 - level 34
    Suup! Hey, I'm starting to get worried about my sister. We got separated
    when a tank appeared near the queue line for CEDA inspection. I'm sure
    she is just fine but, I can't communicate with her trough the radio. I
    lost my cell phone somewhere near the CEDA queue lines. It might still
    work if I fix it. In case you find it, could you please bring it to me?

    -Find Bryan's cellphone

    Parish Map 1 kitchen
    Dead Center Map 2 tent end saferoom
    Dark Carnival Map 1 hotel room
    Dark Carnival Map 1 poolside
    Swamp Fever Finale bungalow

    Missing Sister 2 - level 36
    Hey! I communicated with my sister, she is just fine. I want to join her
    on the saferoom she is staying at the moment, but the zombies came back
    to my location. Can you please clear the area?

    -Kill 250 infected from the specified location

    Sacrifice Map 2 sunken ship

    Resupplying - level 40
    Hey again! It's Bryan. Thanks to your help I'm with my sister at the moment.
    We are a total of 3 survivors on this saferoom and let me tell you, we got
    plenty of guns and ammo. But, we will not survive much longer without food
    and water. Can you please bring us some?

    -Collect 15 Bottles of water
    -Collect 1 Box of food

    Parish Map 1 table
    Dead Center Map 2 gun shop
    =Box of Food=

    Hunting - level 50
    Hello. My name is William. I'm a recognized animal hunter on the local area and
    I enjoy doing it for fun or as a sport. It doesn't matter. People used to send
    me their anger letters to me. 'Assassin', 'Killer', 'Soulless' they used to
    call me. But look them now... Everyone is killing these 'zombies' and those
    words make no sense anymore, do they? They were people after all.

    Since the infection and my wife's death, I've been hunting rats and some other
    small and random mammals as a hobby, but this is not really a challenge and
    I'm starting to get really tired. I actually think I might be infected. You
    know, I heard on the radio that the virus is able to enter our system by
    small open wounds caused by anything.

    A few days ago, the axe I use to cut trees for wood fell on my foot causing
    me a serious wound. Well, I won't let myself become one of those things
    so I'll shoot myself before it happens. But before I die, I'd like to have
    my last collection completed. I wanted to have all special mutated infected
    heads on my wall, but now that dream seems unreachable.

    If you are able to bring me all those heads, I'll
    pay you some real good cash so you can upgrade your items and armor, learn
    skills and get some zombie hookers if you want. Are you interested?

    -Collect Hunter Head
    -Collect Jockey Head
    -Collect Boomer Head
    -Collect Charger Head
    -Collect Spitter Head
    -Collect Smoker Head
    -Collect Tank Head

    Kill them as you normally would

    cash: 50000
    Inseperable 1 - level 40
    Parish Map 1 table
    Parish Map 1 bathroom

    exp: 17850
    cash: 2780
    Inseperable 2 - level 42
    Hey again! The items you brought to us helped Bryan a lot. His fever is almost
    gone and he is able to recognize us again. Unfortunately last night while
    he was sleeping, he started to yell really loud due to a nightmare he was having.
    We got silenced pistols and modified silenced sub machine guns so I can
    fight these things back without getting overwhelmed. There is still one problem though...
    I'm running low on ammo and these weapons need one special kind of bullet that
    is hard to find. Please get me some rounds before it's too late!

    -Collect 5 Rounds of special ammo

    Parish Map 1 in truck
    Dead Center Map 2 gun shop

    exp: 19800
    cash: 2990
    Inseperable 3 - level 50
    Hey! It's me Theodora. Thanks to you my brother got better and we
    survived that infected wave that almost costed our lives. Bryan wasn't
    infected, it was just a normal flu I believe. Steven and I decided to
    move to the 'New Hope' refuge that alive survivors are setting up.
    They say it has huge walls to block 'Tank' attacks and a few
    real military vehicles to bypass any emergency. Plus, with the
    help of a few alive scientists we will be able to find a cure
    if we are lucky enough. I know what you might be thinking. Why
    don't we move to the west coast or to any coast and find a
    boat to move to Europe or Mexico or whatever.

    Unfortunately, I believe that any chances of stopping this
    infection have been totally lost. We've heard some weak signals
    from latin countries like Brazil where the infection has already
    been witnessed. It was also transmitted to european and asian
    countries through a contaminated airplane and a few
    boats. Even if you get to New Orleans and other areas the infection
    will reach you and consume you. I'm afraid this might be the end
    of Humanity if we don't all work together. That's why we are
    heading to this fortress as is the best option we have at the moment.

