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Humanity is Not Playing Mission (MGS)

Dec 31, 2017
Humanity is Not Playing Mission (MGS)
  • Humanity is Not Playing Mission (MGS V1.0.2)

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    Quest Requirement
    Humanity is Not Playing (Lv. 220) from Sara
    Item Requirement
    No items required
    Player Requirement
    Minimum Players = 15
    Maximum Players = 20

    How often can you do this Scenario <top>
    Only once per player. Once you win this Scenario, you can never do it again. However if you fail this Scenario, you can replay it again over and over.
    Special Tanks
    Soldier Tank - Up to after a maximum of 5 minutes of PR notifications.
    How to activate
    Once all the players have arrived on the map. There will be a short cutscene. Afterwards any player is able to hold e for 2 seconds on the green highlighted infected inside a building before this Scenario takes up to 5 minutes to start itself through PR notifications.
    Recommended things to be doing before/during the mission on the map <top>
    - Sending all the kits from the starting area into a tent that is easily accessible to all survivors.
    - Healing up when you get on low HP before dying. This is important because if you get hit by an execution mine while having 5% or less of your Maximum HP as current HP (15% when incapacitated), you will be permanently killed and cannot be defibbed back for the rest of the Scenario/Mission.
    - Using buffs with cooldown timers at the right times for maximum effectiveness (optional).

    Ways to do this Scenario
    This is for when the survivors must do something in order to go down 1 way or the other way when doing this scenario. It is basically making a choice as whether to do something or not. Making or not making that choice will affect the way you do this scenario.
    There are two ways to do this Scenario.
    1. Not killing any survivors (Video showcasing the Soldier Tank shows this way anyway)
    2. Killing a survivor (Watch the below video under Killing a survivor for this way)

    1. Not killing any survivors <top>
    If you choose not to kill any survivors when Will gives you two minutes. You will instantly become incapacitated from the resulting C4 Explosion and will have to heal yourself up afterwards before the tank spawns. Sara within the helicopter will however arrive to help you out by dealing damage to the tank.
    2. Killing a survivor

    If you choose to KILL a survivor when Will gives you two minutes. The survivor that you killed becomes ragdolled (permanent death) and cannot be defibbed for the rest of the Scenario/Mission. Additionally Sara within the helicopter will NOT appear to help you out, giving you no support against the tank. While the tank is fighting against you, he will either activate a detonator or place a C4 bomb somewhere on the map which blows up in 45 seconds. All survivors get incapacitated where they are and will need to heal after getting up to avoid dying immediately afterwards (only for the Tenacity survivors).
    How to complete the Mission <top>
    Either by defeating all the Special Tanks in the Mission or doing something else after defeating the Special Tanks.
    - Kill Soldier Tank (0/1)
    Recommended Buff Sets for this Scenario
    Check the Soldier Tank for the Recommended buff set.
    Video Showcasing the Soldier Tank