Marvelous Gaming COOP

Jul 9, 2018
Marvelous Gaming COOP
  • Welcome to the world of Marvelous Gaming, the number #1 mod for the win!

    To get started on your RPG adventure, just join any one of the two servers below!

    Server Information - Points Reloaded ASIA COOP - Points Reloaded ASIA-2 COOP - Points Reloaded EU COOP - Points Reloaded EU COOP

    Normal Campaign Rotation
    In the order of the following campaigns.

    1. Dead Center
    2. The Passing
    3. Dark Carnival
    4. The Sacrifice
    5. Swamp Fever
    6. No Mercy
    7. Crash Course
    8. Hard Rain
    9. The Parish
    10. Death Toll
    11. Dead Air
    12. Blood Harvest
    13. Cold Stream

    Donors, Moderators and Head Administrators are the only people who can change the campaign on the COOP servers
    - Donors can only change the campaign by map votes while the Moderators and Head Administrators can change the map.
    IMPORTANT: You can only change the campaign as a donor if you know that the map is either stuck and/or if the majority of players prefer a different campaign to the current campaign being played.

    COOP Guides (Updated Regularly)
    There are a number of mgftw guides out there on the forums that are able to give you a great source of knowledge and wisdom. Please take note that some of these guides are outdated. It is recommended that you at least have a good read of the General Gameplay Guides before you join the server for the first time.

    * General Gameplay Guides
    Guide/Tips for Points Reloaded Players (Outdated)
    Actions and awards list guide

    - Quests/Missions Guide
    Quest Walkthrough RELOADED!
    - Tank Information Guide
    Tank Tactics - A guide for what they do and how to deal with them
    - Survivor Buff Guide
    Usage of Buffs and Buff Sets Guide (Version 1.2.3)
    - Status Effects Information Guide

    Status Effects Information Guide (Version 1.0.0)

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