    But oh well, enough chatting. Before we go I wanted to make you a
    small favor. I'm able to modify certain weapons to increase their
    grade to deal more damage or to install different boosts on them.
    Just find me certain items I need and I will build something useful
    for you!

    -Collect Recoil Reducer Tool
    -Collect Weapon Weight Reducer Tool
    -Collect Dispersion Reducer Tool


    exp: 23500
    cash: 2990
    Giving Hope - level 79
    Hello! Hey! It's me Theodora... Byran's sister? Oh well, I'm just
    so glad you are alive! We reached the 'New Hope' fortress and
    is just awesome! We are a total of 71 survivors including children
    and elder people. We could form a small stable society as we
    are all cooperating to survive.

    Nobody here is immune, we made sure of that by taking blood
    samples. Sorry but, I can't tell you the fortress location
    for security reasons. I'm really really sorry but I cannot
    risk our small society. Don't worry though, we have plenty
    of cash, jewelry and cool items to pay you.

    Yes, the reason of why I'm talking about money is because
    we have plenty of tasks for you. You see, setting up
    the fortress was hard, and with all the hard work we
    totally forgot about supplies. Be that food, medicines,
    ammo and weapons.

    I'll go to the point. I left a list of things you could do
    for us. We are lack of certain critical items. I mean
    we have enough stuff to survive 3 months, but that if we
    were more people. I just need some more stuff to ensure
    everyone's survival. Can you do it for us?

    -Collect 15 Boxes of food
    -Collect 5 Emergency kits
    -Collect 30 Bottles of water
    -Collect Special ammo
    -Collect 10 Industrial Batteries
    -Collect 5 Flashlights

    =Boxes of food=
    =Emergency kits=
    =Bottles of water=
    Parish Map 1 table
    Dead Center Map 2 gun shop
    =Special ammo=
    Parish Map 1 in truck
    Dead Center Map 2 gun shop
    = Industrial Batteries=

    exp: 30000
    cash: 11000
    Darwin's Lab 1 - level 65
    Hello survivor. My name is Dr. Darwin and I'm a scientist. I used to
    work for the CEDA special research unit until, well, they tried to
    kill me by throwing me away from the facility. Silly them, the infected
    got inside the building and killed all of them. I managed to survive
    on the streets and I'm currently sheltered on an abandoned CEDA
    inspection trailer. I'm currently researching for a cure inside this
    refuge but unfortunately, I lost the notes I had written when I was
    analyzing infected people. Those notes are crucial for my research
    and without them I can't really continue my investigation. The notes
    should be somewhere out on the streets near CEDA trailers, but there
    is no way I can go outside because the infected would instantly smell
    me and run towards me. Please, bring the notes back to me and leave
    them on a supply box near my trailer. After you put it on the box
    the infected will probably follow you and I will be able to go
    for the notes then. Please be careful.

    -Collect Darwin's notes

    Dead Center Map 2 camper/table

    exp: 23500
    cash: 2990
    Darwin's Lab 2 - level 68
    Hey there, Dr. Darwing speaking. I've been watching some tapes of this
    particular kind of infected that CEDA and everyone calls the Witch.
    The first time I saw one, it was just sitting there crying on a
    corner and it never attacked us. It had no aggression at all and you
    could get close and it wouldn't even look you into your eyes.

    Few days after the first infection, these witches started to be really
    aggressive when a human passed near them. I think the virus mutated and
    affected some parts of their brain. But what worries me the most is
    the current mutation that they suffered. They seem to be producing
    a strong Poison that almost instantly infects people. On immune
    survivors it seem to be paralyzing some muscles, making them
    unable to run or walk fast and it also increases sensitivity to
    pain, making them vulnerable to a single infected punch.
    I think I could create a Cure for this poison as it is really
    similar to a few seen poisons on the nature.

    The cure however will not stop the infection so it will just
    be useful for immune survivors. In order to create this cure
    I need some poison samples to study it a little bit more.
    Bring me the samples and I'll make a poison antidote for you.

