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Healer Buff Set (HS-MGS)

Dec 31, 2017
Healer Buff Set (HS-MGS)
  • Healer Buff Set - Heartbroken Scenario (HS-MGS V1.0.2)

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    • (SURV) Knife
    • (SURV) Goggles
    • (SURV) |P| Mutation Shield
    • (SURV) Guardian Moustachio
    • (SURV) |E| Fentanyl Injector
    • (SURV) Mindset Change
    • (SURV) |E| Advanced Morphine Injector
    • (SURV) |V| Guardian Dispenser
    • (SURV) Health Dispenser
    • (SURV) Special First Aid
    • (SURV) Hunting Reward
    • (SURV) |V| War wounds
    • (SURV) |E| Promise
    • (SURV) |E| Dopamine-Infused Meds

    Weapons used in this buff set
    • Any Primary Weapon (whichever your good with)
    • Any Secondary Weapon (whichever your good with)

    Benefits of this buff set <top>
    • Knife: Gives you a knife that can be used to release yourself from Special Infected, usable after 1 second of being trapped using the ZOOM button.
    • Goggles: Goggles that protect you from bile, mud and blood.
    • Mutation Shield: Protection against Mutation Bad Status Effect.
    • Guardian Moustachio: Gives 5 seconds of Moustachio Bless if lethal damage is taken. <Works only once per round>
    • Fentanyl Injector: 3 HP/s regeneration after receiving damage from tanks until reaching full HP, while not poisoned, incapacitated or hanging.
    • Tenacity: 2000 + (200 per level above 201) increased maximum health, you instantly die when HP reaches 0. Health received from medikits is halved, down to 25%. 50% Increased aggro to tanks. <Coop Only>
    • Advanced Morphine Injector: Heals 1% Missing HP every 5 seconds while not incapacitated, hanging from a ledge or poisoned. <Incompatible with Morphine Injector Buff> <Coop Only>
    • Guardian Dispenser: Before taking lethal damage, a healing device activates on your body, healing for 5HP + 0.3% Max HP each second, curing bad status effects and triggers Moustachio Bless for 2 seconds when deployed. <Duration: 14 seconds> <Works only once per round> <First aid kit NOT required> <Coop Only>
    • Health Dispenser: Allows to place a healing device on the ground, 15 + 0.5% Max HP regen every second, clears bad status effects and gives Moustachio Bless for 5 seconds. <Hold medikit and shove floor while crouching to activate> <Duration: 14 Seconds> <Versus: 8HP per second, 1 second of Moustachio Bless, does not clear bad status effects>
    • Special First Aid: Instantly cure any bad status effect using first aid kits. You also block the next bad status effect once.
    • Hunting Reward: For each Special Infected kill in the current map, 2% chance to earn 1 additional bounty. <Max: 30%>
    • War wounds: After being revived from incapacitation caused by infected (other methods do not count), gain 40 + 8 per level above 201) maximum health for the rest of the round and be healed by the same amount. <Hanging revives don't count> <Coop Only>
    • Promise: Increases your maximum HP by 1000. If any other survivor dies you take (400 - their level) as damage. Damage cannot incap or kill. <Bots or survivors falling behind don't count><You don't take damage if incapacitated> <Coop Only>
    • Dopamine-Infused Meds: Using Pain Pills or Adrenaline when current health = 50% or below. You get healed for additional +10% of missing health as permanent health. <60 Second Cooldown> <Press RELOAD with meds in hand for Cooldown time> <Coop Only>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set <top>
    • If there are many survivors that are badly hurt or have a bad status effect that needs to be taken care of quickly, be sure to use the Health Dispenser Buff on them all to give them healing and bad status effect curing effects as well as Moustachio Bless for a short amount of time.
    • If you want a moderate chance at earning additional bounty from killing Special Infected, be sure to kill 15 Special Infected for the maximum chance.
    • If you want to benefit from the increased maximum HP with the War wounds Buff, be sure to get yourself incapacitated often.