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Credits (BaBS)

Dec 4, 2019
Credits (BaBS)
  • Credits (BaBS V2.10.17)

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    Main Creator:
    • timkit [™۞] - Creator of this guide.

    • Marvel - For allowing me to add it to the wiki, without this contribution to have been made, this guide would have received less attention on the forums.
    • Mute - Thanks for the event candy costs on the buffs or buff enhancements which I didn't have the prices for. This will help out many players who wanted to know the prices easier.
    • »SoD« XeroX [TB] - Who gave me some information about buffs that is correct and additional information.
    • doomie_22 [я.ω] - Gave me the information on the Super Moustachio Bless Buff. Many Thanks :D
    • Shaikh Nedab [๙] - Gave me the information on the It wasn't that high Buff. Thanks man.
    • HonorCode - Thanks for giving me some additional information on the Caretaker Buff. If I do have any more questions in regards to the buffs. i'll be sure to ask you :)
    • Leon [ΞØP] - Contributor