    -Collect 5 Samples of Witches poison

    Burn her and run, but keep an eye on where she dies

    exp: 32200
    cash: 3720
    gems: 2
    Darwin's Lab 3 - level 69
    Hey again! Research is almost complete, but I got one problem. This poison in
    high concentration rates seem to be attracting a lot of special infected. This
    virus mutates in such an amazing rate and its just, smart. I know it sounds weird
    but that's how it is. Mutating to find more efficient ways to kill us. Amazing.

    Due to the poison ability to lure special infected, there are a lot around here
    at the moment. Can you please clear the area before they get me? I'm between
    a hotel and a mall. I think the hotel's name is Havannah but I'm not sure.
    Hurry up please.

    -Kill 15 Special infected on the specified area

    Dead Center Map 2 end saferoom wall

    exp: 33200
    cash: 4020
    Gems: 2
    Darwin's Lab 4 - level 80
    Hey! It's Dr. Darwin again. I really hope that you are enjoying the poison antidote
    I created for you. I'd like to continue my research and maybe I'll find a cure for
    the infection. Things are really calm around here and I haven't seen too many
    infected so I think I'll be able to collect research material myself. My next
    objective is to study this special infected called 'Charger'. I need a sample
    of one of their claws, but, this sample must be pure. A pure claw can be obtained
    from one of the first chargers that was seen around the swamp. Go there and
    bring me the charger's claw please.

    -Collect a Pure Charger Claw

    Swamp Fever Map 2 Kill first charger

    Darwin's Friend 1 - level 82
    The charger's claw you brought me is exactly what I need. The research is
    not yet ready so you will have to wait. While the research is in progress
    I need you to do me a favor. I communicated with a friend yesterday trough
    the radio and he said he was trapped near an airport. He doesn't know
    very well where he is. Do me a favor... Clean the area around the airport
    so he's able to find better safe rooms or refuges. He's hiding
    on a parking lot, so it would be a good idea to clean around there
    first. Be careful...

    -Kill 20 infected on the specified area

    Dead Air Map 3 parking lot

    exp: 41350
    cash: 3100
    Gems: 1
    Darwin's Friend 2 - Discontinued
    Charge Block - Discontinued
    Thief's Whims 1 - level 57
    Another lucky immune survivor... I cannot tell you my name because
    I'm sure after all this chaos is over, I'll go to jail. I know I
    should only kill the infected, but I also enjoy shooting at desperate
    survivors looking for help. I love killing woman looking for their children
    or children looking for their parents. I love to rape
    little kids, woman and injured men just for fun. I always burn them alive
    after I'm done. I kill, steal, murder, whatever you can imagine and it
    makes me feel good. You can't judge me, you know you have been killing
    people as well. All those infected were people once, weren't they?

    If you want some cash, then you surely want this job. I had stolen a cool
    Golden Necklace from a woman and I lost it escaping from a tank. Just
    bring it back to me and you will enjoy your cash.

    -Collect the Golden Necklace

    Dead Center Map 3 escalator end saferoom
    Dead Center Finale elevator
    Parish Map 1 doorway
    Parish Map 1 kitchen
    Dark Carnival Map 1 poolside
    Dark Carnival Map 2 toilets
    Dark Carnival Map 3 saferoom
    Swamp Fever Map 2 hill

    exp: 7850
    cash: 9500
    gems: 5
    Thief's Whims 2 - level 57
    Lucky you! The necklace was actually there. Thanks. Now, my clothes
    are so fucking dirty right now. Since I don't feel like going out
    right now, and since I see you as a slave, I order you to bring me
    some clean pants, a clean shirt and some cool shoes. I won't pay
    you shit.

    Oh wait, maybe this stone I got on my hands will help?
    I can't find any use to it, but maybe you will. Hurry the fuck up now...

    -Collect Clean clothes for the thief

    Parish Map 1 dumpster

    exp: 2500
    Enhancement Stone
    Thief's Whims 3 - level 57
    Oh yeah! These clothes are just fantastic. One more thing. I lost a bag
    of fake gems somewhere when I was escaping from a tank. I can use the
    fake gems to scam stupid survivors looking to upgrade their weapons.
    You know, dollars are getting useless nowadays and people tend to
    feel attraction for shiny jewelry.

    Greedy I know, that's why I want to scam those idiots, and I'll
    also make profit. Noble purpose isn't it? Bring me the bag and I'll
    share a good percent of the gems with you. Be safe...

