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Past BMS - 2nd April 2020 (BMG)

Apr 28, 2020
Past BMS - 2nd April 2020 (BMG)
  • Past Black Market Sale - 2nd April 2020 (BMG V1.3.4)

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    Items/Rare Crafting Materials for Sale:
    1. Infected Lure
    2. Itemfinder
    3. Cupid's Token
    4. Tank Bait
    5. |<| Razorblade Katana

    1. Infected Lure

    Increases the current difficulty to the next level. Can only be used once per round, but can be used after a round was lost.
    <Cannot be used on versus, scenario or on Expert difficulty>
    <Must be used inside the first 30 seconds of the first round>
    <Requires at least 10 players for Expert>

    Cash Cost: $36,489 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 107 FR-Pills

    2. Itemfinder

    Upon use, all map items will have their glows visible through walls and have their glow range increased. A list of items found is sent to the user's console.
    <Only usable in COOP servers, once per map>

    Cash Cost: $36,838 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 270 FR-Pills

    3. Cupid's Token <top>

    Use cupid tokens to obtain special unique buffs!
    <Use item to access Token Exchange>

    Cash Cost: $40,969 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 189 FR-Pills
    |<| Volatile Tank Blood: x3

    4. Tank Bait

    Using this item will increase Tier 2/3 spawn chances for the current map by 2.5%, up to a maximum of 10% for the map. If the next predicted Tank to spawn is Tier 1, it will also be rerolled.
    <Cannot be used in survival or versus>

    Cash Cost: $31,091 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 155 FR-Pills

    5. |<| Razorblade Katana

    <Rare Crafting Material>
    A Katana blade from the Supreme Duelist Tank. Labelled 'Razorblade' due to its sharpness, merely touching the edge can inflict bleeding.

    Cash Cost: $166,743 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 575 FR-Pills
    |<| Volatile Tank Blood: x6