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Past BMS - 6th April 2020 (BMG)

Apr 28, 2020
Past BMS - 6th April 2020 (BMG)
  • Past Black Market Sale - 6th April 2020 (BMG V1.3.4)

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    Items/Rare Crafting Materials for Sale:
    1. Infected Lure
    2. Supreme Regeneration Booster
    3. |<| Sealed Dark Toxic Gas

    1. Infected Lure

    Increases the current difficulty to the next level. Can only be used once per round but can be used after a round was lost.
    <Cannot be used on versus, scenario or on Expert difficulty>
    <Must be used inside the first 30 seconds of the first round>
    <Requires at least 10 players for Expert>

    Cash Cost: $32,491 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 130 FR-Pills

    2. Supreme Regeneration Booster

    Once activated, you will gain 20 HP regeneration per second for 10 minutes.
    <Healing always applies>
    <✖ VS>

    Cash Cost: $32,449 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 141 FR-Pills
    |<| Volatile Tank Blood: x2

    3. |<| Sealed Dark Toxic Gas

    <Rare Crafting Material>
    A sealed container of the Toxic Gas emitted by the Shadow Tank's lethal abilities. The gas is thick and can impair breathing, thus prolonged exposure is not recommended.

    Cash Cost: $143,684 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 591 FR-Pills
    |<| Volatile Tank Blood: x8