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Festival Tank (FPS-MGS)

Jan 2, 2018
Festival Tank (FPS-MGS)
  • Festival Tank (FPS-MGS V1.1)

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    TAKE NOTE: This tank is the first of its kind to pierce Status Effect Immunities.

    Tank Info








    Recommended Buff Set <top>
    • (SURV) Knife
    • (SURV) Goggles
    • (SURV) |Q| Piercing Bullets
    • (SURV) Tank Slayer
    • (SURV) |E| Zapping Gun
    • (SURV) Guardian Moustachio
    • (SURV) |E| Fentanyl Injector
    • (SURV) Mindset Change
    • (SURV) |E| Advanced Morphine Injector
    • (SURV) |E| Berserk
    • (SURV) |V| Bird whistle
    • (SURV) Health Dispenser
    • (SURV) Speedy Water
    • (SURV) |E| Sticky Bomb

    Tips for this tank <top>
    • Be careful when you are aggroing this tank, you will want to make sure that your HP isn't low when you decide to aggro it yourself and get hit by all the fireworks. When you don't want to get hit by the fireworks, let someone else take over aggroing the tank for you so you can have a rest for the moment.
    • If you need to use your Bird whistle buff, make sure to use your first aid kit first to heal, then go in, use your ability and get outta there. That way, you can save yourself from being killed just in case the tank decides to throw down a firework box as per his celebration box ability. The only exception to when you shouldn't heal when doing this is if you currently have high HP as a tenacity buff user.
    • If you see multiple survivors that are celebrating nearby, make sure to use the Health Dispenser Buff to save them all at once from a stunned death.