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Explanation about Scenarios (MGS)

Jan 1, 2018
Explanation about Scenarios (MGS)
  • Explanation about Scenarios (MGS V1.0.2)

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    What is a Scenario?
    A Scenario is one type of the events seen on mgftw. It got implemented in when Points Reloaded Version 1.7 was released LIVE onto Points Reloaded Servers on August 7th/8th 2017. These Scenarios take place on custom maps on a separate server.

    The Scenarios are all about surviving waves of infected up until the point of a Special Tank that spawns or having the Special Tank spawn from the very beginning of the Survival start. The Survival time for these Special Tanks to spawn are based on the current mission currently being performed on the Scenario server. Once you have however defeated the Special Tank, the Scenario gets completed.

    Every Mission in the Scenario server has an associated quest alongside it that is automatically accepted once you have reached the level requirement and other prerequisites. They cannot be canceled at any time like with the Dormant Tank Quest. Once the Scenario associated with the quest gets completed, the requirements to complete the quest get fulfilled, allowing you to report back the quest to the radio for the quest rewards. Once you have finished any quest that is able to be repeated again in the Scenario server, you must wait until the quests automatically reset back to being automatically accepted again daily.

    The gamemode in Scenarios is Survival. Therefore any buff that can be used on the COOP servers can also be used in the Survival gamemode.

    Explanation about the hideout map for the Scenario

    The hideout map for the Scenario is one of the 12 maps used for Damnations and it is not one of the maps used for the tanks that have their own map. Therefore it is either the Resort or the Canals map.

    Once you join the server you are able to do the following on the hideout map.

    - Muck around and do whatever you want to do within the map.

    - Get a Scenario ready and start gathering players using the /sn command if you are able to start a Scenario.

    - Look at anything in !cp.

    - And much more!

    You will know in hint text if you are able to start a scenario by looking at the flashing text within the popped up black box on your screen. If it doesn't say anything along the lines of (no one here can start a scenario) then at least 1 player on the Scenario server is able to get any Scenario that they are able to do ready. However if it does say anything along the lines of (no one here can start a scenario) then no players on the Scenario server are able to get any scenario that they are able to do ready.