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Healer Buff Set (FPS-MGS)

Jan 2, 2018
Healer Buff Set (FPS-MGS)
  • Healer Buff Set - Festival Party Scenario
    (FPS-MGS V1.1)

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    • (SURV) Knife
    • (SURV) Goggles
    • (SURV) Ranged expert
    • (SURV) |P| Mutation Shield (Expires)
    • (SURV) Guardian Moustachio
    • (SURV) |E| Fentanyl Injector
    • (SURV) Mindset Change
    • (SURV) |E| Advanced Morphine Injector
    • (SURV) |V| Guardian Dispenser
    • (SURV) Infirmary
    • (SURV) Health Dispenser
    • (SURV) Speedy Water
    • (SURV) Hunting Reward
    • (SURV) |V| Slaying Automata

    Weapons used in this buff set
    • Any Primary Weapon (whichever your good with)
    • Any Secondary Weapon (whichever your good with)

    Benefits of this buff set <top>
    • Knife: Gives you 1 knife that can be used to release yourself from an SI attack once. Your knife can be used after 1 second of being pinned, by pressing ZOOM button.
    • Goggles: Obtain goggles that protect you from bile. Buff includes "Cheap Goggles" buff effect.
    • Ranged expert: Rifles and machine guns ignore defenses of target, not affected by increased damage % from other buffs and -25% reduced fire rate (Flat attack bonuses still apply).
      <Coop Only>
    • Mutation Shield: Protection against Mutation Bad Status Effect.
    • Guardian Moustachio: Gives 5 seconds of moustachio bless if lethal damage is taken.
      <Works only once per round>
    • Fentanyl Injector: Heals 3HP/s after receiving damage from tanks until you reach full health. Cannot be healed if poisoned or incapacitated.
    • Mindset Change: Allows you to be incapacitated an unlimited number of times. On each incap, max incap HP = 90% of previous value. Using a first aid kit restores it to full.
      <Coop Only>
    • Advanced Morphine Injector: Heals 1% missing HP every 5 seconds while not incapacitated or hanging from a ledge. Cannot be healed if poisoned.
      <Incompatible with Morphine Injector Buff>
      <Coop Only>
    • Guardian Dispenser: Before taking lethal damage, a health device triggers on you. Heals nearby survivors for +5HP + 0.3% Max HP per second, cures all bad status effects and gives moustachio bless for 2 seconds.
      <Duration: 14 seconds>
      <Works only once per round>
      <First aid kit NOT required>
      <Coop Only>
    • Infirmary: In place for throwables, able to equip 2 health items (First Aid/Defib) at once.
      <Can't pickup second health item with throwable in hand, swap to other weapon first>
      <Press the ZOOM key with your health item held to swap between the two>
      <You will drop your secondary item on death or when the round concludes>
    • Health Dispenser: Allows you to place a special device on the floor using medikit. Nearby survivors receive +15 + 0.5% Max HP per second, cured of all bad status effects and given moustachio bless for 5 seconds.
      <Hold medikit and shove floor while crouching to activate>
      <Duration: 14 seconds>
      <Versus: 8HP per second, 1 second of moustachio bless, does not clear bad statuses>
    • Speedy Water: Increased speed while in water instead of reduced.
    • Hunting Reward: On each special infected kill, +2% chance to get +1 additional bounty on bounty earning action.
      <Max: 30%>
    • Slaying Automata: Allows you to deploy a turret. Shoots at infected every second within 600 units, 180* arc, dealing 150 damage.
      <Turret can't be moved or removed, but can be rotated by pressing USE on it>
      <After turret is rotated, it cannot fire for a second>
      <Turret shuts down if idle for 20 seconds, anyone can press USE on it to wake it up>
      <Max 3 turrets at once, idle turrets will be removed in place of new ones>
      <Coop Only>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set <top>
    • If there are many survivors that are badly hurt or have a bad status effect that needs to be taken care of quickly, be sure to use the Health Dispenser Buff on them all to give them healing and bad status effect curing effects as well as Moustachio Bless for a short amount of time.
    • If you want a moderate chance at earning additional bounty from killing Special Infected, be sure to kill 15 Special Infected for the maximum chance.
    • If the next firework hit on you from the festive tank is to result in you being used for a celebration box firework attack, use your pain pills if you don't have any first aid kits on you. That way you can potentially avoid death when otherwise you would become stunned and wouldn't be able to get out of the way.
    • For earning a high amount of bounty in this scenario, the best place to put your turret with the Sentry Automata Buff would be right by the doors to the inside of the resort that the Special Infected spawn in. That way, you would be rolling in a lot of bounty and have plenty of it for the festival tank fight.