    -Collect the Thief's bag of fake gems

    Dead Center Map 2 by gun shop
    Dead Center Map 2 by items box

    exp: 9150
    Thief's Last Wishes 1 - level 100
    Hey again... Oh god, this really hurts... That fucking tank... God...
    And I'm probably infected too... Fuck, the pain, shit... Dude, I need painkillers
    now! Ohhh, who am I cheating, I'm going to die! There are so many incomplete wishes!
    Mom I'm sorry, I didn't want to leave you behind. The fucking cop said it was okay

    I FUCKING LET MY MOTHER DIE SO WHAT! I won't give up... I won't... fuck...
    I need a favor...come on, you can't let me die as unhappy *cough* as I'm now.
    I want revenge. Kill as many fucking tanks as you can, I'll give you a reward if
    you do. I'm not lying! Now go, before i fucking bleed out or turn in one of
    those fuckers!!!

    -Kill 25 Tanks

    Kill them as you normally would, you must do damage to it though

    exp: 51500
    Thief's Last Wishes 2 - level 101
    Ugh... Before I die, I want something else. I always wanted to be part of the
    military just like my father, but the motherfuckers never accepted me and.
    Ahhh, this fucking hurts. Fuck it, I want to die with dignity! Get me a soldier
    uniform and I'll die in peace. I can give you some real gems if you do
    this last favor.

    Now go before I do!

    -Collect a soldiers uniform

    Parish Map 1 alley

    exp: 60105
    Gems: 35
    Join Forces 1 - level 100
    Feeling alone? Want to restore the society as we knew it? Want to
    be a leader? Since all the chaos started, survivors have been forming
    large amounts of groups called 'Guilds'. Being part of a Guild means
    more than just more power. Guilds base their existence on Trust and
    Loyalty. If you are listening to me, it means that you want to form
    your own guild to guide people to survival. Is not as easy as telling
    them that you have a guild, you need to show strength, intelligence and
    all the qualities a leader must have. Son, is not as easy as it looks.
    You will have to prove people out there that you are worth a leader
    and that you can protect them.

    You will have to complete a few tasks, before you establish your guild...

    -Defeat 35 Paranoia Tanks

    Kill them as you normally would, you must do damage to it though

    Join Forces 2 - level 100
    Knowing how to shoot a weapon won't guarantee your survival. You must
    help your players, more if they are weaker than you. If you understand
    how essential teamwork is on the apocalypse, you will be a step
    forward of forming your clan. Prove others that you are capable of
    protecting them at all cost and
    they will start following your orders, and will ally with you.

    -Escape 15 finales with all survivors alive

    Make sure you're in a full coop server. Have a defib on hand and be the last one to escape so you can defib any dead teammates. Having 2 knives will be useful

    Join Forces 3 - level 100
    You are almost done. The maximum proof of your abilities to be a leader
    is having what we call a 'Clan Stone' in your hands. Let me explain
    why is this stone so important. You might have heard about Shaman Tanks.
    These beasts have such an amazing power that is IMPOSSIBLE to kill them
    alone. Every time one of these beasts is defeating, they drop a small
    rock from their stomach. Having in your hands one of these stones or rocks
    means that you have defeated one of these bastards, and that's more than
    enough to prove the rest that you deserve to be a leader. Due to the hard
    fight, it might drop a broken stone. I can repair it if you bring it to
    me so it looks shiny and powerful to finally encourage people to follow you.

    Kill the tank, get the stone and you will be able to form your Clan.

    -Collect a Broken Clan Stone


    Who said beer? - level 37
    (*Drunk..Oh hi? How the fuck do I use this damn it! Hey, you bitch...
    What was your fucking name. Oh I'm so fucking wasted dude! You in the
    radeoh... Nice time to come Manhattan bitch. Fucking bad weather, fucking
    annoying traffic, and zombies. What could be fucking worse?

    Yo, me and my friends gave up on this shit. We tried to escapeh but all
    we obtained was deathh. Yeah... oh fuck I fell... My meatball got eaten!
    Ha ha ha, is hilarious cuz it's funny isn't it? Yeah, Mike's gone and
    who else? Oh god my head. Anyway, to the rest of us, we want BEER BUDDY
    I want BEER. More BEER before the zombies
    get in here. We have a car jussthhh ready to go get beers but we ars so
    druuuunk! Put the beer on box and we'll go for it later. Oh god I fell again

    -Get 5 bottles of beer for snooki and her friends

    Survive Helms Deep map to gain a beer. Do this 5 times

    exp: 6350
    cash: 575
    gems: 1
    David - No Quests Yet
    Ryan - No Quests Yet
    Walter - No Quests Yet

    Click Here For Additional Quest Information

    Some of these quests are missing rewards and item locations. Some rewards may need to be updated as well. If anyone has any info on rewards and where to find items please post in this thread. Item Screenshot locations would be nice. Thank you and you will be credited.

    Special Thanks To:
    Raised in Hell
    TR> Turkish Fafeynk

    ..More TBA..
  2. Who's Ya Daddy

    Who's Ya Daddy New Member

    This is so much better & convenient. Everything in 1 place...
    Ty Stephanie :smiley-signs120:
  3. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Woah.. awesome job!
  4. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Update on Prove It II... Escape 15 finales with all survivors alive.

    This is a working theory, but so far it's proving to be true!

    Notice that, people with fucked up screen names always appear in the credits as deceased. Then there's some edit like #FIX_ME_LOCALIZATION# - Deceased.

    This includes everything from custom fonts, "pipe" symbol like |MG| Admin. tag, and GUILD TAGS.

    My recommendation to finish the campaign:

    - If you have crazy characters, use standard keyboard letters to rename yourself
    - Declare (Reserved Guild Tags page) an ALTERNATE or SECONDARY guild tag. Example: S.T.A.R.S. instead of the icon.

    Note you will no longer always be listed as dead. This should help you finish your quest!
  5. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Steph, you may want to add a tip for the "Invisible Jockeys" quest... Dark Carnival maps 2 and 3 seem to let the kills "register" or save in the quest progress better than other locations in the game.
  6. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    I did that the first day I made the guide lol
  7. erik

    erik Senior Member

    lol my bad, ppl keep asking me about damn jockeys... i'm just gonna start telling people to look it up here
  8. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    Yes, everything from the old thread and all the pages was added here in the correct sections.
    All the quests that were not added in the old thread are now in here with information.
    I personally went to all the item locations and screenshot the area where you can find the items. (I am missing locations of a few things)
    Due to the character limit on posts, I could not give a detailed location of items next to the screenshots. I am hoping I can at least fit everything else thats missing in or I'm gonna have to think of something witty to do to work around it. Kind of scared of that moment. I might have to remove the story lines in order to keep the text colors and add the remaining information. Or dumb down the story lines a bit. Will see when I get to that.
  9. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    If you need any help with anything at all Steph, please let me know. I'll be willing to aid you. The previous jumbled guide helped me a bit and I would like to be a part of something that will help others in return. Steam username is toostonedtocare

  10. Samovar

    Samovar Junior Member

    What quest you need to finish something to get 201 lvl ? I finished Looking for power 2 quest but my level was 200.
  11. erik

    erik Senior Member

    You need to be present when a Shaman dies... they rarely drop:

    - Shaman Tank Claw
    - Shaman Tank Brain

    This gives you the Points Reloaded Liquid Enhancer. It lets you unlock level 201+, otherwise you're locked-in to 200 forever. We also offer it in the MG Store for $10.00. It's an essential item.
  12. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I increased the character max. limit for a post in this section only. You should have enough room to do what you need. If you need more, please let me know.
  13. rapsusklei

    rapsusklei Junior Member

    this helped me a lot, specially with the snooki quest but helms deep isn't a custom map? how can I play that on the server?thanks
  14. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    Occasionally MG host a Helms Deep server as an event. This is fairly rare as it is VERY rewarding (We're talking up to 20 levels in a day maybe more.) You just need to visit forums regularly to find out when.
  15. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    Out of curiosity is there anyway to get past the Darwin's Friend 2 quest? or is it something i should just ignore on my !qt.

    How come it got discontinued by the way?
  16. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    Ignore it, I am. I don't know why it won't work, but probably because they are fixing bugs and can't be bothered getting around to fixing quest items.
  17. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome guide Steph! Thanks for this!
  18. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I've answered this several other times.

    It unlocked the Charge Block skill, which was obviously well-intended, but not such a great idea in the end.

    Joshua's ID Badge doesn't spawn.
  19. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    So is there/will there be a work around for this? One of the biggest attractions to MG for me was the questing. Trying to scout for items while being slaughtered by the relentless infected. It's a shame to see a quest path coming to an abrupt end :(
  20. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    No problem. It was much needed, even though people don't really pay much attention lol.
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